The day after their kiss and fight, Nezumi woke up with Sion in his arms. White hair tickled his nose, stirring him from a deep slumber, and he felt a warm weight pressing down on his left arm and against his chest. When his eyes blinked open, he saw his roomate curled against him, his head tucked into the crook of his neck and his hands pressed against his chest. Nezumi faintly remembered how he'd brought Sion's hand to the same spot so many weeks ago, so he could feel the heartbeat and understand what it meant to be alive. Now he realized that even he hadn't known what it meant to be alive then as he remembered the taste of Sion's soft lips from yesterday. It'd been so unexpected, but definitely not unwanted, to have the slender, naive, beautiful teen press his lips against his.

He felt a weight drop into his chest when he remembered why Sion had gotten so mad at him and hit Nezumi hard enough for his cheek to still hurt he next day. He'd lied about Safu. Safu, the childhood friend, pretty, cute, and intelligent, who'd outright stated that she wanted to fuck Sion. And Sion had promised her too, he remembered, tightening his arms around Sion as if to protect him. He wants to go after her. He's...Nezumi forced his thoughts to trail off as Sion shifted in bed, his red eyes blinking sleepily as he gazed up at Nezumi through his long, thick lashes.

"Good morning," he said in a small voice, offering a nervous smile as he pulled his hands away from Nezumi's chest, "Sorry about got really cold last night and the extra blankets were still in the wash. This was the most logical way for the both of us to stay warm. After all, we can't get sick if we're making a journey in a few days," he explained, his voice rushed as he tried to rationalize his actions to Nezumi, as though he were afraid he'd get mad at Sion again. Nezumi responded by squeezing his hand. Blushing, Sion got out of bed and hurried off to the shower, stripping off his sleeping shirt as he walked over. Nezumi got an eyeful of the red scar that snaked around his body and felt a strange stirring in his abdomen.

"This isn't good," he murmured, heading over to the kitchen in hopes that cooking would take his mind off of Sion.

Cooking didn't take his mind off of anything, actually. Neither did reading. Or even mending clothes. He and Sion decided to stay in that day, for neither of them wanted to explain to Dogkeeper how they got into a fight with each other, and there was just work to be done around their little apartment. Nezumi cleaned up his bookshelves. Sion planned about No.6 and the serum, sitting on their couch with a notepad and pencil as he scribbled notes at a breakneck speed. Once or twice, Nezumi thought about asking him about his plans, but thought the better of it. He really didn't want to know. He didn't want to think about horrible No.6, or Safu, or even Sion's sweet mother, and he didn't want Sion to be thinking of those things either.

And the fact that Sion was so oblivious to how unhappy he felt drove him insane. When he sat down a cup of tea for Sion, and the boy caught his hand to give it a gentle squeeze, Nezumi felt like he was choking on air. He thought about Sion throughout the hours it took for him to organize the A-G section of his library. The thoughts weren't like the ones he'd had about other girls or boys...although the idea of slamming Sion into a bookshelf and making him scream and cum while Nezumi fucked him against his Shakespeare collection was intriguing. No, he had thoughts of taking an Austen book and curling up next to Sion, pulling the boy against him so they could read together.

He looked over at Sion when he finally put away his final book by Green, John and saw that the white-haired boy was curled up on the couch now, fast asleep and practically swimming in his big sweater. Nezumi smiled at his sleeping form, the desire to have his roommate lay in his lap so he could play with his feathery hair growing stronger by the second. A glance at the clock told him it was almost time for them to eat dinner, so he walked over to shake Sion awake, but the notes lying next to him caught his attention. He really did want to know what he was planning...

After the first page, he wished he could stop reading the notes, but he couldn't. Everything was about Safu, the people of No.6, sacrificing himself to save save Safu from whomever had taken her. Nezumi felt his heart pound harder with every word, his eyes flicking back and forth from the page to Sion's sleeping body. He can't. He just...he can't. Sion can't leave, he thought, his hands trembling as he put the pages back down, He wouldn't leave. Nezumi crouched over Sion, grabbing onto his arm and shaking it without thinking.

"Sion," he pleaded, a frantic desire in his voice as he moved to hover over Sion. When he woke up, Nezumi's face was inches from his, their lips centimeters apart. "Sion..." he breathed, his hand reaching up to tangle in the white hair. Instead of a quizzical, innocent expression coming over his face, Sion's eyes glazed over with lust once he realized how close Nezumi was to him.

"Nezumi..." he craned his lips upward and Nezumi seized a heated kiss, straddling Sion as he deepened their embrace. He felt sobs growing in the back of his throat as Sion kissed him eagerly, despite everything he'd written about Safu. The stupid boy probably didn't even know what he was doing to Nezumi. When they broke apart, Nezumi felt tears spill out over his cheeks. Sion looked at him in alarm, startling to his feet and immediately checking Nezumi's body for any injuries.

"Are you okay? Did I graze your wound from yesterday?" he asked, the innocent, naive Sion Nezumi knew so well returning. Nezumi shook his head, wiping at his eyes.

"...Did you know that you hum when you work?" he asked, "And anyone else doing it would be annoying, but I love it when you hum. And when you eat, you eat everything, no matter how gross it is, and I love that. And," he continued, unsure of how to stop himself, "I love that you read to those kids, no matter how much I tease you for it, I love that you gave me your sweater when I was a kid, I love that you would protect a stranger from a tyrant at the cost of your own comfort. I love that you let me read Shakespeare to you, I love that you read Shakespeare on your own now and I love that you named my goddamn robots after characters from Hamlet," he said, his voice thickened by his crying. Sion stared at him, a look of utter bewilderment on his face. Nezumi laughed, choking on his tears and continued.

"I love whenever you fall asleep with me. I love your hair, brown or white. I love your snake scar. I think it's beautiful and sexy. I love that you kissed me yesterday. I loved it so much," he took a deep breath, "And I love you so much. But I hate you too," he snapped, beginning to shake, "I hate you for coming in and making me love you and everything you do because nobody's ever made me cry before you, Sion. I hate you for coming into my life and then just thinking that it's okay to go back to No.6, that I won't care. Fuck you for not seeing past my bullshit!" he shouted, wiping at his nose, "If you go back and die for Safu, or any of the people in that hell of a city, I'll never forgive you! Never, do you hear me? If you die and leave me here alone after everything you've done, I'll...I'll..." and then Sion ran for him, wrapping his arms around his waist and burying his face in his chest once more.

"I love you too, Nezumi," he murmured, "And I'm sorry I made you cry. I'm not...I'm not going to die for them. I wouldn't do that to you. Nezumi, Safu's my childhood friend. I don't love her that way at all. I have to save her, though, because I couldn't live with myself if I let her die. But I'm not going to leave you," he said, tilting his head upwards to look into Nezumi's silvery eyes, "I love you."

Sion kept uttering that four letter word, over and over, driving Nezumi mad in more ways than one. He hugged Sion back so tightly he feared he might crack a rib, but Sion didn't seem to mind. The white-haired boy pressed soft, grazing kisses along Nezumi's neck. Sensations ran down Nezumi's spine in shivers, and he cupped onto Sion's cheeks, leaning down to kiss him once more. Sion groaned and ran his hands over Nezumi's toned arms, groped his pectorals, his abs, until Sion's slender fingers teased the top of his loose pants.

"I want...I want to apologize for making you cry," he said, blushing a furious pink, "But the couch isn't comfortable." Oh, Nezumi thinks, Sion's words going straight to his hardening cock.

"I just changed the bedsheets," Nezumi said, trying to save some face by placing his hand over Sion's own bulge and squeezing, "Race you."

These two are consuming my soul with the beauty of their relationship. I may write a part two for this, one that's a little more 'M' rated, but I haven't decided yet. Feedback is always appreciated, and thank you for reading!