The following is M as fuck. You have been warned.

The minute Nezumi smirked down at him, Sion immediately lunged at him, hooking his arms around Nezumi's waist and fisting his hands in Nezumi's soft dark hair. He ripped the tie away, letting the soft locks fall around Nezumi's face as they began kissing with an anxious fury. Both seemed to fear that the other would slip away if they broke the kiss; Sion whimpered in his throat as Nezumi gripped onto his ass to keep him from falling. Carrying Sion with just a little difficulty, Nezumi staggered over to the bed. He fell backwards, Sion's hips grinding into his as they sprawled out on the small bed. Sion threw himself down, pressing his chest against Nezumi's as he eagerly kissed him once more, squirming in the taller boy's lap as he struggled to remove his shirt. For someone so naive, he is, it makes sense, Nezumi thought with a wicked grin, He's repressed as fuck.

"I love you," Nezumi whispered as he licked a long strip along Sion's neck, tracing the red snake that wrapped around his body. Sion moaned and made a small, mewling noise as Nezumi tongued his neck, kissed his way down his clavicle until he finally found the top button of Sion's shirt. "Well, this is getting in the way," Nezumi mused, teasing Sion's pectoral as he slowly unbuttoned the worn white shirt. He trailed a finger down Sion's flat stomach, teasing the top of his pants as he craned his neck back up to kiss him once more. He slid the shirt from Sion's shoulders, leaving him straddling Nezumi in all his half naked glory. Nezumi leaned back and looked up at Sion, admiring the sexy red snake scar that complimented his flushed cheeks so well. Strands of his white hair stuck to his forehead from the heat, and his eyes were half closed with desire.

"...Be fair, Nezumi," he said, reaching down to try and unzip his jacket and pull the faded shirt up over his head, "I want...I want..." his face went scarlet and he squirmed from arousal, "I want to see you naked." The sheer innocence of the phrase should not have made Nezumi that much harder, but it did. His first reaction was to immediately strip off all of his clothes, shove Sion down on the bed, and fuck him until they both trembled from exhaustion, but, being a fairly good actor/actress, he called upon a little of his Eve persona.

"You want to see me naked?" Nezumi asked coyly, a highly sexual smirk dancing on his lips as he drew the zipper down on his jacket, wriggling out of it and tossing it to the ground. Sion watched him, entranced, as Nezumi sat up in bed with Sion still on his lap. He pulled his t-shirt off and used it as a tie to yank Sion close to him once more. "Naked enough?" he asked, knowing what Sion's answer would be as their bare chests pressed together. He could feel how frantically the white haired boy's heart a small shake of the head, and little eye contact, Sion reached down and tugged at his pants.

"No...I want to see more," he murmured, his fingers finding Nezumi's zipper and tugging. Nezumi grabbed his hands and chuckled.

"Let me," he said, leaning back on the bed as he pulled his pants, with his underwear as well, off, leaving him completely naked on the bed. His cock hardened further as he saw Sion staring at it, with a practically animalistic want gleaming in his eyes. "I take it you like what you see?" he teased as he saw Sion slip his hand down to his own erection and tug at the bulge. Sion nodded, suddenly remembering he had pants on. He moved faster than Nezumi predicted, tearing his own pants off and throwing them aside. He knelt on the bed, looking down almost nervously at his reddening erection.

"I feel so hot," Sion said, his chest heaving as he switched his gaze between Nezumi's erection and his own. Nezumi laughed, wrapping his arm around Sion's waist and pulling himself up so that only centimeters remained between them.

"That's because you are hot," he reminded Sion, capturing his lips in another heated kiss. They remained like that for several minutes, tangled in a mess of arms, hands, legs, lips, Nezumi's loose hair tickling both of their cheeks as they just explored the feel of each other. Sion groaned when Nezumi chose to lick a long strip along the shell of his ear.

"A-Are...are you going to fuck me?" he gulped. Nezumi stopped teasing Sion's ridiculously hard nipples with his tongue just long enough to reply "maybe" and get back to work. Sion sputtered, pulling away from Nezumi with a somewhat offended look on his face.

"Maybe? Why?" he demanded, his eyebrows furrowing together and his lips pursed. Nezumi smiled and reached up two fingers to smooth out Sion's pale brow.

"Because...I'm going to make you're ready," he replied, "That you feel safe. It's not like we really have to worry about protection, I'm clean and you're a virgin, but it's all about sexual maturity, etcetera. Oh Sion, don't give met that face," he said, exasperated as he leaned back in to Sion's ear, "Truthfully, I would love nothing more than to shove you down on this bed and fuck you until you go hoarse from screaming my name as I make you come over and over. I want us to pass out from fucking like rabbits someday," he growled, rolling his hips into Sion's from the thought. Sion looked at him, obviously aroused even more.

"Please, don't tease me, I can't take it!" he begged. Nezumi wagged his index finger back and forth.

"Now, I'm not enough of a bastard to get you like this and not have fun with you in other ways...there's more kinds of fucking than my cock pounding into you," he said. Sion's eyes widened with surprise. Nezumi nodded, "Lie back on the bed. Spread your legs," he ordered as he reached over to the bedside table, fishing around for the bottle of lotion an admirer had given 'Eve' at 'her' last performance. The rose scented cream wasn't hard to find, and he turned back to find Sion pressing himself back into bed, his fingers twitching as he itched to stroke his neglected cock.

"Touch yourself," Nezumi said casually as he flipped open the cap of the lotion, squirting a copious amount on his fingers. Sion, with a shaking hand, began stroking the shaft of his cock, struggling to hold back his noises of frustrated arousal. Nezumi coated his other hand in lotion, recapped the bottle, and threw it onto the ground with their clothes. "You haven't really done this before," he observed, almost triumphantly as he watched Sion awkwardly masturbate, his hips rolling upwards and his shoulders shaking.

"Stop," he ordered. With a frustrated cry, Sion complied, his legs shaking as he kept them open. Before he did anything else, Nezumi leaned down and kissed Sion. "I love you," he whispered as he wrapped his slick hand around Sion's cock, pumping with a vigor and experience the other boy lacked. Sion's red eyes blew open and he almost immediately began making obscene noises better fit for pornography than for normal sex. He gripped onto the sheets and thrust his hips upwards, forcing his cock further into Nezumi's hand.

"More," he begged, the desperate lust in his voice making it even harder for Nezumi to control himself. Taking his other lotiony fingers, he positioned them at Sion's entrance, locking eyes with his lover.

"This might hurt a bit...but I promise to make you cum harder than ever before," he said, slowly sliding his slick fingers into Sion's hole. The gasp Sion made at the sensation of being entered teased Nezumi's filthy mind even more; he imagined replaced his slender fingers with his much thicker cock, bringing Sion's legs up as he pounded him into the mattress. Remember your 'maybe,' Nezumi reminded himself as he slipped another finger inside the squirming Sion, crooking them and gently stroking the insides with the pads of his fingers. Sion cried out and pulled Nezumi down to shove his tongue back into his mouth, kissing with the passion of a talented prostitute, not a repressed virgin.

"Nezumi, everything feels so hot, and I feel I need more," he said, his virginal appearance back as his voice wavered, "I need more inside. Please." Nezumi lost it at the innocent request, at the way Sion looked at at him with those crimson eyes, through the pale eyelashes. He kissed Sion back, eagerly, as he slicked his own cock with the rose lotion.

"If it hurts, stop me," he stated, lining himself up with Sion's entrance and pushing slowly inside, watching Sion's face. His eyes grew wider and wider, his mouth hung open in an 'o' of arousal as Nezumi filled him.

"Feels...feels so good," he said, tilting his head back to expose his neck in an invitation for Nezumi. The dark haired boy began sucking a dark spot on the red scar as he started to withdraw. He pushed back in, started to pull out, trying to find a rhythm that Sion liked.

"Don't!" Sion cried out, seizing onto Nezumi's hair, "Don't you dare treat me like I'm a doll! I'm not going to break. I'm not going to leave, I love you Nezumi and I want you to fuck me until I scream!" Nezumi paused in his slow thrusting to stare at Sion. Until he screams...

Nezumi growled his response, slamming back into Sion and making the boy cry out. He grabbed onto Sion's hands and pinned them above the bed with one hand, while stroking his cock with a near ferocious intensity with the other. Sion shouted his moans, swearing uncharacterically and begging Nezumi to do more filthy things to him. Harder, faster, more, make me cum, I want you, I need you, I love you...

I didn't know someone could feel like this.

Sion wrapped his legs back around Nezumi's waist, forcing his cock in deeper and begging for a kiss. Nezumi sucked on Sion's lower lip, biting hard enough to hurt, but not hard enough to break skin. When he pulled away, Sion's lips were swollen red from the kiss, and tears were forming at the corners of his eyes.

"I need to come, Nezumi, I need to come, I'm going crazy, fuck, fuck me, more," he moaned, his eyes rolling back as Nezumi firmly wrapped his hand around his cock once more and pumped hard, fast, thumbing the head of Sion's dick as he latched back onto his lips. He felt Sion moan his name and pulled away, wanting to hear him scream.

"Nezumi...oh god...Nezumi!" he screamed, his hips jerking upwards in a borderline violent manner as his cum splattered over Nezumi's chest, a droplet landing at the corner of his mouth. Nezumi locked eyes with Sion as the boy stuck his own tongue out to lick up the salty, bitter drop. Oh god...Nezumi thought, feeling the pressure of arousal in his abdomen reach near catastrophic levels. With a cry of Sion's name, he orgasmed inside of him, collapsing on top of his lover. The two of them were a mess of panting, cum splattered limbs as they locked together for one more kiss as the final waves of their orgasms ended.

"I'm...I'm really glad that the maybe turned into a yes," Sion said in a small, meek voice as Nezumi trailed his finger through Sion's cum-splattered chest. Nezumi grinned.

"I'm glad you're repressed as fuck and horny because of it," he joked, growing solemn after, "And...And I'm glad you finally saw past my stupid bullshit." Sion didn't say anything in response, but pressed a sweet kiss to Nezumi's lips.

"Me too."

The post-coital, I love you, went unspoken. There was no need to say it.

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