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Scott Pilgrim Vs The World 2

Chapter 14

The next day, Scott finally wakes up early and ready to go get Ramona and his newborn twins.

Scott: Come on guys, we've have to pick up Ramona.

Skulls: And don't forget your newborn twins.

Scott: Yep, let's go.

Claudia: But what about breakfast?

Scott: Don't worry Clauds, we'll have brunch on the way back.

On the way to the hospital, Scott, Wallace and his six team up partners we're driving by car so they can pick Ramona and the newborn twins.

Scott: Thanks for coming with me Wallace.

Wallace: Your welcome Scotty boy, I know you'll might need help. So I decide to come with you.

Scott: I know.

Ramona: *Waiting at the front of the hospital holding the twins*

Scott: *Parks the car* Come on everyone, let's go inside.

Wallace: I can't wait to see your twins.

Ramona: *Waving at Scott and Wallace*

Scott: *Opens the door* Hey Rammy.

Ramona: Hey, you're just in time.

Scott: Hey heres our two little kids, wow look at them. They're going so fast.

Ramona: I know right.

After that, Scott finally picks up Ramona and their newborn twins Alexander and Heaven back to their new home. And Scott also brought brunch for him, Ramona and his six team up partners.

Scott: Here we are Alexander and Heaven, welcome to your new home.

Ramona: Come on kids, let's take you both to your new baby room.

Scott: Let's go.

Skulls: Hey Scott, you got brunch for us?

Scott: Yep, here you go. *Gives the big bag to Skulls* Enjoy your meal.

Skulls: Thanks.

Claudia: Finally!

Lizzie: Let's eat!

Four years later have been past, Alexander and Heaven are already both four years old. Scott and Ramona are finally married and they're both sleeping for the weekends. Alexander and Heaven both rush to their parent's room.

Alexander & Heaven: Mommy, daddy! Wake up!

Scott: *Yawns* Good morning Alex and Heaven.

Ramona: Honey, should we make the kids for breakfast?

Scott: Sure, let's have pancakes for breakfast instead.

Alexander & Heaven: Yay Pancakes!

After when they had pancakes for breakfast, Scott decide to buy books for Alexander & Heaven. But when he was about to go inside the book shop, he saw his six team up partners are about to go to the Airport. He rush up to his new friends and he wanted to say goodbye.

Scott: Hey where are you guys going?

Lizzie: To the Airport.

Scott: Why?

Rihanna: We've decided to go back to our country home, Australia.

Scott: Really?

Skulls: Look Scott, we had good times since when I first saw you defeating Ramona's seven evil exs and now you've save the world and I mean we've save you and your other friends in danger.

Scott: Yeah, I understand. Does this mean we won't see each other again?

Skulls: Don't worry Scott, we'll see each other when you come to visit Australia and maybe one day you'll might see us fighting bad guys...

Claudia: And saving the world too!

Skulls: Whatever Clauds.

Scott: Oh, so I guess this is goodbye right?

Skulls: Yep, we'll meet again in six years and maybe we would see your kids are all grown up.

Scott: Thanks guys, well goodbye and have a safe trip back home.

Skulls: Goodbye Scott.

Lizzie: See ya Scott.

Claudia: Ciao Scotty!

Rihanna: Bye Scott.

Phoebe: Bye Scott, we'll see you in six years.

Livvy: Bye, bye Scott. We'll miss you.

Scott: Bye thanks, I'll miss you too.

And so Scott Pilgrim and his six partners save Toronto from Ramona's seven evil exs again who have come back to life they've been defeated again.

The End.

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