"No matter what you must hide!" The voice broke through the deepest peaceful sleep. "Listen to me, Dante. No matter what!"

It was the same thing every night for the past few weeks and he woke up in the bed sweating as he sat upright and looked around. Why? Why did that memory have to return now? He'd done the right thing, stopped his brother from opening the underworld to the mortals. Light was in the right place above the ground and yet… something just felt wrong.

"Go back to sleep." Trish muttered beside him and turned over.

Dante looked over at her, she couldn't understand or maybe, he snorted, she wouldn't care too anyway. She didn't share the curse of human emotions that he did, Vergil saw it as a cancerous growth eating into the value of his true calling. Devil hunter Dante was wasting his time using the love of a mother and the care of the humans when he could be so very strong. Dante lay back on the bed and sighed…

He closed his eyes, it was a mistake, and drifted back off to where the dream had left off. He noted with some annoyance in his semi-conscious state that for some reason the good dreams never did that. He could have been dreaming of a harem, hot chicks with massage oils, that never drifted back oh no, if you were going to pick up where you left off it had to be a bad thing.

"Is she dead? All of them?" Dante heard the voices shouting around him. As a child he was limited and he sat in the cover he had, one hand gripping at an amulet and the other around the sword.

"Vergil." He whispered, where was his twin?

"Yes we've killed them all." Another demon muttered to the companions. He lifted the head of Eva and then looked down at the boy. "Well that was easier than I thought considering he should have the power of his father."

Dante shivered from the hiding place and closed his eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks as they lifted the boy from his fallen place. His brother, Vergil, had been caught and ran down as their mother became the reason they had surfaced. She had managed to warn the youngest of the twins but it had been too late for her.

"Do you think he'll be able to undo the seals?" One of them looked around at the splattered gore around the room and threw the head to the side; it bounced close to the survivor. "Well time will tell let's go."

The demons disappeared taking the child's body with them and Dante put his hands over his ears, closed his eyes and wailed.

Trish heard the yell and jumped up with her hand reaching to her gun on the side of the bed. Dante was sweating as he opened his eyes and realised he'd come out of the dream with the same energy as he'd suffered it. Trish had her gun and Dante looked at her.

"If you want sex threatening me with a weapon isn't the usual method." He looked at her.

"I thought something had broken in the place." She shrugged. "Besides I wouldn't have to try to get you to attention. Apart from fighting and food you seem interested in only one thing."

"You make me sound so shallow." He snorted wandering through and turning the shower on in the bathroom. Trish watched his walk through with appreciation as muscles rippled with every step. "Guess I must be." He shut the door and stepped into the hot water.

Trish yawned and slid down the stairs into the DMC building, she poured them both a red wine from the side. She heard a slight rustle of movement behind her and turned, her gun trained to the forehead of the demon that had tried to break into the place.

"Get out, you're interfering in 'me' time." Trish cocked the gun back then looked at it. Something about the demon annoyed her, she was a creation of Mundus and it held a similar feel to it. "Did you just send that nightmare?"

"I was there!" The demon smirked. "On that night, we all had a jolly good time… her corpse made for a wonderful ni…"

"Say goodbye." Trish shot him in the forehead square through the middle of his eyes. The blood splashed back and Trish looked down, oh great now she needed a shower too. "Oh well," she left the body to dissipate and headed up with the glasses, she walked into the bathroom and set them down. "Dante 'darling' you might like to know that you might be getting those dreams for a reason."

"Yeah well they got a beef with the old man they can talk to him..." He turned and looked at her. "Unless that is strawberry flavoured body paint this is disappointing."

"Oh ha…" She slide into the shower and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Sadly not but I can probably give you a sweet treat later. Are you going to investigate this one?"

"Well I guess I might since these nightmares are eating into valuable I don't give a crap time."

Trish laughed a little and continued to clean up. He was a strange one and sometimes she did have to wonder if he didn't just keep her around because she looked a hell of a lot like his mother. She didn't really dwell on it as she got out and took up her glass, lips closing over the glass and finally as he turned around she winked at him and slipped back into the bedroom.

When Dante got up the next day he was annoyed that he'd not slept enough and that Trish had continued to keep him up throughout the night with incessant banter instead of an honest screw. Packing his weapons he headed out to the graveyard, the old stone with Eva's name on it under the tree looked undisturbed, it put his mind at rest partially at any rate.

"You are suffering them too I see?" A familiar voice said stepping out from the trees.

"Vergil?" Dante looked at him surprised. He had… he had fallen to hell and Dante had even given the younger lad Nero his sword, Yamato. He looked at him amazed for a moment then his hand slid behind his jacket ready to take his guns out.

"Don't waste your time little brother." Vergil looked at him. "I fear this time we might have a common enemy."

"Get talking." Dante looked at him. "Why do you care anyway?"

"I don't." He shrugged. "I'm just annoyed that the solace of sleep has been disturbed. Let me guess," his lips curled half-snarl and half-amused, "it's upset you."

"Whatever." Dante looked at him. "What do you want? I'm going to get breakfast." He slid his hands to his trouser pockets and headed past him. "You wanna fix the problem I don't care why just do it."

"We both have too." Vergil looked at him with a smug grin. "Isn't being half of something just a bitch?"