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Jadelyn West

It's always been him / you know its cliché, but what can you say? He just had you at hello/

You thought it w a s g o n n a l a s t f o r e v e r ( didn't you know that only less than 2% of high school sweethearts get married andstaytogether? )

He still claims he LOVES you ::::but don't you know by now that its all a pretty little l i e::::

You aren't blind, you see the way he StArEs at her +++++but after seventeen years, your father has already taught you the art of bottling your e*m*o*t*i*o*n*s++++

You tried to punish her for that """""its HER fault after all, you used to be happy before she came and ruined it all, but after a while you realized it's p.o.i.n.t.l.e.s.s""""

Sometimes, you get tired of pretending, but you keep going )))its just that darling, you are pretty sure this as good as its gonna get(((

Beck Oliver its not yours anymore ####when will you finally give up?####


Beckett Oliver

You can't remember the exact moment when it all stopped being black and everything started shining / you used to love the dark, but you couldn't help but be s*t*a*r*s*t*r*u*c*k /

She's your shoulder to cry on ( you wish you were hers )

You didn't want break Jade's heart, so you got her to b/r/e/a/k-u/p with you ::::she wanted you to get backtogetherwithJade, you tried to refused her, at the end you just pretended Jade was her::::

When she sings, you can't keep your eyes away from her ++++you don't want to sound to sound cheesy, but hell she truly does M*A*K*E I*T S*H*I*N*E++++

But, she keeps singing his songs """"and, you keep trying to make nothing of it, its not like you have any right to anyway""""

You recognized that glint on her eyes that appears every time she sees him ))))the same Jade sometimes has when she looks at you((((

It reminds you that Tori Vega can't be yours ####especially since you're supposed to belong to someone else####


Victoria Vega

He's everything you'll ever ask for in a guy / its no mistery why you couldn't help but fall for him/

He keeps writing songs for you to sing ( that has to mean something, right? )

You notice the little things, though ::::the way he can't help, but smile every s i n g l e time he looks at her, the way he even has a special nickname just for her::::

Yet, you can't bring yourself to hate her ++++she's your best friend, after all++++

Sometimes, you fear she'll steal him away from you """"she can't steal what has never been yours, though""""

She has one of the most beautiful voices you've ever heard ))))you wonder when the songs he writes will stop being for you((((

Best friends, André Harris and Tori Vega, falling in love and living h a p p i l y e v e r a f t e r ####isn't that how it would have played out in a movie? but, sadly happy endings does not take place in real life####


André Harris

She truly is the s*w*e**e*t*e*s*t thing ever /then why she makes you feel so bitter?/

You loved her from the moment you heard her sing ( you are still perfecting the song you wrote for her )

Sometimes, people ask what your favourite food is, you lie and tell them its buffalo nuggets ::::but you know you've loved red velvet cupcakes, since the day she walked into that ninth grade class with newly dyed hair::::

You notice the way she looks at that puppet guy ++++you keep assuring yourself that that's just the way she is++++

He nonchalantly tells you about the kiss they shared """"Tori actually asks you where you got all that anger, when you gave her the song for her to sing""""

You stop yourself from hitting him every time his stupid puppet takes a jab at her ))))she keeps smiling at him the way she never does to you((((

You know that even if you live a thousand years, you would never get over that beautiful, never-quite-there Cat Valentine ####you never give her that song you wrote for her oh-so-long-ago####


Caterina Hannah Valentine

You LxOxVxE him /you just hate the way he ignores you/

It makes you sad the way he calls you C R A Z Y ( but its not him, its REX, you always repeat to yourself as a mantra )

He doesn't like when people call Rex a puppet ::::so you don't, you also start pretend he is real, he'll L/l/I/o/K/v/E/e you more that way, right?::::

You see how he drools after your best friend ++++even Rex is now flirting more and more with her++++

Sometimes, you feel bad that he might be suffering just as much as you are """"other times you feel g-l-a-d""""

You decided to finally give up and finally accept when someone asked you to Tori's Prome, the next day HE asked you ))))he thinks you lied about having a date, and gets mad, and all you can do is feel bad 'cause he thinks so l_o_w of you... you think maybe he might have a sortakindalikea c*r*u*s*h on you...he acts like it never happened the next day((((

You try really hard to believe in a world full of dreams and cupcakes in which its RobbieShapiro&CatValentine all day long ####oh, but how you wish someone had told you that dreams are meant for sleeping####


Robert Shapiro

You just want to be with her /she just makes fun of you/

She's intense, scary ( she i,n,t,o,x,i,c,a,t,e,s you )

You know you don't have a shot ::::but, you notice the way Beck looks at Tori and you think might have a slight chance::::

She's the most beautiful girl you've ever seen ++++and you are just so-so-AWKWARD+++++

You want to be the guy she kisses with such a passion """"the closest she's ever come to kiss you is when she s|p|i|t|s on you""""

You even tried making her jealous once by asking her best friend out ))))but apparently not even Cat is crazy enough to go out with you((((

You are in love with Jade West, and sometimes you hope that the phrase opposites attract would come true, hell you'd even take a love-hate relationship ####you know that Rex would become real before that happens, yet you will always hope####

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