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Sakura sighed as she scoured the apartment she shared with her two friends. Karin didn't technically live there but she might as well move in. She didn't know why, but she put up with the two of them. It wasn't easy either. Seriously, if there was a medal for this sort of thing she would win, hands down.

They made an agreement when they moved in together that they wouldn't share their personal personal lives unless it was totally necessary, but Sakura still knew too much about that.

She continued cleaning the living room, picking up clothes covered in glitter and alcohol leftover from one of Ino and Karin's night club adventures. She paused when she thought she heard the familiar giggling in the hall and cringed when the door busted open and bounced off the wall.

"WE'RE HOME!" Ino and Karin sang. It was like living with two very happy transvestites sometimes.

"Oh yay." Sakura feigned happiness. She sighed, dumped the club clothes on the floor again and flung herself down on the couch.

"Ino, I know you and Karin like to experiment, but I am irrevocably straight, so could you please get your vag out of my face?" Sakura said. Ino crouched down to her level and looked at her with serious eyes.

"There's something I need to talk to you about." She said. Sakura frowned.

"Okay, sure. What's up?"

"I need you to move out." Ino said.

"What?" Karin and Sakura said together.

"Not you, K. you don't even live here."

"So just me then." Sakura said acidly.

"Yeah. The thing is, I want to move in with my boyfriend and this place is so much nicer that his." Ino said. Sakura could tell she was trying to be nice but she just felt like she had been played.

"You are trading in me, one of your best friends, for some mangy guy?" she hissed.

"Doesn't that kind of violate the Girlfriend Code of Girls?" Karin asked.

"I cannot believe you are kicking me out for some guy!" Sakura said. "I can't believe it!"

Sakura got up of the couch and, giving Ino one last glare, she slammed into her room. Which wasn't going to be her room anymore. She looked around at the small haven she had built against Ino and Karin's Adventures. Then she sighed. It all seemed so empty now.

"Ino, you just kicked her out. Let her have a minute to herself." Karin said outside her door. "Let's go out and see if we can find her a new place, okay?"

Sakura waiting until she heard the front door slam again before she opened her room door. Now she was going to have to spend the rest of the evening avoiding Ino. Not that Ino'd be home.

"Sak?" Karin knocked on her door. "I dropped Ino at her boyfriend's place for then night." She opened the door. "Can I come in?"

"Yeah, I guess. You didn't kick me out."

"I'm really sorry sweetie. Ino handled it badly. But look! I found this ad on the bulletin board of the common room downstairs. I went to look at the building and it looks really nice." She handed Sakura a flyer. Sakura examined the plain faced type.

One small bedroom. Rent is $500/month split three ways. Apartment includes bathroom, kitchen, and living room. It is preferable that applicants are tolerant of idiots, moderate noise and should not be adverse to late comings and goings. It is preferred that applicants be under the age of 40.

Furniture not included.

Please call: 354-1569 or come to 9920 Blackwood Ave. to see apartment 4b.

"Um, okay. Thanks Karin." Sakura said, placing the flyer on her bedside table that was really just a bunch of books stacked on top of each other.

"No problem. You should go see it tomorrow because Blackwood is a pretty nice area. Nicer that this area anyway."

"Yeah, I guess. But $500 is a lot for rent on an apartment."

"Not if your splitting it three ways. Minus expenses it's only about $200 a month. And that's what you pay right now anyway." Karin got up. "I'll keep Ino busy as long as you want to be mad at her. And check that apartment out. It's in a great area."

"Okay, thanks." Sakura said. She waited until Karin closed the door before picking up the flyer again.

Please call: 354-1569 or come to 9920 Blackwood Ave. to see apartment 4b.

"Hmm," she tapped her chin and stared at the flyer. Making a snap decision she picked up her cell phone and dialled the number. It rang three times before it picked up.

"Yo!" the other line yelled. She winced.

"Hi, my name is Sakura. I was calling to see if that room you were renting out is still available."

"Oh, for sure! Are you interested?"

"Well I am kind of homeless." Sakura said, "So yes, I'm very interested."

"Great! We'd love to have a new roomie! So when can you move in?"

"Uh," Sakura was rather taken aback. This was sudden. "Could I take a look before I decide?"

"Oh, of course. Yeah, how about tomorrow?" the man on the other end agreed immediately.

"Tomorrow is fine. Perfect, actually."

"Great, come by anytime." He said. "Oh, gotta go. I've got work. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay, see you. Thanks." Sakura hung up and looked at the flyer. "Well, at least I've got a prospective place."

Sakura hitched her purse up her shoulder and raised her fist. She knocked twice and stepped back, wringing her hands slightly. The door opened and there was an awkward moment when the guy who answered the door and she just stood there and stared at each other.

Whoa. He was pretty. Really pretty. Better than pretty. He was gorgeous.

"Hi," she said. "I called yesterday about the room."

He suddenly glared at her. She stepped back involuntarily. Okay, that was scary. What the hell? There was a scuffling sound and a blonde, blue eyed head popped up.

"Hey there!" he said cheerfully, shoving the first guy aside. "I'm Naruto and this is Sasuke." He stuck his hand out. Sakura shook it. This was definitely the one she talked to on the phone.

"Hi, Sakura." She shook his hand.

"Come on in." he said, pulling her inside. "Ignore him. He's just grumpy because I made him put the ad out. But seriously, we never used the spare room anyway so I figured, why not?"

Sakura nodded. He was just a big ball of energy. It was a bit tiring. She followed him into the apartment and looked around the living room. It was a plain room with a three seater couch, an arm chair and across the room and enormous TV and sound and gaming system.

Well, they are guys.

"That's the kitchen through there." Naruto said, "It's pretty average. A stove, a fridge, a table, that sort of thing. We don't use it much."

Sakura could tell. There was a stack of take-out menus on the small table shoved into the corner. It looked a bit dingy, another hint that the kitchen wasn't used at all.

"Over here is the bathroom," Naruto led her down a narrow hall to the back half of the apartment. The bathroom was nothing special, although cleaner than the kitchen. She scanned it and then he threw open a door just down from the bathroom. "And this would be your room here, if you wanted it."

Sakura stepped inside. It was a room about the same size of her room with Ino. The only difference was that the walls were decorated with a strange pattern. She squinted at it to try and see it better. It looked like tiny, birds made of smoke taking flight.

"Yeah, the guys here before us were artsy. They carved that into the drywall and then painted over it. It's pretty cool though." Naruto leaned on the door frame. Sasuke, still glaring, stood behind him, his hands wedged in his pockets.

"It's nice. I like it." Sakura said. She avoided looking at Sasuke because his glare was really scary. "So you said the rent was split three ways?"

"Uh," Naruto looked at Sasuke who nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, it is."

"So are you both okay with me living here? I mean, I can find another place if you wanted to room with someone more…male."

"NO!" Naruto said. "No, we would love to have you here, right Sasuke?" he asked, glaring at his roommate.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted. Sakura raised her eyebrows. Did this guy speak at all?

"Teme! You had better get used to having Sakura around because if she wants to stay she's going to." Naruto growled.

"Whatever, Dobe." Sasuke smirked. And it took Naruto three seconds to pounce on him and tackle him to the floor. Sakura flattened herself up against the wall and stayed there until it was over. Sasuke had Naruto in a headlock and Naruto was elbowing him in the gut.

"Impressive. I've never seen a more accurate copy of two five year olds fighting over the blue shovel in the sandbox." She said. Naruto struggled out of Sasuke's grip.

"Your sarcasm does not amuse me." He said. Sakura grinned. He frowned. "You still want the room, right? The Teme didn't put you off?"

"I think that if you met two of my best friends then you'd believe that I can manage him no problem." She shrugged. "At least I'm not homeless anymore."

Naruto's face broke into a wide grin. Sakura almost had to look away it was so bright. He was really pleased to have her there. Wow, he's a happy guy. He dragged Sasuke to his feet, still grinning and elbowed him in the side.

"Sakura-chan is staying here now, so you have to be nice." He whispered. Sakura bit her lip to keep from laughing. The pair of them, tall, blond and blue eyed and tall, dark and handsome, were quite enigmatic. Sasuke glared at her.

"So when can you move in?" he ground out, looking completely unhappy about the prospect of a new roommate.

"How does tomorrow sound?" she said.

"Tomorrow," he ground out, glaring at Naruto, "Would be fine." Although his glare said that it would be anything but.

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