disclaimer: I don't claim any ownership to the characters that I featured in my story, nor to I make any profit from writing this. It is a work of fiction.

notes: a whole year since I started this. I remember this time last year I was on a plane to Hawaii. Now I'm heading to university. Time sure does fly.

dedication: I would like to take a moment to dedicate this story to all the people who have followed it. Even if you didn't go right to the end, you still were with me through part of it and I appreciate it more than I can say.

To everyone who followed this, reviewed it, marked it as a favourite, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking my efforts at writing something good and making me write something even better. To say that I am flattered would be an understatement. I have never felt so supported in something that I have done, and I will always keep this story as a reminder that I can do whatever I set my mind to.

To everyone out there who ever wanted to follow their dreams. You can't let little things get in your way. Because there is always another way to find yourself. Writing on this website has made it so much easier for me to develop my own personal, unique voice as a writer and it has given the confidence and independence to mastermind my own original plots and characters. So do what makes you happy because it is so worth it.

And finally, I think I need to thank the people who will review and follow and favourite this story, even after it is finished. There is nothing more valuable to me than giving you a chance to be as entertained as I was while writing this.