Seung Jo nearly shook his head at the girl. He was currently sitting across from her in her room, or rather what had been her room, though it was still the same. He didn't understand how she managed to have come so far on her own in her studies, and yet nowhere at all in the same breath. She understood the basics, at least, but she was getting absolutely nowhere. It had been nearly an hour and they had only made it to the second practice problem. At this rate it was going to take all night.

Ha Ni had given mother the address and key to her apartment, asking for her to grab her school uniform among other necessities for spending the night so she could study. Mother was ecstatic. She had also blushed as she whispered something in mother's ear failing to miss the mischievous glint in the older, meddling woman's eyes. The bag was currently thrown on the bed, forgotten for now.

It took a minute for him to clear his mind, realizing she had asked him a question. With a quick smile she wouldn't notice he made to touch her hand when taking the pencil from her, moving closer to her than was necessary to show her how the problem was solved, going over it with her step by step. His heart was beating fast, and if he wasn't so good at keeping his cool, his breathing would have been irregular as well.

For a moment he wished he could feel this way about Ha Rae, but such was not the case. It was uncomfortable to feel this way, unnerving even, and he had ignored it for the last year or so. But now that he had faced a week without it, he realized he didn't want to live without the excitement and joy she brought into his life. It wasn't worth it.

His life was empty without her in it. He couldn't help himself either when it came to teasing her. This is why it came so naturally to steal her pencil when she concentrating so hard, her pink tongue poking out at the corner of her lips as she worked on the third problem. He erased the last to steps she had done, quickly explaining to her the mistake, and showing her how to do it, the whole while his voice was soft and gentle, unlike the first time he had studied with her. He was terrified of losing her, but he couldn't bring himself to admit defeat. He couldn't tell her about his feelings. The conflicting emotions only she could stir deep within him. The deep respect he had for her. He could not give her complete control over him like that. He just couldn't.

Baek Seung Jo never lost his cool. Was always collected, he was respected. Never could he admit the deep hold this child, this girl, this woman, his Ha Ni had over him. It would destroy him. It would be like jumping off a cliff and hoping she would catch him. So lost in his thoughts was he, that the fact she had fallen asleep escaped him. Noticing this at last he smiled.

Scooping her up gently in his arms he shoved her bag off the bed with a soft thud. Checking to make sure she was still sleeping he tucked her under the covers, kissing her lips softly so as not to wake her, and left the room, leaving the night light on, and closing the door behind him.

He had wanted to stay and watch her sleep, but that was just a bit creepy. Quickly ridding himself of such thoughts he hurried to his own room, still sharing with Eun Jo. He crept under the covers, falling asleep instantly.

He awoke the next morning still groggy and half asleep. Grabbing his clothes to change into her walked into the bathroom door. That was odd. No one was normally in there at this hour. Shrugging he figured someone had left the door shut and opened it, much to his chargin and the dismay of the half naked Oh Ha Ni.

"BAEK SEUNG JO!" She screeched. Thankful he didn't blush, He smirked. "It's not like there's anything I'd want to see" He said callously before shutting the door. His heart was racing however, and he decided a cold shower would probably be in order after that. But he couldn't left that silly girl know.

He his appearance to keep up.

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