Panicking villagers kept running around the City, trying to get food supplies and stuff. Why are they doing that ? Because if you ask a villager he or she would say…

"THE KYUUBI IS COMING ! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" and …. They will start running like crazy.

Those attitudes were broken by a scream only… to be heard by the whole city….


[Konoha hospital]

At the same time…


Within the 3 mile radius people Cringed as the loudness was so intense.

"I have to do this Kushina! The Kyuubi is coming…..! And we are still weak from the war with iwagakure! We need a weapon! Now is a perfect time to get it!" Minato said while taking out his ear plugs.


"… Because I want him to be a weapon. Girls are not strong enough…" (No sexist remarks intended just his opinion) Minato said.

"Wha-" Kushina said before she received a karate chop to the neck and became unconscious.

"I'm Sorry" Before Minato use a memory suppressing seal on her and took naruto and disappeared.

[Sarutobi residence]

"Sarutobi can yo-" "No. Just kill the beast."

"If I kill the beast it will respawn in a few years time! It would result in the imbalance of nature itself!" Minato said…

"I am not going to risk my life to make a child be tortured by villagers."

"Then im sorry…"

Fuiin jutsu: slavery seal.

"Take Naruto and seal the kyuubi!" Minato Commanded

Sarutobi Hiruzen bowed down and said" yes master."

Sarutobi disappeared in a poof of smoke.

[Battle ground]

"Hold on until Yondaime Comes!" "Okay!"

Kuchiyose: Enma!

"Sarutobi why have you summoned me?Why do you look lik-"Enma said.

" Shutup and help me hold him off!" Enma looked at him puzzled , he was never that rude to him before.

" Who is this? A child? But…. Sarutobi you're not going to it are you? YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN!STOP IT!" " I must do this for my master so move or I will dispose of you."

Enma rushed to the front and held off the kyuubi only to look back to see a shining light and then he puffed into a smoke.

[With the evil guy….]

"Mmmmm hmmm hmmm hnnn hahahahahahahahhaa. Soon my plans will be complete!" a maniacal laugh was heard.

[Time skip 5 years time….]

"Daddy can you train m-" Before the blond could finish he was interrupted by a "No"

"Why not?"

"Because I have to train your sister!"

"NAruto GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM!" A feminine voice was heard from his kitchen….

Naruto walked back to his room head drooped muttering " Why isit always Hikari that gets training? Sigh"

"I guess I will just read some books on chakra control…." He sighed again…

A few hours passed when a knock was heard .

" Hey Naruto can I come in?" "Sure"

The girl had long red hair that reached her back with ocean blue eyes and a round face (Basically kushina with blue eyes) and wore anbu pants with a black vest (Think about black chunin vests) and had a clip that looked like a buttefly.

"Aniki I hope you are okay…. I am just glad that you are my brother!" The female said.

"Yeah hikari You're the only one that care for me in this house….. Sigh"

"I shall not trouble you anymore! Bye!"

[Few months later]

At the public training ground, a scenery was so nice but was ruined by a big hole in the middle of the training ground… Why you ask? Only a shout could be heard.


"Damn 3rd stage is done!" Naruto said while noticing a familiar chakra signature behind.

[With the shadowy figure]

The figure only show bright blue eyes while hands were writing down notes.

"This technique is useful… hmm…. Good I will have more power!" A dark chuckle was heard.

[With naruto]

Naruto began walking down the streets with a grin on his face.

When the villagers saw this they began rushing home to get their weapons, er gardening and cooking equipments so to say.

Naruto was oblivious to the men and women following him. Suddenly , with great force, he was pushed down and tied onto a chakra absorbing rope.

"You demon have gone on too far being in a human child! You should just die! You EVEN HAVE THE NERVE AND TAKE OVER MINATO-SAMA'S CHILD!"

They began stabbing him with a pitch fork and started to butcher him with spiked clubs.

A ninja took out a kunai and asked a few of his friends to help him heat it up. After heating it up, the kunai was still white from being heated, the ninja plunged it into his stomach and twisted it making a blood curling scream escape Naruto's mouth. Then suddenly a shout came.


"Now give us some space" A dog masked Anbu said. The crowd mumbled about the anbu squad being bummers.

"Than-k- You" Naruto wheezed out.

"After all we need to get some revenge ourselves right?" The Boar masked Anbu said.

The dog masked anbu plunged the lightning chakra covered hand into Naruto's left chest. Touching in barely.

Due to the shock, Naruto began to have cardiac arrest.

"The demon is going to die! Revenge on the third is given! ALL HAIL THE HEROES!" the villagers bowed down in respect.

[Else where….]

Naruto appeared in a sewer .

"Where am i? " a crying sound was heard.

Naruto walked towards the cries.

Only to see a woman with red hair ,blood red eyes that had a slit in the middle, Two fox ears , Nine tails , and had fangs. She had DD cups breast, an hour glass figure and wore a white kimono that at the back had a kanji for "Kitsune"

"I'm Sor..ry Naruto-kun! I…. can … grant… you nine wishes! Anything!" The vixen said though when she said it she was jerking up. Signs of crying a very long time.

"Whats your name Kyuubi?" The blonde asked,


"Your name. After all I cant call you kyuubi all the time…."




"My name is akane..."

"A beautiful name for a beautiful lady!" Naruto smiled while akane blushed.

"Well? So what wishes do you want?" Akane asked

"I want a Doujutsu!"

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