Tons & tons of incest ... you have been fairly warned. Anyway, please enjoy my story! ~ Pandora

I followed the angelic voice to the bathroom. Taking a deep breath to calm myself I eased the door open.

So close.

My pulse thudded in my ears. Dropping the towel that hung loosely around my hips I pulled open the curtain.


She belted out a high note while wiggling her hips. I stepped under the stream of water closing the curtain behind me. She turned as if sensing my presence.

"Holy crap Len!" Her arms immediately flew to cover her breasts leaving the patch of blonde hair between her legs unprotected.

"Get out!" Her face grew beet red "You know you can't be in here!"

"Would you be saying that if it were him?" I grabbed her arms pulling her to me.

"What the hell are you doing?" She cried out, her chest heaved rubbing her breasts against me.

"I want you Rin." I gripped the engorged member between my legs

"No. Stop it!" Her body was betraying her. She was heating up, her nipples hardening into little buds.

"Tell me you didn't have sex with that man whore!" I clenched my fists. The thought of Rin lying in bed with Mikuo made my blood boil.

"It's none of your business! Now get out!" She backed herself into the wall

"It is my business!" I trapped her against the wall barricading her with my arms. "You. Are. Mine!"

"That's disgusting Len! I am your sister don't you dare forget that! If you leave now I'll forget this happened."

Ignoring her comment I shut off the water and swept her into my arms.

"Len have you gone mad? Put me down!" She struggled

"Keep doing that, you're really turning me on" I teased kicking open the door to my bedroom. I eyed her, she'd grown into such a beautiful woman. "You're gorgeous."

She blushed "Len please."

I laid her on my bed and climbed on top of her

"You're mine Rin."

My name left her lips in a caressing whisper.

I kissed her in the way I'd been wanting to do for awhile. Rin was no longer a sister to me, in my eyes she was a beautiful woman with the voice of an angel. I moaned into her mouth as her tongue tangled with mine.

So sweet. More!

Tearing away from the lustful kiss, I brought my lips to her neck, sucking and nibbling on her flawless skin. Her arms hung loosely around my neck as her body shook with pleasure. I stared at the love mark I had left before moving my my lips to her ear.

"Make sure Mikuo sees this." I whispered "Make sure he knows that you are mine." I nipped at her earlobe

A soft moan escaped her lips. I traveled down to her breasts and ravished the soft mounds one by one. By the time my need to assault her breasts was quenched she was moaning and writhing in my arms.


Her blue eyes peered up at me. I smiled causing her to blush furiously.

"Touch me" I laid back on the bed, my cock throbbing begging for her touch.

"I don't really know what to do." Her face grew even redder.

I smiled at her.

"Len I'm sorry!" She hid her face in her hands

"No" I removed her hands "That means you've done nothing with Mikuo." I pulled her on top of me. "Let me teach you"

I pulled her small hands towards my cock. It was pulsing anticipating her touch.

"Rin" I moaned as she tentatively stroked me. The girl I had very often fantasized about was on top of me, fondling my cock.

"Rin? Len?" My mother's voice rang out.

"Len! What do we do?" Rin was panicking while still holding my throbbing member.

I chuckled and threw the covers over her. "Keep going"

My mother knocked

"Come in" I called

She poked her face in "Hi! Where's your sister?"

Rin's hands were exploring, I could feel her warm breath on me. Crap. I felt an orgasm drawing nearer. "She might be out in the-" I sucked in a breath as my cock erupted cum all over.

"Len? Are you alright?" My mother came running

"I'm fine! Just some stomach pain." I put a hand out to stop her approach.

"You're sweating buckets! Are you running a fever?"

"No! I just finished working out, so I'm gonna take a shower … Some privacy please?"

She hesitated "Ok … If you see Rin tell her to find me."

"Sure" I smiled

The door closed with a click. I sighed and pulled off the covers, and there she was a sight to behold.

"Rin ... you're covered in-" I laughed

She blushed "Can I use your bathroom?"

"Of course" I watched her get up and enter the adjoining room. Upon hearing the water start I got up and slipped into the bathroom to join her.

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