My happiness was short lived as a sense of weariness overtook me. "It's hard to get over you when you do things like this."

The sparkle in Rin's eyes diminished as she took in my words. "I don't want you to get over me. I don't want her to win."

I imagined my mother's smug, satisfied face laughing at me. "It was my decision to leave."

She made her way to where I stood immobile. Her arms wrapped around me. I groaned. I was falling, quickly losing this war of love. Rin had me wrapped around her finger. My lips moved without my full consent.

"Whatever you want." I pulled her closer.

"Let's just run away. No more excuses. Run away with me." Her body shook with silent sobs.

"Anything. Just please never cry over me again." I murmured, hugging her tighter wishing with all my might to absorb her sadness.

"As long as you never hurt me again."

I felt myself nodding "I promise."

Kaito's thunderous clapping broke the moment. "That was so beautiful!"

I cringed. Rin burst into laughter. I led her upstairs to the room Kaito had deemed as mine for the remaining of my stay.

"Are you planning on letting go of me today?" I smiled

"No, not really." Her grip tightened as her eyes met mine.

I chuckled and pulled her down on the bed with me. I played with the straps of her dress basking in her warmth. Time could not reach us for we were in our own paradise, a place created by our love for each other. Rin began humming a vaguely familiar tune and I knew her sweet voice would soon fill the air.

"I'm so in love, I'm Cinderella.

I'll run to you, I don't care what it takes.

Could time magically stop before the evil catches up?

I have to escape, I'm Juliet.

But please don't call me by that name today.

Oh, you have to be right here. Or it's not fun–oh, it has to be fun!

Hey, do you think that you could stay with me?"

She came to a stop and peeked up me waiting for an answer.

"Don't sing such sad things, I want to hear only happy words from your lips." I kissed her silently cursing my cowardice. I don't know Rin. I don't know if I can stay with you. The very thought made me angry, I wanted to curse the world and all its inhabitants. Hadn't I suffered enough? Didn't I deserve this one ounce of happiness? I was seeing red too lost in my own anger to realize what I was doing.


What painful temptation.

"Len" The sweet voice moaned again, drawing out the syllable of my name until it became a moan of approval.

This is my hell. My forbidden fruit. I've tasted, been reprimanded, yet I still return like a fool.

A sharp tug on my hair brought me back to reality. My fingers were buried in her moist heat. My lips were pressed against her bare breast. Her fingers were wound tightly in my hair. Her legs were wrapped around my hips. What the hell? She shuddered, coming down from what I hoped was a pleasurable orgasm. I smiled, hoping she hadn't noticed my lack of voluntary control.

"Are we going to ..." She blushed "I- I think Kaito left, so if you want to."

Would I be blamed if the fruit was dropped right in hands?

I grinned and bent to capture her lips. Her teasing fingers moved downwards to capture my quickly hardening cock. I groaned my approval as she stroked tentatively. She watched my body's response to her ministrations with curious eyes.

"Get on your back." She urged

I obeyed, letting her straddle me.

"Will you please get these pants off me!" I growled

She laughed softly and undid my pants. Her eyes widened as my fully erect cock bobbed with need. She ran a finger over the tip causing me to suck in a sharp breath. She'll be the death of me! My hips jerked as she gripped me. She giggled biting down on her lip to stifle her laughter.

"You're enjoying my pain?" I groaned

"A little bit. How do I end this?"

I reached over to the nightstand yanking open the drawer. After a bit of searching my hand found the box. I smiled at the face she made as I handed her the box of condoms. She opened it and took one out blushing as she handed me the box, I returned it to its rightful place. Rin rolled the condom on and lowered herself onto my cock with maddening slowness, sighing with bliss as she took me in, inch by inch. The feeling was indescribable. The feel of her pulsing around me was mind blowing. I groaned as she moved with infinitesimal slowness. I pulled her against me, feeling her contract around my cock as she leaned forward. She smiled at me, a tender smile that I didn't deserve. She kissed me her tongue tickling the edge of my lips, she touched her tongue to mine teasing my senses. I groaned with pleasure, the feel of her tongue in my mouth and my cock buried in her was overwhelming. I clutched her to me, gripping her butt pressing her body even closer. She started to squirm, sending delicious sensations racing through my body.

"I want you." She whispered, between heated kisses against my chest.

She propped herself up, straddling me, her thighs cradling me cock. She smiled, swiveling her hips slightly. I groaned at the intensity of the sensation, my hips lifting her. She laughed softly.

God, I just can't get enough!

She murmured my name, her hips picking up speed. the wet juices of our pleasure cascading down my balls. I tugged at her hips, pressing deeper within her folds, and she tilted her body backward, forcing the tip of my cock against her G-spot. She started to move harder now, with more force. Her breasts jutted forward, nipples erect, and her eyes were closed. Her lips were parted in an expression of ecstasy, as she rode me mindlessly toward completion. I could feel the beginnings of her orgasm, the way she rippled around my shaft, and I moved faster.

The first wave hit, the clenching of her pussy was more than I could handle I gave in, answering her release with my own. I emptied myself into the condom, my body wracking with a powerful orgasm. I groaned, and she slammed her body against mine, our hips bucking to gether in a frenzy of passionate need. When it was over, she collapsed against my chest, breath ing hard, her body still shivering and contracting with the aftershocks of her pleasure. I planted a kiss on her forehead and lifted her limp body off mine. I stood and went to properly dispose of the condom.

"You ok?" I settled back into bed pulling her into my arms.

I received a soft moan in response. We fell back into that paradise where time couldn't reach us. I could stay here forever. A smile tugged at my lips as I let sleep overtake me.

Finally! The story isn't over yet, it would just be weird if it was though. About halfway through the chapter I got distracted and watched some Vocaloid videos instead of typing my excuse to myself was "I'm just doing some research." needless to say 3 hours later I was typing like a madman trying to finish up ^_^ As for ILYFANFICTION3's question …. Go Google It! =) ~ Pandora