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Here is the plot:

Anzu got really desperate after Atem went to Afterlife. She thought she will never meet him anymore and her love will never be replied to him. Anzu also discovered she got another talents other than dancing. It was a talent to be a detective. She met Miki Yamamoto who will be her partner on cases. 2 years has passed as the 18-year-old girl began to receive any cases that included murders, kidnapping, bombers, thefts, and many other cases. Then the destined day come when Anzu lost her memories and meet Atem, finally. How this two love birds show their loves to each other? How will Atem and his friends help Anzu to regain her lost memories?

Chapter 1


(Anzu's P.O.V.)

Crying all along really wont making me feeling better. The reason I was crying from the afternoon till this night was because a certain person. A person who from the past. A Pharaoh. A person who has entered a place named Afterlife. Oh I really missed him so dear. Why he have to go? Why he have to leave us? Leave me?

Atem has made his leave today and the tomb has been destroyed after he went in. No more memories about him. No more.

The thought of he will never meet us anymore making me sad and hurt. I just couldn't stand this pain and hurt not being able to tell him my true feelings to him.

Stupid me.

I don't deserve him. He was a Pharaoh. And I? Just an ordinary high school girl with no big talent about playing Duel Monster.


I heard the door went ringing but I ignored it. After all its not of my business. I could hear my mom went to the door and greeted the guest. It was almost 9 p.m. I thought. Maybe I have to go to sleep and forget everything about this. Geez its driving me crazy.

"Anzu! There is a guest for you." my mom shouted from downstairs as I raised an eyebrow.

Who is this guest?

Maybe its Yugi or Jounouchi coming to see if I alright after today's day. Maybe I just have to pass it. But I felt its none of them because mom would shout Yugi's name and would scream at Jounouchi for eating too much food at her refrigerator.

Curiosity went through me as I went out from my small room to the downstairs, the living room.

I walked and saw a girl. About my age probably. She has this long messy black hair down until her shoulder or maybe went through a bit, her two side bangs were longer than her other hair. She wore a quite odd clothes. An inner dark blue shirt with a long yellow dress as her outer plus white streaky yellow-orange short pants. Is she copied Kaiba's long white jacket?

She had this dark brown eyes and were stood up looking at me. I tilted my head. I never saw her. Infact I never saw her in Domino City.

"Hello. Are you Anzu Mazaki?" she asked, I could hear a cold voice on her tone.

I nodded, "Yes that's me. And who are you?" I asked while gesturing her to sat down. My mom went out from the kitchen and bring a tea to the girl. She thanked my mom but not taking a glance on the tea. Mom went out as she knew that she have to leave us spoke in private

"Miki Yamamoto is my name." she bowed formally, "I came here to ask you if you want to join us. You see our department had set their eyes on you because of you intelligence." She spoke bluntly.

I frowned and confused face showing out, "Excuse me… What is this are you talking about? I don't understand what department you are talking about."

She blinked and smack her forehead lightly, "Ah yes! I forgot. Well, its not department for a better words. Its like an organization. Organization of Detectives." She smiled for the first I saw it. But, detectives? Are you serious? I mean I have never included in any cases and I never went to any hypothesis about murders.

"I… I don't have such a talent to be a detective." I spoke hesitantly.

"Nonsense! You got it! You just don't know that you got the talent. We will train you of course." She smiled again making me couldn't refuse her invitation… but…

"Oh come on Anzu! Please?" she made a big pleaded puppy eyes. "I know it since I have always spying on you. You got this perfect brain and I know one day you will be a great meitantei (Detective) !" she chirped cheerfully, I couldn't help but smile at her. She is so childish. Wait. She said that she always spying on me?

"Wait. You always spy at me?" I asked with a gasped went out from my mouth.

She nodded but her smile faded away, "Im sorry but that was an order. You see, in the organization we always have partners and since I don't have partner on me. Could you be my partner? We can learn to be detective together!" she exclaimed and clasped her hand in happiness. I was wondering why this girl didn't have any partners. But then again hesitation went through me.


She looked down to her lap as if she knew my answer will be no. At the same time my mom went in, "Anzu… I heard all of it. It seems you really got the talent to be detectives." She smiled, not a sad smile but a proud smile. Proud that her only daughter got the talent to be a detective. Well, in Domino City we rarely find any detectives but you will always find a duelist and Im tired of seeing duelist. It was like a remembrance of Atem.

"Mom. Are you sure of letting me to go?" I asked sternly looking at her gaze, I got her smiling face as the replied and a nod from her.

"A note for you, your existence will be erased after you went in to the organization, Anzu. Your data at the government will be deleted and your friends, Yugi, Jounouchi, Honda, Shizuka, Mai, Otogi, Kaiba, Mokuba you will never meet them anymore. Is that okay for you?" she looked at me with a concern face. She is concern about me? How sweet of her, I guess she really went spying me everyday. She even knew all my friends. That means for all over those days I got a stalker?

I smiled assuring to her, "Its okay. I have decided to join you, Yamamoto. Because I know this is my fate. Other than to be dancer."

Miki formed a smile and giggled, "Yeah. And just call me Miki. Its not very comfortable to call me Yamamoto." She pouted childishly. I laughed at her childish like. Its so cute though.

"Anyway Mrs. Mazaki. I have a request on you. Since we wont take you and you will stay her, mind telling Anzu's friends that she uhm… went abroad or something that made her seems disappeared?" I raised my eyebrows on her, are you kidding?

"You want me to act that Anzu disappeared?" Mrs. Mazaki frowned with Miki nodded she added that Anzu's training to detectives must be really secret and she didn't want any of my friends knew or they will make a huge problem on the organization.

Mrs. Mazaki nodded in agreement as Miki asked to start packing my clothes because we will go to the building. Of course the main building isn't in Domino City. Far away to Japan since Domino City quite far to the capital City. Miki said to me that we will have to leave tonight and she has prepared everything to me.

After I packed everything, I hugged my mom and kissed her good-bye, saying that I will always write to her as she nodded, "Be my proud daughter." She smiled for the last time as Miki and went out from my house.

Good Bye Domino City.

Good Bye Yugi.

Good Bye Jounouchi, Honda, Shizuka, Mai, Otogi, Kaiba and Mokuba.

And Good Bye Atem.

I will start a new life on me.

A new talent that hidden on me, I will learn how to be a great detective.

"I know this is hard for you. Im truly sorry to drag you. I hope you could meet your friends one day after we succeed to be a great detectives." She smiled to me as I nodded.

"No sorry, please. I want this on my own. I choose this path and I wont regret it."

Miki smiled to me, as we walked in the cold night street, "Alright then, my friends had waited us in other street."

"Anyway, Miki. You seems not a Japanese, well aside from your eyes and face. Your accents are quite..well…" I hesitant to said but Miki turning to me a smile face and giggled.

"Wow, you really have a great talent to be detective. Well, Im a half Japanese. My mom is half Indonesian half Chinese women and my father is Japanese. I stayed for 14 years in Indonesian and I just moved here about 2 years ago. My Japanese still got some mistakes though because I always spoke in Indonesian, Hokkien, Chinese languages so its become habit." She laughed, not bothering to tell her true nationality. An Indonesian girl huh? Cool.

"So how many languages you could spoke so far?" my curiosity was eating me but I truly want to know about my will-be-partner.

"I could spoke 5 now, Japanese, English, Indonesia, Hokkien, and Chinese. But my Japanese still beginner though."

"Cool. You have to teach me sometimes." I smiled.

Its interesting to have a new life with a new talent on me. Not to mention to have a new friend that will be my partner soon.

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