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Chapter 8

Need Help?

"Ah! That was the biggest drama I have ever played!" Miki squealed lightly with a grin plastered on her face.

"Ha! Your theme as Mysterious Aura couldn't be parted." Anzu responded her by glaring at Miki.

Miki stared at her, "And your theme as Friendship Aura couldn't be parted." Miki spat her sarcastically. Anzu and Miki were in their room talking and deciding not to get out from the room until dawn later because they knew that Atem and the others still out there. And if they found out the girls stayed here no guarantee that they will save from their disturbance.

"Seriously, I cant believe that they stayed here. Besides us? Oh My Lord! This is gotta be joke! And Atem was revived? Its not logic!" Miki grunted.

"Logic or not it's a reality, Miki. And tomorrow they will head back to Domino City and so we will relief for the time being." Anzu said with her head rested on her right palm. She crossed her legs on the bed and put his hand on her leg.

"I guess so. Anyway who will go to Mehen's house tomorrow? We promised Mary that we will help them shopping."

"Since you had done a hard work today, I will go tomorrow. You have to take some rest." Anzu volunteered.

"Are you serious?" She asked with a concern face.

Anzu nodded, "Yes Miki. And don't dare you eat green chilies behind me and stay out from Atem and the others." She warned her sternly.

"As you wish then." Miki shrugged and headed to her bed, trying to sleep as fast as she can.

Anzu could hear the murmured outside their room. Atem and her friends.

She sighed. 'They will head back to Domino City tomorrow. Well, might be the last I saw them tonight. I pray for your healthiest, guys. Jounouchi, Honda, Shizuka, Bakura, Yugi, Ishizu-san, Marik, Rishid-san, the priests and Atem.'

Anzu threw herself on the pillow and drifted to her soundless sleep. Dreaming that someday she could tell her true feeling to Atem or maybe not…

The next day has come, birds chirped happily and noisy ringing rang at Miki and Anzu's room. The alarm clock had been set by Anzu so that she could wake earlier than her friends. She has promised that she would do the shopping though.

Anzu woke with a moaned and groaned at the noisy sound. She clicked it and it went off. She saw Miki was still sleeping soundless on her bed. 'She must really exhaust after yesterday.' The brunette sighed and glanced at the clock, '6 am.'

'Well I should get shower and get ready.' She went to the bathroom, washing her face and took the shower.

After some minutes she got changed into a comfy white T-Shirt with collar, with her short black pants and her brown boots. She combed her hair, took her blue-cell phone and her important black note book, she opened the door. Peeking out side, nobody. She quickly closed her room's door slowly and walk towards the lift.

'Thanks heaven they haven't woken up.' She walked out from the hotel and headed her way to Mehen's and Mary's house.

Slowly knocked the door, she was greeted by Mary's warm smile, "I promised you that I will go shopping your things." Anzu smiled reassuring. Mary nodded and gave her the list of what she should buy and she didn't forget to give the money to Anzu. Mary smiled to Anzu and saying to take care of herself.

The brunette couldn't help but grinned at the woman, she waved her hand and headed to the market. Hoping that she could make it fast.

"Let see, it was written:

3 cucumbers

Meat with 2 kg

8 eggs.

1 pepper

2 medium-sized sacks of sugar

3 potatoes

4 tomatoes

2 fresh celeries

5 apples

4 oranges" Anzu muttered while looking at the paper. She made her walk to the vegetables shop to buy the things. The girl about 16 years old who worked there smiled to her and asked what she would buy. Anzu told her the things and she nodded with a grin on her face. After a few minutes the girl came to her with the things she wanted. Anzu smiled and paid the vegetables with Mary's money.

The girl smiled at her and bowed, "Come again, Miss." Anzu waved at her and walked herself out.

Now she got, cucumbers, eggs, celeries, potatoes, tomatoes and pepper. Now she have to go to another shop to buy the rest thing. Anzu humming a tone with the bag on her left hand, eyes observing the citizens and the shops when her should was being tapped, she squeaked out. She turned to see the one who tapped her, widened her eyes disbelief she saw the tanned guy with tri-colored hair, black, red, and yellow.


He chuckled and saw the girl pouted, "You scared the hell out me, pharaoh."

Atem smiled at Anzu, "I'm sorry Anzu. You looked like having fun while so shopping so I can't help to greet you." Anzu widened her eyes, 'Did he spy me since I went out?'

"Since when are you spying at me, pharaoh?" Anzu crossed her arms, demanding the answer from the former pharaoh.

"Since I saw you in the vegetable's shop. I was surprised that you were shopping there. Mind if I ask why are you shopping?" Atem's eyes went softened to her which made the brunette's face redder and looked away.

"I—I was helping my friend." She bluntly said, looking away from the bright beautiful amethyst eyes.

"Oh? Is it one of your 'job' too?" Atem smirked.

Anzu gazed back at Atem, "Yeah, maybe." She turned her heels to walk away from the pharaoh, "Go back, Atem. Today you will go back to Domino City, am I right? So I have no intention to see you all go even we have just reunited." she said with a cracked voice. Tears almost flowed down but she held it. No way will she cry in front of the former pharaoh, her crush, which will only show him she was a weak girl.

"Anzu…" his voice softened as he quickly grabbed Anzu wrist. His yellow's bangs covered his eyes when Anzu turned with a surprised face. She couldn't say anything with this awkward. She regretted that she said that. Darn it.

"I'm sorry Atem… I shouldn't say that after all you have revived and you will stay with Yugi and the others and I… I couldn't stay with you because.. I have to help my friend… and I hope you have a great time in Domino City with Yugi and the others. Its really disappointing that I can't…." she was stopped by Atem's finger.

Atem shook his head, "That's enough Anzu. It's pain to hear it… Yugi and the others will sad if they hear this… Anzu…" the fact that what was Anzu told him was really hurting him. He couldn't believe that she was this hurt.

"Atem…" her bright blue eyes gazed to his violet eyes as they went their own world of eternity. Anzu then snapped, 'Oh yes, he just wanted to comfort me. He will go today…yeah… he and the others will go back to Domino City and if I went to say good-bye it will be pain enough for my hurt. I have to do this then…'

"Let go of me." Anzu removed his hand from her wrist, Atem took the surprised and looked at the girl. He was shocked when the rain tears flowed down from her bright eyes. She was crying because him. "Anzu… I… why you cry?" he tried to ask the girl but Anzu shook stepped away and ran from his sight.

Atem couldn't chase her because he knew that it will make the brunette hurt more. 'What have I done?' Atem clenched his fist and gritted his teeth angrily. Anger at himself for making Anzu cried. He decided to go back to the hotel and discussed with his friends. He thought that sharing this with Yugi and the others will make him calmer and think a way to apologize.

Miki woke up from her nice and warm sleep. She really grateful Anzu has given her a day off after hunting the clues. She yawned and straightened her body, took herself to the bathroom.

"Ah! Its nice shower I got!" she said after some minutes washing herself, she didn't take any shower since yesterday though. Gross enough for a girl but she have been trained on surviving life without taking a shower about 3 days and 2 nights in the scary mountain so not taking a bath for a day wasn't going to kill her.

Miki wore her pride inner dark blue shirt covered by a long yellow sleeveless (resembled to Kaiba's white coat except its long behind her waist.), white pants with streaky yellow-orange and dark blue shoes-like with white line. She didn't forget to put her dark blue watch. She glanced on the watch, "9 am huh? I guess I could go out but first I need to confirm if Yugi and the others aren't out there."

She went to the door and jerked her ear, she didn't hear anything. "Save." She sighed relieved, opened her door she saw nothing. She took the key out and locked it, walking casually to the lift.

"Jounouchi Katsuya! If you don't stop eating so glutton I swear I will go nuts!" Mai hissed out.

"What's with you? Suddenly care much about me?" Jou playfully tongued out, Honda laughed and Bakura sweat-dropped.

"Okay! That's enough! I don't care with you!" Mai humphed, Shizuka quickly calm the female blonde telling her that her brother didn't mean to.

"Jounouchi! Stop it." Yugi said to the male blonde.

"Yeah Jounouchi, at least hear what she said." Otogi smiled nervously.

"What? Im not the one who pulled the trigger!"

"Yes you are." Honda, Bakura, Yugi, Otogi and Shizuka muttered.

"Its really lively here." Isis commented. The priests were sitting with the Ishtars, keeping an eye on Yugi and the others. Atem has told them to protect them if something happen, he went out to take some fresh air. Seto was about to accompanied him but he refused.

"Well, its so fun!" Mana squealed.

"So, we are not going to Domino City today?" Mahad asked while sipping his coffee.

"No Mahad-san. We have agreed to help Anzu-san and her friend." Rishid answered him.

"By the way, we didn't get her name though. I was curious enough to know." Marik shrugged.

"Why? Are you interested with the girl?" Mana narrowed her eyes playfully.

Marik choked and quickly shook his head, "Of course not, magician. Its not polite if we called her 'girl' or 'hey'." He made an excused.

"Marik got the point. I could sense a mysterious aura on her. She seemed didn't like to interact with others." Shada said.

"Like she was avoiding us yesterday." Karim said.

Miki walked to the restaurant without recognizing Yugi and the others were there. She still walked casually, apparently her mind wasn't with her body. She sighed and pondered, 'Oh great, some days I got in Egypt. I have to do this job quickly and get back to Japan.' she didn't even bother to look around as she sat on the empty chair with empty table.

She rested her chin on her hand and sighed again. 'Im not hungry. But what should I do?' she sighed again. 'Looking for clues? You gotta be kidding me.' She laughed sarcastically in her thought.

"Hey, look there! Is she the yesterday girl?" Mana pointed to a girl with an empty gaze and sighing.

The priests and the Ishtars looked at Mana's pointing. They were surprised to find Miki Yamamoto were sitting there. With a sigh and empty gaze.

"Yeah. It looks like her." Mahad muttered.

"Then, what are we waiting? Let's approach her." Marik energetically asked them.

"Wait. What if she ran away from us again?" Ishizu stopped her brother.

"Then we will handle it. Don't worry about it." Karim smiled pointing himself and Shada.

"Okay, lets go."Marik said and approached the girl.

Miki sighed again, 'I miss mother, father and big brother. I wondered if there are just fine.' She tapped her finger idly while resting her chin on her palm.

"Hey there." Miki jumped, turning her head to where the voice come she looked surprised to see the Ishtars and some priests came to her. 'Oh joyful. I just made a great mistake. Really great.' She sarcastically thought. She glared at them without saying a word.

Marik was nervous because of her glare, he never talk to a scary-looking girl. "Are you Anzu-san friend?" Ishizu asked.

Miki nodded with her cold eyes not even saying a word to them. "Then, could you tell us your name and what relation you have with Anzu-san?" Rishid tried to make his voice not too demand.

'Oh no. This is bad.' Miki didn't answer them.

"Answer us, woman!" Seto impatiently said.

Miki didn't scare instead she kept glaring and more fierce on Seto, its like she gave a go-away-and-shut-up glare. She sighed and shrugged. She stood up and was about to walk away when Karim and Shada blocked her way.

"You are not going anyway, Lady." Karim stared her.

"Now answer us." Shada demanded her.

Miki then sighed again, "Quit it, will you? I'm tired. Now let me through." She finally spoke much to surprise them, her deep voice signing them that she really have confused mind. 'I really have to go away from here. All of a sudden my head spinning and I could feel that my body was hot.'

"At least tell us your name!" Marik shouted.

Miki took a glance on Marik, "And what purpose you wanna know my name, dear Marik Ishtar?" Miki stared at him with a little panted and sweats.

They gasped, why this girl knew Marik's name? "Why did you know my name?" Marik asked with a surprised and eying the girl, 'She looked sick. Why her face looked red and sweating a lot?'

She shrugged, "It wasn't so difficult, though. Anzu had told me some stories of you all. Now let me through. I have to go." She demanded while glared at Karim and Shada. The two priests look at Marik who nodded.

Karim and Shada made a way to her as she walked casually and sighed again, "She sighed too many. Is that signing she really has a headache?" Mana asked with a worry tone, worried that the girl will soon faint.

"I guess so. She really isn't an open person." Rishid said.

Miki touched her head with her vision went blurry, "Oh no." she muttered. Her legs wobbled and ready to faint in any time. Marik observed the girl and gasped. He ran to the girl who fainted on his strong tanned arm.

"Marik! What's wrong?" Ishizu quickly darted to her brother. She looked at Miki whose face went pale. Rishid touched Miki's forehead and gasped.

"She has a fever…" was all he could say.

"Lets bring her to my room." Marik carried her with a bridal style and headed to his room, Rishid, Ishizu, Mana, Karim and Shada went with them while Mahad and Seto went to tell Yugi and his friends. The two priests will inform Atem and told him that Atem should find Anzu that her friend went sick.

Miki panted heavily, her face burned and her body was hot, "Im sorry… Im sorry.." she muttered under her unconsciousness.

Marik took a glance on the raven hair girl, "Don't say that, girl. You will better in the time being." he mumbled softly.

'Ah damn it, I said sorry again huh? I don't believe this Egyptian carry me all the way! Where is your reputation?' she tensed her jaw in irritation.

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