They had the perfect idea of how to get the in denial couple together. Yes, it was a clichéd, overused plot, but it worked all those times in the movies, so why wouldn't it work now?
The plan was simple.
Lock Sonny in a closet.
Write a diary in the name of Sonny, professing her love for Chad.
Make Chad retrieve the keys from Sonny's dressing room, which will conveniently be on top of this diary.
Chad will get distracted, reading Sonny's 'Top Secrets'.
He will find out that Sonny loves him back.
They get together.
The plan was flawless.

"Sonny…" Tawni dragged out.
"Would you be able to get me a hat out of this closet?" Asked Tawni.
"Why can't you go?"
"I'm too lazy." She replied.
"Fine." Sonny walked into the closet. "Which one?" She asked.

But by the time she had turned around, Sonny had already been locked in. Tawni then left, leaving Sonny protesting at the top of her voice.

"How are you guys doing?" Asked Tawni as she walked into the prop house. She was just returning from locking Sonny up.
"We're almost done!" Selena said excitedly. She and Zora were doing the diary. Zora was forging Sonny's writing, whereas Selena was giving her the ideas of what to write. Selena has had practice in this sort of stuff – Romance. She was the 'relationship wizard' after all.
"Now we're done." Zora said happily.
"Chad is gonna freak." Selena smiled.
"I can't wait for them to be together!" Tawni said; a grin on her face. "Maybe it will finally stop the fighting.
"I'm going to go get Chad." Selena smiled. She walked out of the room, and found her way to the Mackenzie Falls studio. She walked confidently in, as she wasn't on the banned list. Chad can't hate her that much! She found Chad in his dressing room, unsurprisingly staring at himself in the mirror. She walked straight in.
Time for the acting skills.
"Chad!" She breathed, acting out of breath.
"Hello?" Chad said, startled.
"Sonny, she's locked in the closet." She said. "And we need you to come and help us find the keys."
"I'm on my way!" Chad said, before running out of the room. Selena kept up a steady pace behind him. "Sonny?" Chad shouted as he came into the room where Selena had showed him. Zora and tawni were hiding, as not to make it suspicious
"Chad?" Came a small voice form the closet.
"Are you okay?" He asked.
"Yeah." Sonny replied. "I just need help getting out!"
"Are there any keys?"
"Yeah, in my top draw!" Sonny replied.
"Why couldn't you have got them?" Chad asked Tawni. Tawni chuckled nervously.
"The draw is stuck." She lied. Chad went over to the draw, and opened it in one swift move.
"The draw was not stuck!" He said.
"Just save her!" Tawni sighed.
"Wait a minute… what is this?" Chad said to himself. He picked up the diary from under the keys.
"I don't know, maybe you should take a look inside!" Tawni said. Chad opened the first page.

'Private property of Sonny Monroe.

This contains all my secrets.


Chad turned to the next page. "Chad?" Asked Sonny, still waiting to be saved.
"One minute Monroe!"

'I have stopped denying my feelings and come to a conclusion. I am deeply in love with Chad Dylan Cooper. I love

his eyes and his smile, and he is just the best thing ever. I love you Chad Dylan Cooper.



Chad was in shock for a second, before getting the keys and rushing over to the door. He opened it at once, and just as Sonny was about to thank him, Chad pulled her into a kiss. It was short, sweet, and unexpected for Sonny. "What did you do that for?" She asked, though a great big smile played on her face.
"I love you too!" Chad said.
"I never said I loved you… I mean I do… but I never said that…"
"In your diary, silly!"
"I don't have a diary." Sonny said, looking as confused as ever.
Chad and Sonny both turned to Tawni, who was innocently sat on the couch. "TAWNI!"
"It was for your own good!" Tawni said in defence.
"I guess…"
"Do you realise how cliché that scene just was?" Asked Sonny, grinning.
"I know. Oh, well, I love you Sonshine!" Chad pulled Sonny into another kiss.
"WE DID IT!" Zora and Selena ran into the room.
"You were part of this too?" Asked Sonny incredulously.
"Yep!" Zora said proudly.
"I should have known Selena would have had something to do with it!" Chad sighed.
"Well, I am the relationship wizard!"

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