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Wincest but unrelated. DemonDean and AngelSam.

Chapter 1

Sam smiled as he watched the cherubs playing together with some human children. He had to admit he enjoyed living on earth. For the most part the war was done, leaving him with a lot of time with nothing to do. Sure there were still mop up operations to deal with but it had been a decade since the last massive battle. He smiled when he saw Castiel approaching, the younger angel was always so serious but since Gabriel had taken an interest him the young Seraph had relaxed quite a bit. Sam probably hadn't been the best choice for parental stand in for Castiel but it had allowed him to help push those two closer when he noticed Gabe was interested.

"Samuel." He greeted, turning to watch the children play as well.

"Hello Castiel, what brings you here?"

"A demon has been captured but there is something…..different. He's like a wild animal and his wings…." Castiel whispered and Sam frowned in confusion.

"What is it?"

"They are grey." That statement made Sam's blood run cold. Grey wings? He remembered seeing grey wings once when he was little more than a cherub himself. The demon wasn't strictly speaking a demon…but a hybrid. It wasn't uncommon for demons to force themselves on captured angels after all so hybrids did occasionally happen. "They're going to kill him." Castiel whispered and that made Sam move, reappearing in the cold stone chambers where captured demons were taken for interrogation and execution. He made his way to the only room with active wards and looked inside.

Sam's breath caught in his throat as he saw the hybrid held by spelled chains. A heavy collar adorned his neck, a chain running from it the wall and each limb was also chained so he was trapped in a kneeling position, only the chain to his neck being loose enough for him to move, his head currently lowered to his chin. Sam guessed he'd be about six foot standing, his body compact with muscle and well tanned, wild dirty blonde hair falling part way down his back. But what made his heart ache were the noises he could hear and the way the demon was rocking himself, quiet whimpers and moans came from him as he shook and shivered.

"He's quite the looker." Zachariah commented as he joined Sam and then demon whimpered as if it could hear him even through the sound proof walls. "Hasn't said a word the whole time. Just snarls and snaps whenever someone goes inside."

"His wings Zach…..he's a hybrid." Samuel whispered and Zachariah shrugged.

"So? He was caught in their territory, he's one of theirs." Was the answer but Sam wasn't so sure. With a flicker of his Grace the door unlocked. "What are you doing?"

"Seeing if I can do anything, look at him Zach. He's petrified!"

"You are far too soft brother." Zachariah stated but didn't try to stop him.

As soon as Sam slipped inside the hybrids head snapped up revealing intense green eyes before they changed to black and he snarled at Sam, fighting against the chains. Sam ignored the aggressive behaviour to kneel just in front of him. Sam stayed still and quiet while the demon struggled until he wore himself out. Sam slowly raised a hand and the hybrid snarled and mewled weakly. Sam began making the soft noise generally used to calm cherubs down, similar to a purr but deeper, and wild eyes calmed a little. He carefully placed his hand on the top of the hybrids head and then gently wrapped his Grace around him, making the other male snarl but Sam didn't move, keeping the touch gentle and his Grace soothing. Ever so slowly the hybrid relaxed, slumping against Sam as the chains took all of his weight. Sam fought down a chuckle when he heard the soft purr start, glazed green eyes staring through him.

"It's okay little one." Sam whispered, moving his hand to rub the hybrids back, smiling when he leant into the motion, purring for a while before trailing off, his wings drooping as his eyes slid shut in an exhausted sleep. Sam used his Grace to make sure the poor boy would remain asleep for quite a while before standing up. He was a boy, barely past the cherub stage if Sam had to guess, despite looking like a fully grown human. He took one last look before leaving the cell, looking for Gabriel. The jovial Archangel would help him, he hated anything dying, even demons.

He found Gabriel arguing with the 'council', they were the ones in charge of getting information from captives and then handling them after. Gabriel was already standing up for the young hybrid's right to live.

"Let him live? He's a beast! We can't even get the demon to talk!" One of the angels snapped, Sam couldn't see who it was form his vantage point.

"He's a hybrid and barely older than a Cherub!" Sam yelled out and the room went silent, Gabriel shooting him a thankful look. The others stared at him silently, unsure. They were always unsure. Sam wasn't like them, next to the Archangels he was the oldest angel that lived but he wasn't an Archangel or a Seraphim or any other rank, he was unique. That made a lot of his siblings nervous plus the fact he was the only one able to hold his own against Michael in a fight of any length.

"Age doesn't matter, he was found in demonic territory therefore he is counted as one of them." Uriel called out and Sam shot him a glare.

"I've seen him, have you? He's running on pure animal instinct, in that state territory wouldn't mean a thing to him." Samuel argued.

"Enough! He will be dealt with as all his kind are."

"What happened to forgiveness, all of that? He's so young, give him a chance." Gabriel spat at Raphael.

"He doesn't deserve one!" Someone shouted and Sam felt his wings flare out in agitation.

"I will take him!" Sam yelled. "I will make sure he doesn't harm anyone, I will teach him." Sam's offer made even Gabriel stare in shock, sure Sam would welcome his and Castiel's company but other than that he was pretty much a loner. Did he know what he was offering? Samuel met his eyes and Gabriel realised he was terrified of what he was saying but wasn't going to back down.

"Are you sure about this Samuel? You will be held responsible for his every action." Raphael warned, secretly pleased something was finally pulling Sam out of his shell.

"I understand." Sam answered, staring at him steadily.

"Then it is agreed." Raphael stated and Sam gave him a small smile.

Sam's wings were still very visible as the chains were slowly removed from the still sleeping hybrid, making the younger angels nervous. Of course it got worse when one of them jostled the hybrid too much and panicked green eyes snapped open. The blonde went crazy, snapping and snarling as he fought but then Sam grabbed his arms, holding him still, staring calmly into wild black eyes that slowly reverted to green as the hybrid stared up at him.

"Finish freeing him." Sam whispered and they hurried to comply. When the chains were gone Sam drew the young man to his feet slowly, knowing that after being held on his knees for so long he would be stiff. He gently pulled the hybrid closer so that his head rested on Sam's shoulder as he started up the almost purr again, keeping him calm and he smiled when the young one nuzzled into him nervously. He moved a hand to the blonde locks, gently massaging them and received an answering purr. As soon as he was relaxed Sam wrapped his wings around them, reappearing in his house on earth. He felt the young man stiffen in shock at the movement but kept up the soothing touch until he calmed again.

Sam led him carefully into the large bathroom, the bath already filled with warm water. Green eyes stared at it fearfully but he followed Sam into the water fairly easily and Sam began gently washing the blood from his skin, talking softly the whole time, trying to get him used to the sound and hoping maybe he would understand. Soon the younger male was slumped totally against him as Sam gently preened the grey wings, gently removing any feathers that were too damage and only receiving quiet whimpers when it hurt. Once he was done he helped the hybrid from the water and dried him off before leading him to the bedroom. On the floor was a nest of blankets and Sam gently settled him down in them, smiling when the grey wings moved, wrapping around the younger male, partially to protect him and partially for warmth. Sam sat beside him and hummed softly, waiting until he was asleep before going to bed himself.

Sam woke, blinking in the darkness, and then he heard it, pitiful whimpers and moans coming from nearby. He got up and then saw the poor hybrid curled up even tighter, eyes open, trying to see in the dark. With a thought the room was filled with a very low light as Sam knelt beside the blankets.

"Shh, it's okay little one, you're safe." He whispered and hesitant, fear filled green eyes met his. "Hello. I'm sorry, was it too dark? I won't let it get that dark again." Sam told him, mentally berating himself. If the boy had grown up alone or mistreated by demons then the dark would not be a pleasant thing for him. Sam reached out to gently run a hand through the blonde hair, smiling when the hybrid leant into his touch. He'd been badly scared by his life but obviously he hadn't fully lost the need to trust someone. Sam gently pulled him into his arms and rocked him, still petting his hair and he slowly drifted off to sleep, clinging to Sam.

When he woke up he found soft white around him and he poked at it curiously. A noise was made and he froze, waiting for pian but when none came he did it again. There was another noise and then the white moved, revealing the one that had taken him from the scary cold place. This one hadn't hurt him yet, he made him feel safe even but he didn't know how long it would last. He poked again and his finger was caught, making him freeze in fear but there was no pain.

Sam grabbed the finger before he could be poked again, seeing the flash of fear in the previously curious green eyes. He gently let go of the finger and smiled at the wide awake hybrid, helping him up off the floor. He led him to the kitchen and sat him down; able to feel wary but curious eyes on him the whole time he got some food together for the hybrid. Angels didn't need to eat but demons did so most hybrids did too. Sure enough the smell of rare meat had the younger male sitting up straighter, searching with his eyes for food. Sam just put it in a bowl and placed it in front of him, he was hoping that with a full stomach and after a good nights rest the hybrid might feel safe enough to speak. Unlike with humans the ability to speak was instinctive as was knowledge of their own name. He watched sadly as the hybrid tore into the meat with his hands and teeth, eating like an animal. When he was done Sam got him some more, letting him eat his fill. When he was done he just sat and watched as Sam cleaned up and then approached with a damp cloth, gently cleaning him up.

"There we go all clean now. Think you can talk to me, tell me your name?" Sam asked gently, seeing the sheer terror in green eyes so at least he could understand him. "It's alright; I'm not going to hurt you." Sam soothed, gently running his fingers through the blonde hair. The hybrid stayed tense for a few moments before slowly relaxing, leaning into his touch, his body slumping tiredly. He whined in distress and fear when he fell against Sam but the angel just wrapped an arm around him and he slowly relaxed again. "It's okay, you're safe here, I'm going to look after you." Sam promised softly, keeping up the soothing touch. "If you don't want to talk that's okay, I can guess what's happened to you before for talking. I just want you to understand that you're safe now, I won't hurt you. My name is Sam and we're at my house. No one can get in here without my permission except maybe Michael so you're safe here. I'd like to know your name, can't keep calling you hybrid or Cherub after all but it's alright if you aren't ready." Sam explained gently and cautious green eyes stared at him. A trembling hand moved to rest over Sam's heart and he stayed still, wanting to see what the hybrid would do.

"S….Sam." The terrified whisper had Sam smiling softly, relived that the cherub hadn't lost his voice or something.

"That's right, that was very good." Sam praised gently. A little of the terror faded from the green eyes when Sam didn't raise his voice or a hand to him. Sam just sat there and continued to pet him, his hand moving to gently rub the hybrids back, between his wings. The hybrid began purring softly and Sam chuckled but started doing the same, smiling as green eyes widened in shock. Obviously he wasn't used to others being able to make that noise.

"D….De….Dean." The quiet word was stuttered out and Sam smiled at him, kissing the top of his head.

"Pleased to meet you Dean."