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Chapter 5

Sam watched as Dean hesitated on the edge, it was up to him to take the plunge, Sam wouldn't make him jump. Dean's wings flapped nervously as he bit his lip and looked over the edge. He looked back at Sam who smiled softly. "It's your choice Dean." He murmured and Dean nodded. He looked back over the edge and took a deep breath before spreading his wings and moving closer to the edge. He glanced back at Sam again before leaping from the edge and Sam quickly followed, flying easily beside Dean who was flying very shakily. Sam grinned at him and Dean gave a small answering smile, following Sam around for a bit before stumbling as he landed, worn out. "You did great Dean! I'm so proud of you." He praised and Dean grinned, almost bouncing on the spot happily.

Sam stretched out on the couch; Dean curled into his side as they watched a movie. One hand lazily ran through Dean's short hair, lulling him as they relaxed. Dean nuzzled sleepily and Sam smiled at the action. Dean had been with him for nearly two years now and he was definitely getting closer to where he should be developmentally but there was still work to be done. Dean looked up at him sleepily and Sam smiled at him. "You like it?" he asked and Dean nodded, looking back at the movie. That was one good thing about Sam living on earth; he had all the human accessories in his house.

"Can we go flying tomorrow?" Dean asked and Sam smiled.

"Sure." He agreed happily. Dean had never suggested an outing before so Sam would have said yes no matter where he wanted to go.

Sam laughed and dove out of the way, Dean following him, trying to catch him. Sam could feel others watching them but they were keeping their distance so Dean was ignoring them to play. Sam looked over as they were joined and Dean hesitated but then smiled shyly back at the young angel who was smiling at him. Dean reached out and tagged Castiel before taking off, the angel hot on his heels. Samuel hovered beside Gabriel, watching the two younger angels play. "He's come a long way, you've done good work."

"He wants to learn." Sam denied the praise.

"Because you're teaching him." Gabriel argued and Sam shook his head. "I'm right little brother, he's only come so far because of you."

Dean barrelled into Sam who wrapped his arms around him and Dean nuzzled at him. Gabriel smiled at the sight as Castiel flew over, Gabriel wrapping an arm around his waist. They watched as Dean nuzzled and cuddled into Sam. "Am I seeing….." Castiel looked at his older lover.

Gabriel blinked and stared at them, eyes widening in surprise. "This could get interesting."

"What do we do?"

"Nothing for now Cas. Dean's too young to understand what he's doing instinctively and Sam hasn't noticed yet." It would be interesting when Sam did realise what was happening. It was very obvious Dean had no idea what he was doing, that he was just reacting to his need for Sam to be near. Thankfully Samuel had shown no interest in anyone as a potential mate.

Sam smiled as he watched Dean swim in the surf, he'd finally learnt how to un-manifest his wings and loved the extra movement it gave him. Dean glanced over at him and Sam waved before stretching out to soak up the sun, enjoying the feel of it on his skin. He was glad he couldn't burn like a human because that would be annoying. He laughed as he was suddenly hit by flying water and looked up to find Dean shaking himself off. "Thanks, I needed a shower." Sam grinned and then yanked Dean down to tickle him, rolling in the sand. Dean laughed and squirmed, managing to get free and then he pounced Sam in retaliation. They laughed and rolled, getting absolutely covered in sand as they played. Eventually Sam transported them home and straight into the shower to wash it all off. Once they were clean and dressed Dean jumped on the couch and got comfortable while Sam set up a movie. Sam sat on the couch and Dean curled into his side to watch it.