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Full summary: "you can't be both human and a ghost!" Harry said confused at the very aspect. "Well I use to think that wizards only exist in stories and video games….but here you stand," Danny countered. "Try to have a more open mind." Danny's powers put him and his family and friends in danger. Two groups wish to use him as a weapon, one group wishes to protect him. For Danny's own protection he is sent to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry during Harry's fifth year as a transfer student. Harry doesn't trust him…Danny doesn't trust Harry but they soon find that they must work together to save the world and ones they love. Along the way he discovers a few things about all three groups and the long kept secret about himself and Amity Park. He learns of four children born in the city. A young girl born on Halloween, stripped of her magic a day before 11th birthday by parents who wanted their child to be normal, A boy supposedly born a squib never knowing that his powers are really just locked away, and two twin brothers born as their parents visited relatives in the US. Only one is brought back home with them as a new danger rises. SM/DF, HP/GW, RW/HG, RL/NT, SS/OC, TF/CC, JF/DM.

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A phantom of all worlds

By. maximum ride

Chapter 1: strange connection

Two small children huddled together trying to escape a few bullies. One was a young girl with black clothing and natural violet colored eyes. The other one was an African-American boy with a red Brae, squeezing a game console tightly in his hands. A person who seemed to be the leader of the bullies came forward. He stared at the two and narrowed his eyes. They became very fearful as he came even closer to them. This boy was only five but he was bigger and meaner than every other kid in the class. There were reasons to fear him. Both looked away just hoping that the others would lose interest in them.

Then all sorts of things happened at once. A scrawny messy haired child with icy blue eyes jumped from the treetops and landed on the believed leader. Because of the size difference he did not injure the boy but he certainly frightened him for a moment. The small raven stepped off him and went to stand by the two other children. The bullies' so-called friends retreated and left him there and the moment he got up he did the same. They would later plan their revenge against the boy making his life miserable as much as possible within the next few years.

The girl with purple eyes step forward and folded her arms as she spoke, "I could beat him without your help if you would have given me the chance."

"Probably," The boy said sarcastically with just a bit of wonder in his voice, "I'm Danny by the way…you're Tucker and Sam right?"

"Yeah!" Sam answered quite surprised that he had used her nickname name, which he preferred, instead of Samantha which her parents called her.

Tucker walked over to Danny and looked him straight in the eyes, "Are you nuts, Dash is going to kill you, what were you thinking, man?"

"I just had to save you," the future hero Amity Park sighed as he turned around to face the other direction, "I always protect my friends."

They seem to age by 10 years in almost an instant. They were now teens. Only a few things have changed since then though. Sam's style had turned rather Gothic. She now wore purple lipstick that nearly matched eyes though the shade was a bit darker and she wore a black tank top with the logo on it that didn't cover her midriff. Tucker still wore his red hat but his game controller had quickly turned to a PDA over the years. He found this form of tech much more enjoyable. The one who had changed the most was the blue eyed boy called Danny. His dark hair had turned snow white and he had glowing green eyes. He was also in a black and white hazmat suit.

The trio was now in a darkroom. Laughter full of malice could be heard as an echo in the room because the sound seemed to bounce off the walls. Danny had taken one step forward, ready to fire at the creature at any moment. The snake man came out of the shadows; he had a cruel smile plastered on his face. There was some doubt that this lipless grin really could be considered a smile though. Danny Phantom tensed up as the creature came even closer. He feared this man, though we didn't know why. The snake man grinned again wider as a stick like object came into his hand. It was 13 ½ inches long.

"If you shall not join me," it hissed. "the girl will go as your punishment."

A green light shot from its tip. It was directed at Sam. Before Danny could even reach her the light hit. She fell to the ground with her eyes still open. Those beautiful violet eyes were empty. Both Danny and a boy nearly 3762 miles away awoke startled by the awful dream.

Harry bolted straight up from his bed in Number 12, Grimmauld Place. Because of this action, Ron jumped out of his own in surprise. He had been a light sleeper lately, ever since he was told that Voldemort had returned. He stared at his best friend for moment with bloodshot eyes. Bloodshot eyes that he had gotten through a few nights of restless sleep.

"Oi, mate, it's late….um…no wait…it's early," Ron yawned as he looked at the clock on the wall. "It's past six… bit early still."

"Sorry," Harry whispered trying to remember the dream that had already faded from his mind. All that was left of the vision was that of Voldemort casting the killing curse on the poor girl as the white haired boy watched with horror stricken eyes. "It was just a vivid nightmare."

"That's probably just because of all the stress you've built up last week," Ron sighed as he fell back onto his bed. "You did just have the hearing with Umbridge yesterday, this was the release."

"You…. You're right," Harry shuddered slightly. "That must be it."

"Well don't worry about it mate," Ron said closing his eyes. "Just get to sleep."

"Okay," and with that said Harry closed his own eyes.

"Besides at what you told me her expression was priceless," Ron laughed. "I'd pay top Galleon to see it."

Now all remnants of the of the dream were gone and with it the importance of it was to. The nightmare was ignored or rather; the prophecy which had yet to be fulfilled was ignored. Harry just fell asleep.

Little did the two know that expression that they wanted to see from the middle-aged woman was still on her face. Miss Umbridge's lips were set in a sneer and her eyes seemed to be little slits. She thought she had planned this out perfectly and now it was ruined. Get the two Dementors and send them to Little Whinging… that's all it was supposed to take. The Potter boy was to be expelled but because of his headmaster coming to defend him, he wasn't.

It was all Dumbledore's fault. If he hadn't shown up than Harry Potter would have been punished to the full extent of the law. The boy would've been expelled; his wand would've been snapped. All this nonsense about Voldemort's return would have stopped or at least slow down. The ministry of magic would've gotten the better control over the situation but no, Dumbledore just had to come in and save the boy.

'Why'd he have to show up,' she thought to herself bitterly.

Miss Umbridge was one of the only people left in the ministry building. At the time just a few Aurors and ghosts walked the halls. Well actually the ghosts were technically floating but you get the picture. She'd grown bored of her work and now listen the conversations just outside her door. The toad like woman took no real interest in any of it though until three ghosts came down the hall whispering amongst themselves.

Two were young mousy females and the other was a round jolly faced man. Though their hair and complexion held no color you could tell that they once been related. You could see it in their eyes and their nose. You could even see it in the way they help themselves as they floated by. Perhaps these spirits had once been a family. A father and his daughters.

"Oi! Daddy…did you hear about the Halfa?" both of the girls had turned from there own conversation to speak to their father. Their high-pitched voices hurt the pink woman's ears. "Well have you Daddy?"

"No I haven't dears, enlighten me on the subject," he smiled in a fatherly way. "I've heard very little about this though the name sounds vaguely familiar."

"Oh daddy he is an awfully powerful bloke," one of the girls swoon. "He seems to be the most unusual ghost in this world or any other, the one who defeated the evil ghost king."

The man's eyes grew wide, "he defeated the ghost King… Amazing."

The two girls nodded in agreement. The halfa truly was amazing, "oh daddy could we go see him?" The other girl piped up as she flew slightly ahead of her sister and father. "I do wish to meet him, I would love it."

"I'm sorry pumpkin but we know nothing really of this phantom," the man frowned. "We don't even know where this fellow is."

"Oh, but daddy we do," both girls squealed loudly. "He's in Amity Park Michigan, oh please daddy we wish to go."

The man mumbled something under his breath before answering, "I suppose we could ask your mother. Wives always want to go out when they're alive…Why is it that when they're dead all they want to do is stay home and haunt their little house."

The two girls flew off giggling with joy. The father followed behind though not as fast. Once they left Miss Umbridge grinned deviously. 'A new project,' she thought to herself. 'I just might've found something to take my mind off of the Potter brat.' She was likely going to send Aurors after the poor specter.

Unknown to the woman there were a few others who listened in on the ghosts. A little wolf and in a thirty something year old blonde man were hiding in two different rooms waiting for a chance to find out something new about the ministry. Two sides, one bad one good, one dark one light had heard the conversation. Both were likely to tell their Leaders of the strange information. Lupin would talk to Dumbledore, Malfoy would talk to Voldemort, and Miss Umbridge would call a meeting of the top six Aurors.

Danny looked around his room at midnight with the dream still fresh in his mind. It seems so real that the very thing scared him a great extent. Was Sam really okay? He just had to check. Danny transformed and quickly flew to Sam's house. He was glad to see that she was there. He was even more glad to find that she was sleeping peacefully but there was something that disturbed him. It was because of the specific new power that he had acquired not too long ago.

Over the last three months or so He had acquired two new powers. One of them he called Memory Search which gave him the ability to see all the memories of someone if he were to touch their hand in ghost form or if he would concentrate hard enough he could see one certain memory. It also worked in reverse. While he saw someone else's memories someone else could see his. In all truths he thought it was rather fair trade. The other power he found more of a burden than a gift. It was called Death-rank. This gave Danny the strange ability to see when and how others would die.

The reason that he became even remotely worried was because over Sam's head was 'unknown.' At least it wasn't gone altogether. Only two that he knew of had that. He himself and his worst enemy, Vlad Masters. It simply meant that with their half ghost status they really didn't have a set death date. The listing of unknown was still new to him though. What did it mean? He tried to pay no mind to this oddity, even with the dream tugging at the back of his mind but it took root in the subconscious. His conscious mind thought otherwise though. Perhaps an unknown death date was a good thing and the dream was just the result of the pizza he had eaten just before falling asleep.

After becoming completely sure that Sam was safe Danny flew home and got back into bed. What was there to worry about? Only ghost came after him and this guy seemed much worse. This man was no ghost…. Therefore it was more likely that this had merely been a dream and nothing more.

"I have gathered all six of you here that combats a new evil that has been discovered, a new creature called a halfa… It could be a threat to us all," Ms. Umbridge explained. "Do you understand your mission Mandel, Tonks, Wrinkle, Magichart, Malik, and Shacklebolt?"

"Yes," all of them answered.

She smiled at them sickly sweet, "good! Then you will be leaving for Amity Park Michigan by tomorrow… It will give you some time to prepare. Who knows what this creature is capable of?"

Ms. Umbridge walked into her office and sat at her desk. She's going to catch it…that she vowed…and it would work for her. Maybe if it was truly powerful she would use it as a personal bodyguard or a weapon of some kind. Yes…no country would ever mess with their military if it truly was as powerful as they made it seem. Ms. Umbridge would make the young creature an offer it couldn't refuse.

Meanwhile in Grimmauld place Lupin spoke calmly to Albus Dumbledore about the strange ghost. He too had heard of the halfa though only by rumors. He ordered Remus to go to the city where the young ghosts had first appeared. Lupin had agreed. He bought a house only spending a few Galleons and told Albus that he would report back if he got a good lead.

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