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Full summary: "you can't be both human and a ghost!" Harry said confused at the very aspect. "Well I use to think that wizards only exist in stories and video games….but here you stand," Danny countered. "Try to have a more open minded." Danny's powers put him and his family and friends in danger. Two groups wish to use him as a weapon, one group wishes to protect him. For Danny's own protection he sent to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry during Harry's fifth year as transfer students. Harry doesn't trust him…Danny doesn't trust Harry but they soon find that they must work together to save the world and ones they love. Along way he discovers a few things about all three groups and the long kept secret about himself and Amity Park. He learns of four children born in the city. A young girl born on Halloween, stripped of her magic a day before 11th birthday by parents who wanted their child to be normal, A boy supposedly born a squib never knowing that his powers are really just locked away, and two twin brothers born as their parents visited relatives in the US. Only one is brought back with them as a new danger rises.

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A phantom of all worlds

By. maximum ride

Chapter 7: Dark Clouds With A Silver Lining

Danny felt numb as he was led along towards Lupin's house. Dead...his family was dead. His mind couldn't process it. How could they be gone? Danny had seen them only this morning. His mother had made him breakfast and kissed him on the cheek. He had blushed in embarrassment and had wiped his cheek clean. His father had shown him one of his new inventions. The Fenton Specter-um...a small object that would give off a multicolored light when ever a ghost was nearby...specifically the Inviso-Bill...God...Danny hated that stupid name. He really needed to get people to pay attention when he said his name was 'Danny Phantom'. Maybe he needed to started shouting it like the box ghost. Anyways...with one click of one of the Specter-um many buttons it was suppose to destroy them instantly. All that would be left was a small sample big enough to run tests on.

Of course it had lit up like a Christmas tree the moment his father turned it on but the older man just shrugged it off thinking it was a glitch. Jazz had been in the room and dragged Danny out the first chance she got. She told him he should let his parents on the secret before he got himself killed. Danny couldn't do it. He was scared. What if they hated him? What if even after knowing the truth they still wanted to rip him apart 'molecule by molecule'? He didn't want that. They started to argue and that arguing soon turned into a full blown shouting match.


Danny hadn't meant to say those words...he really hadn't...he had meant that he only hated her meddling in what he considered his business and his business alone...but he had still said those horrible words. Tears formed in Jazz's eyes and she took a step back from him. He could see the hurt in her eyes. It was painful to look at. She whispered the words, "I was only trying to help." She let out a loud sob and rushed from the room. His parents peaked in, curious about what had just happened. Danny couldn't take it. He couldn't take the staring. He ran passed them out the door.

He wrapped his arms around himself and Sam looked at him with sad eyes. Tucker couldn't even lay his on him but Danny could see pity in them just out of the corner of his own. He was led through a door and sat down in a large arm chair. He stared out at nothing and didn't move from his seat as Lupin messed with the fireplace only feet away. Danny wouldn't speak, hell...he was barely able to listen as his friends tried to talk to him. The comfort was lost on him. Danny barely felt someone grab his arms and slowly lead him towards the fire place. He saw the greenish blaze. Was it going to kill him? He honestly didn't care at this point. As he walked through it he felt a chill. He heard Lupin say something but he didn't bother to pay attention to exactly what it was.

The rest of the night was even more of a blur. He remembered people staring at him and Lupin's voice speaking softly. About what really was a mystery to him. He did hear the word ghost several times. Sometime it was used to describe him. Danny just stared forward not even caring that Lupin wasn't telling them what made him a halfa. They didn't need to know that he was human. When all was said and done he floated up to one of the rooms and laid down on a bed. Minutes later someone opened the door. Sam didn't say a word. She approached and arms slowly wrapped around him.

"Everything's going to be alright Danny...I swear..." He fell asleep with that in mind. For the moment it put his mind at ease. He fell asleep thinking that maybe she was right and everything would be fine.

(the following days)

Danny didn't leave the room often in the days to come. Sam brought him food but he would only eat it after she had left. He didn't speak to anyone. His own self pity was all that he thought of as stayed in his room. All he did was eat, sleep, and in the night he would fly. Danny sighed as he his put his hands behind his head and stared at the ceiling. It was lunch time and Sam was probably on her way up with a bowl of soup or maybe a sandwich. It didn't matter to him really. He closed his eyes as the door a few feet away opened. He expected Sam to speak to him or at the very least touch his arm as she had been doing each time she entered the room. It was a way for her to remind him that he was not alone. Though he didn't react to it at the time the fact that she did it at always made him feel warm.

He heard the door close and the sound of porcelain hitting wood but nothing more. The person who had entered just stood there watching him. Danny considered opening his eyes but he decided against it. He wanted to see what happened. A hand reached out and touched his face but it wasn't Sam's. The hand was to big to be hers and it was also much rougher...like whomever this hand belong to had been working hard most of her life. He slowly opened his eyes and the hand pulled away quickly.

A middle aged red headed woman stood there looking startled. She reminded him so much of his mother that he was a bit startled. She did not look like her aside from the red hair...but the way she held herself was so much like a real mother that Danny sat up and for the first time in days he spoke, "Erm hello..."

"Hello dear..." the startled look she had once possessed was gone but she still looked quite surprised. Her eyes softened some degree and she smiled at him. His heart dropped at that look. The smile was so much like his mother's to. He took a deep breath and sat up and pulled the bowl at the bed side table closer to him. It looked like a thick beef stew. He slowly started to eat and the woman stayed and watched. She had the most curious look on her face.

"They told me you were different from most ghost...but...this surprises me," She voice spoke with a certain tone that she had personally reserved for the children in her life. "Were you sleeping when I walked in? How peculiar...I never knew ghost could do that...or eat for that matter...I was rather skeptical about bringing you this food when that Sam girl asked me to. "

He signed and set the bowl aside. "Yeah...most ghost don't...I'm a bit strange I guess" his eyes closed slightly and he looked up at her with an almost sad smile. "...freaky huh?"

She set a hand on his shoulder and smiled, "No...not freaky at all...more special actually."

Danny and the woman talked for quite some time after that. They talked about small things and big. She talked about her family who she loved dearly and he spoke of his own hesitantly as he ate. By the time supper was set on the stove he was laughing like old times though in the back of his mind he still felt the void of having lost three of the most important people in his life. People were startled when he followed her downstairs and they continued to talk. Neither Lupin nor Dumbledore were present...Tucker and Sam were no where to be seen but most of the Weasley clan was still around. A small red headed teen was looking at him...Ginny was it? She smiled at him and he blushed a deep red not even knowing why he was. It wasn't really a red I suppose...so much as a deep and strange green. Danny wondered where everyone was but paid little mind to it. As he spoke with Mrs. Weasley the conversation took an uncomfortable turn.

"I suppose this is none of my business but...I was just curious...how exactly...did this happen?" Danny knew what she meant right away. How had he died. Danny didn't really know what to say to that. No one had cared enough to ask so he had never thought about what he would actually say. The look on his face made her hesitate, "I was just curious...I have children so close to your age...I was just...I was wondering what a child could have done to have something so horrible happen to them."

Danny bit his lower lip not knowing what he should say. He could tell her that he wasn't really dead. That would probably be the easiest thing to do...maybe even the smartest but Danny wasn't thinking rationally at this time. She might be fine with him being a strange ghost but what if she hated him for being a strange human.

"I don't really remember I guess...it was quite a while ago...all I remember is a green light." That wasn't entirely a lie...when he had activated the portal he hadn't stayed awake long enough to see anything other then that green light. Danny turned his back quickly hoping to avoid anymore questions. He didn't see the horrified looks of most of Molly's children nor did he see the sad look that had now over taken her features.

He ran a nervous hand through his hair and quickly floated out of the room, "I think someones at the door...I'll go check on it!"

Of course he was lying. He hadn't heard a thing but he wanted to get out of there before someone asked to much. Danny wasn't looking where he was going as he exited the room and because of this...he didn't see anyone entering. Danny crashed into a black haired teen and both fell to the ground. Danny groaned and sat up. The boy before him looked sorta familiar but he couldn't quite place where he had seen him. Danny spotted something not two feet away from him. A pair of glasses. Danny sighed. He must have knocked them off the young man when he bumped into him. He slowly stood up and grabbed them off the floor.

"Sorry about that...i wasn't exactly watching where I was going," He handed the glasses back to the boy and both managed a weak smile.

"No problem...i wasn't exactly doing that either," The black haired young man joked.

Danny put his hand in front of the boy offering to help him up. Harry took it and everything went down hill from there. They both froze as memories were exchanged between them. Some were random. Harry saw Danny fighting the ghosts of his town and Danny saw Harry's time during the Tri-wizard tournament. What really disturbed them was one person whom showed up once in their shared memories. One took place in a graveyard. The other took place in a dark room. But they could both feel a presences that made their skin craw and their hearts race. A single face entered both their minds and they let go of each others hands involuntarily.

They both flew back hitting against opposite walls. Ginny and a few others rushed in and started fussing over them. As both Danny and Harry were helped up, their eyes locked and they stared at each other. The stare slowly turned into a glare for both of them. A seed of mistrust was planted. Whether it would thrive and grow or whither and die was up to them...and up to time.

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