Greetings fans of our beloved rogue, this is for those who hinted rather strongly that they wanted more George fic. Enjoy.

I don't make any money from this, it is but for the love of Wickham that I write it, no infringement to Pride and Prejudice or Lost in Austin is intended (or Sharpe, for that matter).

Kidnapped- A Lost in Austen Fanfic

1. Lost

Darcy staggered through the gathering gloom, his mind on one thing only. His step faltered, pain shooting through his shoulder, regained his footing and stumbled on a few steps before his foot caught on an exposed root and he measured his length on the stony ground. He tried to climb back to his feet, but the darkness which had been intruding on the edge of his vision overwhelmed him. He collapsed back to the ground, his consciousness fleeing from the pain, the fear and the guilt.