Fire v Ice

Part One

Reluctantly I was forced to look up at him and become transfixed by the dangerously calm stare he cast upon me. His piercing blue eyes, as icy and guarded as his heart; were colder by far than the glaciers I once saw in the far north sea, in shades of blue and white that resonated with a kind of beauty and terror that was hard to look at. I remembered laughing at my superstitious father as he went on his research trips and shivered in the towering presence of the mighty icebergs. I never got why he didn't feel the magic, and now I was starting to realise why. The depths of hell people think are hot but there not, looking into those eyes I know now that it's cold, cold, cold.

I tried myself to reflect back my own icy stare, as I summoned up all the hate and disgust I felt I could muster that had been stored up for some time, but found myself failing. I was never the cold, calculating ice type of person. I was ruled by heat and passion like a phoenix ready to spring into life born from fire. I was staring at him trying desperately to appear more cold and aloof that he did, although I could already feel the heat burn in my cheeks and my eyes sting from angry unshead tears, as hate and anger heated up my glacial look.

Ice clashed with fire in an epic battle of dominance, as icy blue met fiery brown, that appeared amber, each staring the other down, seeing who would retreat first and look away. Eventually his icy cold blast of his stare melted away my fiery, heated glare as I tore my gaze away and stared at the plain, miserable wood floor that we were standing on while having this pleasant little exchange.

I could feel his eyes on my face still staring at me intently while I kicked my booted feet at the floor in embarrassment. Slowly I looked up again and to my annoyance I noticed him looking me up and down, quickly and discreetly as if I wouldn't notice. Our gaze locked again but this time not for so long. My brows fused in anger and my lips pursed at his arrogance, as his stunningly blue eyes narrowed as if deep in thought, and the corner of his mouth slowly rose into a smirk that I longed to knock off his face.

Then suddenly as if the wind had changed his face relaxed, although still he looked incredibly serious.

"Why are you with Wheeler?", he asked , his voice catching me off guard, smooth like velvet but deep with masculinity.

I could physically feel my facial expression change from annoyance and anger to surprise and shock as my eyebrows raised and arched, and I was suddenly aware that my mouth was slightly open. Quickly I schooled my face to look as if shocked by his insolence of his question, but realised that within those few seconds he had found what he wanted to know, what ever that may be.

"Excuse me?", I said, my voice sounding like it was coming too loud from my mouth for the conversation. Which was at the level that a couple courting might be at, not two people that barely know each other, save for a few classes in school and a few chance meeting with my group of friends. This encounter was new and unexpected for me at least.

The air was thick with atmosphere as the tension rose with my anger and incredibility that the first time he would speak to me it would be about my relationship with Joey!

"I don't think that is any of your business" I said trying to keep my voice as level and as calm as his but failing once again as my voice sounded unnaturally high and the words came in a rush words flowing out of my mouth before I had time to stop them.

" No really. Why?", he asked, his voice silky smooth and pleasing to hear if he wasn't so arrogant and rude. "He's loud, stupid and ignorant, especially to you".

Once again I felt my eyebrows raise and my mouth gape as he insulted the nicest boyfriend I've ever had.

"Look at the way he is with you, treating you like one of his friends rather than his girlfriend"

That smirk played upon his lips once again due to my reaction and this time lingered there, tormenting me, making my anger rise, like the phoenix rising from the ashes once again to create havoc in its wake.

"How dare you!" I said quietly and as deadly as possible.

"Things would be different if I were in his shoes", he stated, desire hinting in his voice but also a hint of regret in his eyes glistening brightly as he stared at me, his smirk becoming more a grin. In my anger and rage everything was registered but blocked out. All I could think was, 'how dare he say this to me'

"Joey may be loud, but he's certainly not stupid nor ignorant. He treats his friends with respect and honour and he would never do anything to hurt them or me. He's kind and sweet and most of all fun. He's ten time the man you'll ever be.", I finished, panting and realised just how loud I had become that I had been shouting at him, my voice steadily becoming louder throughout. I was suddenly glad we were in a deserted corridor only used as a short-cut that some staff and students take whenever they were late for class.

I stood there glaring at him once again, slowly taking control of the roaring beast inside. Letting my chest raise and fall in a rhythmic movement, once calmed to an extent I glanced up at him, straightened my posture and held my chin up high, my whole aura screaming defiance.

Steadily he raised one eyebrow questioningly and I saw his eyes study my face as if trying to solve a great mystery. Finally he sighed, a great long breath out, his whole face looked defeated as if he had never experienced someone that could be so stubborn and resistant to him. Slowly the confident grin came back to his lips and his blue eyes twinkled with light as he thought over what I had said. I could visibly see his intellectual mind forming a plan in which he would see though to the end no matter what.

I lost my train of thought as the bell rang for the next lesson and disturbed the silence that ran along the corridor.

'sh*te' I thought as the bell ended 'I've been stood there for half an hour and I've missed half a lesson a was only meant to be delivering something to the library' I looked wildly around as I heard students coming out of the classrooms on their way to the canteen.

"Just think about what I said" I heard the soft, desirable voice from behind me as he brushed past me and on to his next lesson, down the corridor and out of sight.