Part 7

The next lessons me and Seto worked closely, me coming up with most of the ideas and him interjecting his opinion when needed. We seemed to have found some common ground and for that I was greatful. Joey was still grumbling about our new found friendship each lesson he would stand outside the door and wait for me to come out normally talking with Seto which drove him crazy with jealousy or worse if I stayed behind with him to finish some work which he sometimes insisted on supervising as if I need a baby sitter. Each time I sat down at lunch, now the only time I saw Joey, he would pester me about the music assignment and why it was so important to me, each time I would turn round and say,

"I need an A this time Joey or I'll fail this years music, you wouldn't be acting this way if I was partnered with Tea." he would normally ignore me after that so I would go to the library where Seto was usually sat their with his laptop for the free wi-fi.

This would happen nearly every single lunch time until I snapped.

"Isn't it obvious" Joey shouted in my face, as that bitch Tea brought up that me and Seto had gotten "Awfully close", were her poisonous words that just happened to 'slip out'.

"What's obvious Joey?" I hissed back my voice dangerous and deadly.

Joey looked slightly taken aback at my tone but carried on none the less with his argument.

"He's just using you" he said "to get at me"

"oh that's rich coming from you" said feeling my chest getting tight and the urge to be sick rose as the built up tension and problems came up from deep down in my stomach to rise up till it overflowed and it all came tumbling out. Everything that had been bothering me about the relationship, him with his mates, his lack of romance, his jealousy and his over sensitivity with everything but me, came out as I hurled out the truth that he couldn't handle. Joey just stood there in the middle of the canteen looking down-funded like he couldn't even comprehend what I was saying was actual words, he looked at me like I was some sort of alien from out of space with lots of tentacles. He protested of course like the big headed idiot he was, saying he didn't know why I was saying this that it was all Seto's fault for breaking us apart and couldn't understand what he himself had done wrong.

I could feel myself getting more and more angry as he stood their playing dumb, the wild phoenix tearing and clawing at my insides as he protested everything that I said making me out to be crazy to even go near Seto, when I knew about how he hated him so much, that he's his enemy and always will be and that as his girlfriend, I should know better.

That was the last straw.

"Fine" I screamed at him. "go fuck Mai Valentine, I know she wants to. I not catering to you any more" with that last remark I walked out and never looked back. Out of the canteen down the endless maze of corridors to the library and out of Joey's life.

Crashing through the doors into the deathly quiet library. Pounding the floor while the normally kind librarian hissed a shush at me. I reached my usual corner and flung myself down heavily into the comfort of a leather hardback chair placed my sweating head on the cooling smooth surface of the polished wood table. Closing my eyes I breathed heavily trying to calm down while feeling a single tear spill out of the corner of my eye and roll uncontrollably down my cheek. That prickly feeling of being watched came creeping up my neck also feeling foolish that I had let him get to me. I sat up my eyes still closed against the harsh light of the library, feeling foolish for crying over something that was inevitably was going to happen. I felt the chair next to me silently me on the carpet and someone sit down gaining quick composure I opened my eyes to look at my company just as a rouge tear slid out my eye to cascade down my face. A pale hand caught the falling tear as gentle as a the softest feather as it plucked the tear from my cheek. I followed the pale, immaculate finger with the tear balanced perfectly in its pare drop shape glinting sorrowfully in the florescent light, as it travelled the short distance through the air to the perfectly sculptured mouth to be held there before broken on his beautiful lips by his tender kiss. The moment happened in a couple of second although it seemed to have lasted a lifetime.

"Seto, What are you doing?" my whisper barely audible compared to my heart beat pounding in my chest.

He smiled gently as he spoke "I was there in the canteen" he spoke softly to me as his hand reached for mine under the table only to linger and play with my fingertips.

I could feel the phoenix lifting its head coming out of its pit of sorrow and fluttering its wings as the anticipation grew in me. I looked up from where our hands lay in my lap being playfully caressed and stroked to look up at his face. He learned in carefully his forehead touching mine like he was waiting for a response.

"what's this" I said seductively "Seto Kaiba going soft".

He grinned.

"shut up" he murmured playfully.

I moved toward him and closed my eyes, my heart beat extremely loudly inside my chest and I prayed he wouldn't hear it as he kissed me softly, brushing my long hair out my face with his other hand. His kiss was soft with a slight urgency about it that made it passionate. I wrapped my other hand round his neck as he began deepening the kiss, putting more pressure and soon I felt his tongue sliding across my lower lip begging for entrance. I could feel my lips parting granting permission immediately, wanting nothing more than to be sharing this moment with Seto Kaiba. My hands moved across his chest to his now messy hair and back again as if they had a mind of their own. I sucked playfully on the tip of his tongue, before we paused to take breath he gazed at my face both of us panting heavily from the effort he bent down to kiss my neck as I tilted my head back in passion moaning his name softly as he started to suck tenderly at my collarbone before coming back for my lips. He kissed them hungrily with raw passion then calming down with soft, gentle kisses that lingered on my lips after he withdrew his face from mine looking at me with concerned eyes that he had pushed me too far to fast. I looked back at him with the same expression on my face until he smiled that small smile that always made me laugh. We sat there for I don't know how long laughing, kissing our hands entwined.

1 Year Later

Me and Seto are still together and have never been happier. Joey did get with Mai Valentine I think they deserve each other. I still talk to Yugi, Tea and the gang but more in fleeting moments than actual conversation but it doesn't bother me anyhow. Me and Seto got the A I needed to graduate and life is good.