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Videl saw silently, a scowl printed across her face as she watched the two men fight in the centre of the ring. She brushed a few of her loose hairs behind her ear, her eyes focused on the fight in the centre of the ring. It was the grading of the students at the Satan Dojo, and there was no way that her father wouldn't force her to come along, just like he had done so for every grading over the past four years. When Videl had shown a strong interest in martial arts when she had heard that her father had defeated Cell, she was intent on learning how to fight. At the same time, Hercule was proud that his daughter wanted to fight. The only problem was that Videl didn't like the Satan style of fighting, and this made her father upset.

After defeating Cell, Hercule's dojo, which had already been operating for a few years, grew rapidly in popularity, so much so that it forced the closure of many rival dojo's due to lack in number. After two years, the Satan Dojo was the only one operating in the city, it slowly grew into one of the most recognised businesses in the world, seemingly everyone wanted to learn how to fight like the saviour of the world. All except for one girl, who had nowhere else to go. There was the option of travelling to another city but the level of training she wanted was on a daily routine, something which simply wouldn't work out. As such she self taught herself how to fight, using various katas she had looked at over the internet for different styles of traditional martial arts. She knew that if she looked hard enough she would have been able to find some old master who was willing to teach her a traditional style but once word got out that the daughter of the champ went to a different master, tabloids would crave at it like gold.

Then there was Mark, the man in the centre of the ring defeating his opponent with ease and the star pupil in Hercule's eyes. At the current rate, either Mark or Videl would inherit the dojo once Hercule retired, which with his billions of zeni could be whenever he felt like it. There was no doubt that Mark was good, he and Videl had fought one on one recently and Videl had found herself bruised profusely after getting taken down. Apart from her father, he was the only one in the dojo capable of defeating her, and as Mark bowed to his opponent and walked towards where Videl and Hercule were there was one real reason why their rivalry was so personal.

"How did I do dad?" asked Mark with a smile on his face, a bruise slowly changing colour where he had been struck with a jab to the face.

"Remember son, call me sensei at the dojo," said Hercule with a stern look, putting it on so that the other students wouldn't believe he was favouring his own fresh and blood. "But believe me when I say that you'll be going one rank higher by the end of the day." Mark didn't respond verbally, but took a step back before bowing, Hercule mirroring so that they bowed to one another. They stood upright before Mark took a seat next to Videl.

"How do you reckon I went sis?" he asked.

"Like you do every time," said Videl nonchalantly.

Whatever effect Mark took to this he kept it hidden well, fighting wasn't the only thing which ran in the male side of the family. "Are you still upset about the fact you haven't won against me for a while?" he asked.

"It hasn't been a while," replied Videl looking dead ahead instead of looking at Mark.

"Four years is a fair while in my opinion," said Mark which Videl only grunted to. Hercule left his kids alone for a moment to go announce the next match, leaving Mark to tell her something he hadn't wanted his father to hear. "Apparently a new dojo opened on the other side of town," he said in a hushed voice. Immediately Videl's head turned in Mark's direction, wanting to know more. "It's been real on the quiet side however, apparently the head has come down from the mountain regions and one of the sensei's is from an island somewhere. I don't reckon it will last long though, clearly they don't know the field they are getting into."

"Why are you telling me this?" asked Videl.

"Because I'm your older brother, and I want to see you to get better," he said with a smile before handing her a piece of paper. "Here's the address."

"You just want some competition," stated Videl seeing through the smile, taking the paper away in a swift grab.

"Well since it'll only be open a while I doubt you'll make much improvement but every bit helps," he said with a chuckle. Videl huffed before standing upright and walking outside, bypassing her father on the way through who looked back at his daughter with a confused look.

"What's up with her?" asked Hercule.

"I might have upset her a bit," admitted Mark before turning back to the next fight which was about to start. "She'll blow off some steam and we'll see her back home at dinner."

"Did you tell her about the new dojo?" asked Hercule, Mark nodded in response. "Ha, those people are probably strong for where they're from but there's no way they have the making of a champion."

"Cocky as always," muttered Mark under his breath, but he had to admit that being the world champ and saviour of the world his father did have the right to be cocky.

"Once a few people have gone and realised how bad it is, word will spread and the place will be bankrupt before you know it," said Hercule before going into his trademark laugh, Mark chuckling alongside. The battle inside the ring had just reached a conclusion, Sharpner standing over his fallen opponent although he too looked a little worse for wear.

"You see that babe," he shouted looking over to where Videl had been sitting only to find she wasn't there. "Videl?" he said looking around wildly, wondering if Videl had missed the best win of his life. Mark saw Sharpner and knowing that he was one of Videl's friends came up with a clever idea.


"I don't know why you're bringing me with you," stated Erasa as she rode in the passenger seat of Videl's jetcopter as Videl flew through the city. At her feet were several bags from a hard days shopping.

"You were going to watch Sharpner's match but it would be over by now anyway, no doubt with Sharpner KO'd in the middle of the ring," said Videl with a snicker.

"But still you're taking me to a fighting dojo, why would I want to go?" asked Erasa.

"Because I didn't want to go by myself," answered Videl truthfully. "I just didn't want to be alone at the moment."

"Mark?" asked Erasa and when she got no reply she knew that he had said something to Videl. "You shouldn't let him get to you so much."

"We're here," said Videl ignoring Erasa's statement. She lowered her copter into a nearby parking space before capsualizing the vehicle. First impressions though were not that exciting. Parts of the building were in dire need of repair, even the wooden board hanging out the front had been tagged with graffiti. Weeds had been growing near where the water pipe had a hole in it and there was no sign saying the place was open. The building itself was wide, it was probably one of the ones which had gone out of business when the Satan fever had hit.

"You sure you've got the right place?" asked Erasa turning to her friend. Videl was starting to believe that the whole scheme had been a set up before two young men walked out of the door, looking utterly terrified.

"Insane," muttered one of them, repeating the word over and over.

"I never want to go in there again," said the other as the two of them walked past Erasa and Videl, ignoring them completely.

"Are they alright?" asked Erasa to nobody in particular.

"Somehow I think we have the right place," said Videl walking towards the front door, Erasa trailing right behind her. The inside completely stunned them, the outside of the dojo doing no justice. It was gorgeous, traditional drapes hung from the ceiling while there were flat pebbles spread along the ground, tiles placed in a line for the customer to step on. Videl couldn't believe her eyes when she saw a small rock garden complete with a fish pond to the left of the path, it really looked like a traditional outside training facility from centuries ago.

"Admiring the view," said a voice startling the girls out of their dream world. They turned to the front of the path where they saw a short man smiling at them with a goofy smile while waving. "At least you two look better than the last couple of idiots who came in here."

"This is the new dojo right?" asked Videl to which the man nodded.

"This doesn't look like a dojo, it looks so peaceful," said Erasa turning her attention back to the water feature. "I thought a dojo was a place of violence."

"That's because you only see violence from a certain perspective, you don't know the reason behind the violence," said the man, the light glistening off his bald head. "A man can either be violent in order to prove that he is the better fighter, or a man could fight in order to defend those he loves. Power is often accumulated with rage, but one needs to know both ends of the spectrum and embrace tranquillity."

"That's almost poetic," said Erasa.

"How much does this place cost to train here?" asked Videl getting down to business.

"Let's see whether or not you qualify to train here first," said the man beckoning them deeper into the gym.

"What do you mean qualify?" asked Erasa confused.

"We'll only take people of certain quality, and to prove that you're worthy of training here you must face him," said the man pointing into another room. Videl and Erasa followed his finger to see another rock garden, except this one had a dirt rectangle in the middle of it. In the centre was a bamboo pole sticking into the ground. On top of that was a man balancing perfectly while supporting his weight with only one hand situated at the centre of his torso. His face was pointing downwards, the three of them only able to see his black hair. Videl could tell just by looking at the position the man was in how much effort and practice the man would need in order to maintain that pose for more than thirty seconds, let alone however this man had been going at it.

"You've got another couple of candidates Gohan," said the man as he turned and walked into another room. Videl and Erasa kept their eyes on Gohan as he looked up at them before pushing off the bamboo and doing a front flip and landing perfectly on his feet. He straightened his body and looked at the two girls in front of him before a smile came across his lips and he clasped his hands together.

"Alright whose first?"


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