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Lelouch sat in the passenger seat of the bike, idly reading away at the class reading while Rivalz controlled the bike down the freeway. "This isn't a normal match today is it Lelouch?" asked the blue haired teenager. He had been transporting Lelouch to these chess games where Lelouch would make money for months. Rivalz got his cut so he didn't mind but when Lelouch had been called to this one it seemed very different.

"According to what I was told Rivalz, this person I'm meant to be challenging has been beating nobles much like myself except he offers them a rare deal," explained Lelouch, his eyes not moving off of the book. He had been given the tickets to enter the VIP room of the building they were going to just for this event.

"What kind of deal?" asked Rivalz.

"He sent invitations out to as many higher up citizens as he could. He tells these nobles to gamble twenty thousand and if they win they will receive a hundred thousand, it's an offer which no noble will dare pass up," said Lelouch. "Twenty thousand is also ready money for them so they will willingly write out a check before the game commences."

"Twenty thousand, heck I could almost spare that amount, you want to make me some money Lelouch?"

"Let's get through this first game though and see if he is willing to play again, the fact that he is offering ready money means that he knows what he is doing."

"Are you suggesting Lelouch that this man may actually be a challenge?"

"We'll find out soon enough because here's the catch," said Lelouch causing Rivalz ear to perk up. "He's not of Britannian birth, he's an eleven."

Rivalz eyes widened and he had to focus back on the road as he swerved slightly. "That was unexpected; this man is offering so much despite being an eleven? That's surprising."

"That's what got me interested," said Lelouch. "The money he wins continues to pay for the room to be hired and for a place to sleep. Because he is an eleven they don't treat him with the respect they would somebody else and charges him double. If he continued winning I imagine he would make a substantial profit but I imagine the hotel takes as much as it can out of him simply because of his ethnicity." Rivalz frowned slightly at this comment; he had never been comfortable with the whole we can charge extra because they're foreigners in their own country. Little did he know that Lelouch's feelings were even stronger but he continued to hide them under the mask he wore. "Well, if we win then he can go out and find himself a real job, if not we can sleep soundly knowing that we paid for his room." With that the conversation was dropped as Rivalz revved the engine, driving through the crowded streets while weaving through traffic like a professional.


"Neither of them have the right attitude for the student council," complained Shirley to the female members of the student council.

"Don't deny it, you're just worried about Lulu aren't you," cooed Milly Ashford, the student body president.

"If you want something to be done then you should say something to him," said the timid Nina.

"I want to say something to him but every time I get near him I find it so hard to talk to him about anything not related to work," said Shirley. Milly smiled lovingly at this statement, she knew what the underlying message of Shirley's words.


"Why didn't I concede my losses and simply leave, that shitty eleven trash," whined the noble lord as he left the building with a significantly lighter wallet walking past Lelouch and Rivalz.

"Do you think he lost to our guy?" asked Rivalz.

"Perhaps, it would seem that way," said Lelouch keeping his calm.

The pair continued walking until they found the VIP room and flashed the two tickets which gave them exclusive access. The bouncer at the front of the door bowed politely and opened the door for the two young men to enter. Inside it was relatively quiet; there was no chatter amongst patrons, simply because they were the only two in the room. Well the only two people in the room who were conscious.

Sitting on a chair opposite the chessboard was a young man roughly their age with his elbow on the chair arm while his hand supported his head. He wore strange clothing, nothing like what one would expect to see out even in the deepest parts of the ghetto. He had jet black hair which was tied into a topknot, something rarely seen these days. His clothing was obscure to say the least, he had black pants accompanied by a short sleeved green jacket which looked like it would be worn on the battlefield considering the number of pockets available over the top of the pectoral muscles. Underneath the jacket was a black long sleeved shirt but the sleeve had fallen down slightly revealing a mesh shirt underneath. In each ear there was a small stud earring in each ear and he had a metal band apparently sewn on to his left sleeve. Lelouch only had one thing to think about this man, he was not your ordinary eleven.

"This is your opponent?" asked Rivalz pointing at the man.

"It's rude to point," said the man despite still having his eyes closed, scaring Rivalz slightly.

"How did you know I was pointing?" he asked nervously. Despite having no hatred or animosity towards Elevens he didn't really commute with them on a day to day basis. Especially ones as eccentric as this one appeared.

"The tone in your voice and the sound of your shirts fabric rubbing against itself as you raised your arm," he said opening his eyes. "What family are you representing?" he asked in a lazy tone.

"The Ashford family, I shall be playing for them," said Lelouch as he sat down opposite the man.

"Fine," he said as he sat upright, swinging his neck from side to side, cracking the vertebrae in his upper back as he did so. Before any other words could be said however, the doors to the room swung wide and a flourish of people walked in.

"What's going on?" asked Rivalz as he watched members of the higher class of society walk in as if they owned the place before standing in a position.

"When the word got out that the representative for the Ashford family, a man known to have walked away on top out of impossible situations, was facing our very own undefeated champion everybody wanted to see them clash," said a Britannian man were a black suit, the tag 'Manager' pinned over his right breast pocket. He didn't feel the need to tell them that he had been paid a substantial amount of cash to allow the customers to watch these two play it out on the chessboard.

"Fine, fine, it doesn't bother me," said Lelouch.

"No time limit," said the man to which Lelouch nodded in understanding. To have no shot limit per turn meant that you weren't under as much pressure as one would have been. This also allowed people a better amount of time to think out their next move, which gave Lelouch a major feeling that he would not lose in front of all these people.

"Before we begin might I ask your name?" asked Lelouch.

The man looked up at him as if this was a troubling matter before replying with a sigh, "Shikamaru Nara. Don't worry about telling me your name, I don't need to know."

"Alright then, begin when you're ready," said Lelouch gesturing to the man.

Shikamaru sighed as his head dropped slightly before reaching forward. "Troublesome," he muttered as he moved his pawn as the game began.


"What weapons can I get for this?" asked the girl as she placed the money she had on the counter. The person serving her looked down at her, as if holding a higher piece of authority which confused her greatly.

"With that you would be able to afford a handgun and a couple of clips of ammunition," he said with a sneer. Had it been a Britannian and not an Eleven who had asked this question the amount of money on the counter would be able to purchase them much more, but he figured this girl was just going to go into a dark alley and pop one into the side of her head with little remorse. "Take my offer or leave it."

"A handgun, what kind of weapon is that?" asked the girl inquisitively.

"Figures you wouldn't know, get out of here before I call the authorities about you wasting my time," he said with a smirk. The girl's smile faded as she reached forward to grab her money only to feel the cold touch of metal against her forehead. "You can leave the money here," said the clerk as he cocked the pistol into position.

"So that's the gun you were talking about," said the girl analysing the weapon pressed against her skin.

"Yea, what's it to you?" asked the clerk as he put his finger on the trigger.


Tenten walked out of the shop, her money safely in her pocket and the handgun resting next to it. "So this is what the people here use to attack one another," she said feeling the cold metal in her pocket. "I'll have to figure out how to use it if I'm going to survive here, I haven't been treated nicely yet, it's almost as if I they hate me before they've even met me. I need to find a library or something to get some information before pushing further." Her hand reached up and grabbed at her heart, "I wonder if everybody else got through okay, Lee, Neji, everyone, I'll find you one way or another." With her pledge set, Tenten started walking off, intent on finding her lost friends.


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