"You bought a house?" questioned Hinata as she and Shikamaru walked through the streets, a bag full of hundreds of thousands of money he had won slung over his shoulder.

"I figured that if we were gathered in a single location it would be better to be in the centre of the city rather than the outskirts where we are too far away from anything and can't get anywhere before the battle is over," said Shikamaru as his eyes focused on the clouds above. "Knowing you Hinata, I'm sure you are aware of the difference in race and the war surrounding it."

"I am," said Hinata weakly, afraid to admit to it. "I've watched the videos of battles and such, this Britannia seems so cruel."

Shikamaru averted his eyes from the clouds to notice all of the stares they were being given from those who had heard what Hinata had said. "You're lucky I'm not Naruto, otherwise he would be shouting out his hatred and have the entire army after him."

"That's what I'm afraid of," said Hinata as she lifted her enclosed fists to her chin as if in prayer. "Especially after the fight."

"That's one of the problems we need to figure out, there was something in that final move between those two which, as I figure it, tore open a rip in our dimension, and as a result we were sent here," analysed Shikamaru. He looked over for confirmation from Hinata to see a small nod, telling him that she had reached the same conclusion. "Anyways, he's still alive."

"How can you tell?" asked Hinata hopefully. Shikamaru turned to face her, a small smile on his face.

"That idiot hasn't become Hokage yet." This sentence caused a smile to form on Hinata's lips as she nodded in agreement. Little did they know that right behind them a man was following them determinately, making sure that those two didn't make it out of his sight. He knew who they were but knew that if he chased after them too quickly they may run off without him under the impression that they were being targeted. He needed to make sure he didn't do anything rash, he just wished that his body could react in the way he wanted it to.


Tamaki smiled as his Knightmare fired at the enemy, causing the tank to explode in a burst of flames. "Alright!" he shouted as he pumped his fist successfully. It was then that he got distracted by somebody walking in front of his screen. Unlike other people he had seen, this man didn't run away at the sight of danger, rather he walked along at a leisurely pace. "What the hell?" he cursed before he switched the board to the open channel. "Hey buddy, you might want to make a run for it before you get yourself killed."

The man turned towards him and pulled back his fist, confusing Tamaki greatly. "P-5, to your right immediately!" shouted the mysterious voice over the radio, forcing Tamaki to turn his Knightmare around to see an enemy Knightmare lifting it's gun from point blank range. Cursing, he prepared himself to eject to avoid getting slaughtered before the Knightmare was knocked through the wall, a giant fist crushing it.

Tamaki's mouth dropped to new levels as he turned his head to see the fist retracting towards the teenager who he had warned earlier. With a shaking hand, he touched the intercom. "Y-you can g-go at your own pace," he stuttered as the boy signalled to him before walking off. Nervously, Tamaki quickly placed the video footage stored on the Knightmare's hard-drive directly into a portable USB. This was something the others wouldn't believe unless they saw it firsthand.


"Sir, it seems that there is a third party involved," shouted one of the commanders surrounding the command centre deep within Clovis' mobile headquarters.

"What do they seek to gain from this?" asked another.

"Who cares, they are clearly an enemy of Britannia, treat them as such," said Bartley as he continued to bark orders. It was then that the screen in front of them flashed to life as a picture of Lloyd appeared, the person in question as eccentric as ever.

"Hello everyone," he said in a cheerful tone from behind his glasses.

"What is it, we're in the middle of a strategy meeting!" shouted an angry Bartley.

"Well...I was thinking of making the new troop available," he said in a sing-song voice.

"Now is not the time for that," said the third prince before the screen flashed again revealing a female pilot by the name of Villetta standing there with an eleven by her side. "Now what is it?" said Clovis as his anger began to build.

"Sir this eleven has information which may be crucial," she said formally.

"What happened to your Knightmare?" asked Bartley.

"It was kidnapped," she said apologetically.

"How?" asked one of the generals.

"A powerful hypnotist," said Rock Lee standing proudly in his green spandex outfit.

"Who are you eleven?" asked Clovis as his anger began to boil.

"I am the handsome green beast of Konoha, Rock Lee," said Lee striking his good guy pose. The flash off his teeth caused the technology to malfunction slightly and it took several moments for the static to clear. "I will tell you what I know."

"My, my, this is interesting," said Lloyd who was still on the line. "Don't you guys have a battle to win however."

"Damn it," cursed Bartley as he focused his eyes on the map to see that the time they had been distracted had caused them to lose half of their remaining forces. "We're going to have to issue a retreat."

Clovis however was having none of it. "Lloyd, can we win if we use your toy?" he asked.

"Your majesty, please call it the Lancelot," said Lloyd with a snide smile.

"I may be able to assist," said Lee raising his hand high into the air.

"What do you expect to do against Knightmares?" asked Villetta from right beside him.

"Do what you wish," commanded Clovis. "Prove your worth by fighting alongside the Lancelot and striking down these rebels, do so and I will make you an honorary Britannian."

"How will I know what is the Lancelot" asked Lee.

"He'll be the white one on the field," said Lloyd as if speaking to a simpleton.

"Yosh, I will show you how bright my flames of youth will burn!" shouted Lee before he took off at a sprint, dust kicking up behind him from the sheer speed he was travelling. This act however left many people with their mouths agape, wondering how he was travelling at the speed of a car if not faster.

"I believe we may have gained an interesting ally," said Lloyd before he cut off the communications, knowing that he had to inform his pilot that he would have an unfamiliar ally on the field.

"Get me everything you can on that boy," commanded Bartley as a picture of him remained frozen on screen.


Three Knightmares stood by one another for protection, each pilot protecting the others blind spots. They were out in the open but whenever they had been going through corridors they had just been bombarded with ambush after ambush, they could only thank luck that they had survived this long by themselves.

"What's that?" said one looking ahead to see a man slowly walking towards them.

"It's just a person, probably an eleven," said another of the pilots who had a view of the man walking towards them.

"Die eleven scum," said the pilot who aimed his cannon at the teenager.

"Don't it's probably a distraction!" shouted the third pilot. Having heard this, the pilot diverted his fire by the slightest of margins, not wanting to fall into whatever trap had been planned for them. The bullet hit an abandoned car behind the man, causing it to explode in a burst of flames. The man however paid the destruction no attention as he continued to walk forward unfazed.

"I don't think that's a distraction," said the second pilot as he spun his Knightmare around. Any normal person would have reacted instantly to such a blast but this man had done nothing. The man lifted his hand and from underneath his cloak a swarm of insects flew into the sky creating a devastating image of darkness.

"What the hell!" shouted the pilot.

Shino stood there, ready to give the command to his insects but before he could do so a giant fist slammed down on top of the three Knightmares, destroying them without fail. As the insects receded into their host, Chouji walked out to see his friend standing there. "Shino," he said with joy as he ran over to the insect user. "Am I glad to see a familiar face," he added despite not being able to see the boy's face.

"You took my moment," sulked Shino as a dark cloud seemed to form over his head.

"Don't worry about that, we need to find everybody else," said Chouji optimistically.

"There is no point in running, from the fact that you are here it is safe to assume that the rest of our teammates are also here," said Shino as he began to walk. "I believe that we should find civilians and ensure their safety as our first priority. Our teammates can deal with the rest."

"If you say so," said Chouji as he pulled another packet of chips out of who knows where and began to eat. "Want one?" Shino looked at the packet held before him but opted not to eat the offered snack, who knew where it had been.


"There's an unidentified Knightmare with its back to me," said Tamaki over the connection.

"Be careful then P-5," warned the mysterious voice over the intercom. Tamaki smiled as he prepared himself for a skirmish.

"Are you the assistance they sent?" asked Suzaku from inside the Lancelot at the ground where a man dressed in a dark green full body suit was looking up at him.

"Then that strange creature you ride must be the Lancelot," said Lee in return.

"You should just get out of the way, unless you've got some kind of weapon you'll just get..." Suzaku didn't get to finish his statement as the Lancelot's sensors picked up a Slash Hawk being fired at his exposed back. With expert precision, he brought his Knightmare around to counter the attack only to find the green covered man in mid air, his foot having destroyed the Slash Hawk with a single kick. As he hit the ground, he ran at a speed which even the Lancelot's monitor could barely keep up with before he kicked off the head of the Sutherland, forcing the pilot to eject before the Knightmare exploded.

"Did you see my flames of youth!" shouted Lee as the fiery carnage behind him made the scene all the more surreal.

"Barely," said Suzaku struggling to comprehend what had just happened.

"Then we must hurry onwards," said Lee boldly as he began to run off, the Lancelot struggling to keep up with his pace.

"This is insane," said Suzaku from inside the cockpit. Little did he know that his footage was being broadcast through both the labs and the mobile headquarters for analysis.

"An eleven was able to destroy a Knightmare with just his feet," said one of the commanders in shock.

"What is he?" said Bartley to nobody in particular.

"Sir, here is the information you wanted," said one of the officers bringing a piece of paper to where Bartley was. Taking the information, Bartley read it over.

"What is this, there's hardly anything here," he shouted angrily.

"We couldn't find a match to his name over the entire system, the only records his visual image brought up was that he was in a scuffle with the police in town before they shot at him and he managed to catch the bullet with minimum ease," explained the soldier.

"Sir, do you think that he's connected to..." started Bartley only for Clovis to cut him off.

"After what I've just seen, I would not be surprised," said Clovis knowing that Bartley was referring to the girl they had been experimenting on. "After the fight is won, ensure that that boy remains with us, I don't care what you tell him but he is not to leave our sights!"

"Yes, your majesty!"


"Show us what is in the bag," said the policeman threateningly as his partner held a gun at Shikamaru, Hinata standing by him nervously.

"Why should I?" asked the lazy Nara in response as he watched a man walk up behind the policemen.

"Don't question us eleven scum," shouted the policeman. "I will not ask again!"

"Officers," came a brutish male voice causing the two policemen to look over the shoulders to see a Britannian man standing behind them. Before they could ask anything they were knocked out with two vicious punches which rattled their skulls.

"Who are you?" asked Hinata as she prepared to activate her bloodline.

"Hinata, Shikamaru, it's so good to see somebody I know," said the man jumping for joy.

"Do we know you?" asked Hinata confused.

"You don't know my teammate like I do," said Shikamaru running a hand through his hair. "So where's your real body Ino?"


Hope you enjoyed. As a side note and before you start bombarding me with questions, all of the members of the Konoha 12 are here. You heard me, 12! That means everybody's favourite Uchiha is in the middle of the Code Geass world. He and all of the other members will appear, don't worry about that.