SSA Emily Prentiss sat at her desk in the bullpen, looking up at her supervisor's office and drooling over the tall and super duper handsome men sitting at his desk. He looked so good when he was lost in thought. Well, he looked good in every way according to her stupid subconscious. It wouldn't allow her to spend an entire day without looking and staring up at his office at least 10 times. She continued to stare until Derek's voice pulled her out og her thoughts.

"You know if you drool any further it'll hit the ground" Derek teased, smirking.

Emily froze. She immediately felt the blush creep through her cheeks. She thought she hadn't been that obvious, but then again staring at you supervisor's office throughout the entire day could be pretty reveling. She quickly turned around to see Derek grinning at her.

"Shut up Morgan!" she exclaimed very much aware that he wouldn't let the subject go anytime soon.

"Uh, denial doesn't suit you, Em" Derek replied, enjoying himself too much to drop the issue.

"So when are you gonna tell him Princess?" Derek asked.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Emily tried to ignore him, focusing on the case files in front of her.

"Oh ok, then perhaps you'd like me to remind you." Derek said, pulling a chair and sitting beside her, forcing her to look at him. "I'm talking about you constantly drooling looking over at Hotch's office, tensing every time he walks in the room and, this one is the best, when we were sharing a room together in Montana, YOU kept calling Hotch's name during sleep, and I do NOT think you were having a bad dream! Sound familiar Em?"

Emily was completely red by the end. Had everyone noticed? Did Hotch know? Oh my God he couldn't know! Could he?

She was so absorbed with her chain of thoughts that she didn't realize the men in question approaching her desk. Luckily, Morgan did notice him, and with a malicious smile he continued to talk to her.

"C'mon Em, when are you gonna grow a pair and tell him?"

"Oh yeah Derek, very easy to say! Oh, hey Hotch, I'm head over heels in love with you and I almost drop to my side when you talk to me. Yeah, that would be a great conversation! Specially because then, I get to hear the "Oh, you're great but…" speech! Get your head out of your ass Derek!" she replied, close to explode.

Hotch stopped dead in his tracks. He just froze. She was in love with HIM? Since when? Wait, that meant… His first thought was one of joy. He could finally act on HIS feelings for her! He looked at Derek who quickly glanced at him, smiling like a six year old with a lollipop.

"Hey Em, just one question, are you blind or just plain dumb?"

"What are you talking about Derek?"

"You know for someone who does this for living you really suck at profiling! He is head over heels in love with you too! C'mon, you mean to tell me you never noticed the way he looks at you?" Derek asked, seeing Hotch with crimson red cheeks.

"You're hallucinating Derek. He does not feel the same way."

At this point Derek glared at Hotch with a challenging look on his eyes. Hotch knew what he was asking. But he couldn't tell her. Not here anyway. Instead he just changed directions and headed towards the break room.

Morgan understood what he was doing. He understood why he was doing it. But that didn't mean he couldn't give them a nudge in the right direction.

"Fine, whatever you say Princess!"

And then, as he got up and returned the chair to her desk, he turned around and spilled out.

"Oh, by the way, Hotch listened to our entire conversation. Just thought you'd like to know."