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The only thing Emily Prentiss wanted to do when she got home was crawl into a holl and never leave. Her boss AKA guy she's been lusting for for the past year had just listened to her confess her love for him to another person! He had totally eavesdropped!

Yeah, like THAT'S the important part! Emily thought to herself. She didn't know if she was more pissed off at him or embarrassed by herself. She didn't know how she was going to face him at work tomorrow. There was just no way she was going to face him without wanting to hide somewhere for the rest of the day.

In the middle of her thoughts she heard her phone buzzing with a new text. She reached for the phone resting on her kitchen table only to find a new text from Derek Morgan.

"So have you talked to your prince charming already Em?" Derek texted, with what she could only presume a huge mock face while he wrote it.

"Shut up Morgan" Emily responded, frantically searching for the keys on the keyboard.

"Oh c'mon baby girl, you should be thanking me!" Derek responded.

"Because of you I'll probably be fired tomorrow! So I don't plan on thanking you anytime soon Derek Morgan!"

"Right, because he will definitely fire YOU! *rolling my eyes*.

"Would you just stop it? Emily was getting really angry at the Morgan. "He does not LIKE me! You couldn't be blinder about this!

"LOL! I'm the one being blind? Tell you what, if he doesn't confess HIS feelings for you in the next 2 days I'll pay you 10 bucks. But id he does… then you owe me 50 bucks.

"What? Why do I have to pay 50 if you'll only pay me 10 bucks?

"You're the one who is insisting he doesn't like you! Having second thoughts?... ;p"

"Fine, but you better have you're ten bucks ready!"

"We will see about that Princess. Good night!"

"Night!" Emily replied, shutting her phone closed and placing it on the kitchen table again.

God that conversation was exhausting! Emily thought to herself. Right now she needed a distraction. She flopped down on her rocking chair and turned the TV on on some old sitcom.

Fifteen minutes passed by when three strong knocks were heard throughout her apartment. She tiredly got up and walked towards the door without any noise. When she peered through the peer holl she took a step back.

Oh crap! NO! She thought, she was NOT answering the door to him!

"Em, I know you're home, I can hear the TV!" sounded Hotch's voice from the hallway.

She silently beat herself up for not turning the sound of. Why didn't she think about that?

"Em if you don't open the door right now I'll kick it down and I'm not joking!" Hotch's voice once again sounded very serious.

She knew he wasn't kidding. She had seen him kick down his fair share of doors in his time. Of course she had been too focused on his ASS to notice anything else, but still…

Emily took one deep breath before pushing the door open. She didn't even realize that she was going to oh-so-preciously need it because as soon as the door open to reveal a very muscular T-shirt clad chest and seriously strong jean covered legs of one Aaron Hotchner, his lips landed on hers with such force that her knees nearly bucked. Hotch quickly turned her around and used her body to close the door shut, pressing his body against hers. This swift move made her gasp and Hotch took this chance to probe her mouth with tongue, both fighting for dominance as he let his hands grasp her hips tightly.

When air became a necessity they broke apart, and Hotch finally said the words she had wanted to hear for longer than she'd care to admit.

"I love you too" Hotch said, letting his lips quirk up in a smile with showed off his dimples perfectly.

Emily almost fated when she heard his words. But yet another thought quickly overpowered her mind.

"Uh…Hotch?" she asked tentatively, trying not to worry him.

"Yeah…" Hotch suddenly felt his palms very sweaty.

"Could you land me fifty bucks?"

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