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What. On earth.

"I said stop HUGGING ME, dammit!"

"Pero tú eres un señorita~ " I had to blink.

"Uh, Lucia…is that a random Spaniard hugging you?"

"No! He's trying to KISS ME-" Alfred (who had busted down the front door, idiot) was currently apologizing to Vera, who the door had nearly smashed. So I did the one thing left to do. I picked up the tomato unit.

And drop-kicked it out the window.

"NOOOOOOO! ¡Mi tomate-!" I watched him run outside and quickly locked the door behind him. Finished with him, I turned to poor Lucia.

"Lissi. Did he rape you."


"Did he grope you."


"Did he invade your personal space."

"He tried to kiss me." Lucia stated flatly. I turned to Alfred.

"If I shoot him, will it be illegal?" He blinked, having been caught off guard.

"Uh…yes?" I cursed. Vera picked up her fire poker again, no longer traumatized by the flying door.

"If I jab him with this, what are the consequences?" While Alfred rattled off the possible punishments given by a court of law, Antonio flew into the door, smashing into it.

"…ow," I heard him say before the telltale thud of his body hitting the ground. I peeked out the window. He had managed to launch himself, tomato in hand, into the door. I cringed. Self inflicted pain OUCH.


Eventually we got him to promise (with many tamales, some jalapeños in his mouth and a few death threats) to stop invading her personal space. …although from the creepy smile on his face that it wouldn't last long. I turned, still not fully assured of my own safety.

"Uh…I have work tomorrow, so… Alfred! Come on!" We nearly left before I tripped over Lucia's grip on my ankles.

"No. Stay. PLEASE." I flinched.

"Lucia. You're a big girl." I awkwardly patted her head. "You have a frying pan and Vera." Vera waved to us, and I waved back. (And so did the clueless tomato lover). "They'll protect you. You'll be fine. And even if you're not, Vera is always a phone call or a smoke-signal away." Lucia sniffed, listening.

"…you suck, Violet." I smiled, happy to see her in good spirits. (Yes…for my dear Lissa, this IS good spirits. Go fall into a pit).

"Don't worry." I quickly disentangled her from my feet and ran. I didn't stop until I had reached the safety of my home. I shut the door behind me, panting. Thirsty, I decided to get a drink of water before I did anything else. In the middle of drinking it, someone knocked at the door.

"Hello? Violet? Uh…can you let me in?" Whoops. Forgot America. I let him in. "Sweet!" He waltzed in the house, carrying a huge box in his arms. "Oh yeah. And the delivery guy came to see you…" My eye twitched. The shape of that box. The label on the side.


I peeled off the label, reading the message attached to it.

We apologize for any inconveniences,

but the unit we sent you is only distributed in a set of two. However, due

to the complexity, your unit never comes apart from the set. Our oversight was unseen until now,

and in compensation for any trouble we have caused, we will send you the other unit-

I ripped the message apart.

"NO. No more." I laughed maniacally as I shredded the message into bits. After I was done, I noticed Alfred watching me warily.

"You…okay?" I sighed.

"Just hand me the manual, will you?" I ripped open the cover on the envelope and started to read it.

"MATHEW WILLIAMS…" I face palmed.

"Please tell me he is not as stupid as you are." Alfred frowned.

"Dude, harsh language to your home country. Besides, Mattie's awesome! He makes the best has brownies…" I resisted the urge to do another face palm, and looked to where it told me how to wake him up.

"Uh, lets see…American music?" Alfred smiled.

"Cool. Do lady Gaga." I raised an eyebrow.

"Whatever for? The poor chap has done nothing- yet, I suppose." But his grin grew wider.

"Seriously. Trust me, it'll be awesome. Like, Spain losing his tomato awesome." I raised a single eyebrow. Well, Alfred was certainly not on cordial terms with his counterpart, I see. A sadistic side of Alfred? Maybe I'd use that later. I shrugged, turning slowly.

"Okay… Give me a second. I'll pull up something of hers on Youtube." I typed quickly on my laptop, while Alfred started munching on a lone leftover burger. (Which I did not know existed, or I would have devoured it. Maybe he hid it in his sock.) "Aha!" I put on Just Dance, which Alfred started to dance to. "You look like a twit," I couldn't help adding. He stuck his tongue out at me.

"Who are you to tell me; Arthur?" I briefly considered taking a baseball bat to his head when the box started to shake. I blinked.

"Uh…I guess we open it now?" Alfred took a sort of football crouch on the floor next to the box.

"Open it slowly," he hissed, waiting to pounce. I face palmed.

"Okay. Whatever."

I unlatched the front door, realizing that the unit inside of it was talking.

"-not dating Lady Gaga…" He stopped talking as soon as he saw me, blushing. "Oh. I'm sorry, I thought you were-"

"SNEAK ATTACK!" Alfred jumped the unit as soon as he stepped out of the box.

"What was that for, Alfred?"

"For sending us Justin Beiber, you freezing, moose eating-" I left to find something to hit them with.

"I do not-"

"Whatever!" I quickly hit Alfred over the head with a rolling pin I had found in the kitchen. The new unit flinched as Alfred fell to the floor. I turned to him, and he let out a tiny *meep* at the "weapon" in my hand.

"Tell me who you are right now or this will end up in places unexplored in you. Like your kidney. Not to mention less mentionable places." I threatened, my face still contorted in evil, insane glee. No wonder the poor thing was close to tears.

"Uh, Miss," (Miss? Nice. Bonus points.) "I'm Matthew Williams. The lump currently unconscious is my brother. And, uh…Nice to meet you? I'm Canada, by the way." I stopped.

"…Canada?" He nodded, still terrified.

"Y-yes?" I blinked. He seemed more…humble than the lard-belly, and certainly quieter. Maybe he wasn't as bad as I feared.

"…please tell me you are not like the idiotic self proclaimed hero over there." He shook his head, the (weird. Is that normal?) stray curl shaking back and forth.

"Trust me. No one on Earth is as arrogant and gluttonous as that hamburger-eating machine." I couldn't suppress my joy, nearly emitting a fangirl scream.

"Thank you SO much." Alfred raised his head, groggy from my blow to the head.

"Hey…I'm hungry." He looked down. "Hey Mattie, why are you naked?"

"Brilliant powers of deduction, Sherlock."

"Are you going Arthur on me?" Alfred complained. From the look on the Canadian's face, I'm surprised he didn't strangle Alfred right then and there. I face palmed.

"Look. Alfred, off. Let your brother get dressed, at least. Then we can get lunch. And you can get a job." Alfred blanched.

"A job? But-" I waved a single finger at him. (No, not the middle one. I'm not as rude as most people.)

"No buts," I added. "Matthew, you too. Although I imagine you'll have an easier time with it, considering your brother's…personality." I left the snickering unit his clothes and walked out. This could be fun.

I picked up a coffee, my eyes quickly glancing over my watch.

"…rainbow barfing retarded unicorns." Matthew looked up from his want ads, and Alfred grinned.

"Something bothering you?" I cursed at him in German.

"I have my own job, thank you, and I'm going to be late if I don't get there fast enough." Alfred picked up his bomber jacket.

"Cool. I'll walk you there." I paled. No. "You are certainly not. You are going to get a job, and soon. Now, preferably." Alfred held open the door for me.

"Relax, I'll look for one on my way back. No harm in taking you there, right?" I gaped.

"No harm-" Matthew cut me off.

"You might want to let him- It's the only way to pacify his hero complex." I scowled, but knew it was true.

"Fine. Just don't get lost." I grabbed my own jacket, with a farewell consisting what he was not allowed to eat to Matthew. I ran to the coffee shop down the street.

"Hey Mica," I gasped, slumping through the door. "Sorry if I'm late. I was attempting murder." The older woman shrugged, handing me my apron and my nametag.

"S'alright. Did you go through with it?" I scowled as Alfred walked through the door after me, grinning like he had just finished a marathon. "…from the look on your face love, I guess not." She quickly shooed me behind the counter. "But no matter. If he's strong enough to be alive after your first few tries, he might be used to your advantage." I nodded as her shoving increased.

"This is true. Hey Alfred," I called. He looked up from where he had been messing with the sugar packets.

"What?" I made shooing motions towards the door.

"Go find a job. Shoo, you silly boy." He stuck his tongue out at me, making me roll my eyes.

"Fine. Bye." He muttered, walking out. Mica clicked with her tongue.

"Stupid boy. Surprised he survived you're anger issues." I turned sharply as she started to laugh.

"I do not have anger issues," I insisted, swatting her with a stray towel. Her laughs grew louder.

"Keep telling yourself that," she giggled. "Whoo! Watch the counter for me, love. I have some inventory to do." I rolled my eyes.

"Sure, Señora. Whatever."

"Heeeey!" Alfred burst into the shop an hour later, waving some papers around. "Guess what I scored!" he cheered. I nearly dropped the coffee I was serving to a customer. I quickly finished the exchange and glared at the hyper nation in front of me.

"What is it, and does it have to be now?" I hissed. He blinked.

"Maybe…" I face palmed.

"Mica!" I shouted. "When does my shift end?" Turns out, it ended a few minutes ago. I took off my apron, clocked out, and walked over to Alfred. "What is it," I grumbled.

"I got two part-time jobs!" he cheered. "One at McDonald's-" (Figured, I grumbled) "And one under the Mayor!" He grinned. I blinked.

"…what?" He started walking towards the door.

"They liked the way I talked, so they decided that I could handle the media for him. Isn't that cool?" …him. Near a seat of power. I nearly fainted.

Oh dear... if this ends well I'll be mightily surprised (as I have no idea where Melissa is going with this). As for Lucia... hopefully she will overcome the trama that is a happy Spaniard invading her personal space.

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Pero tú eres un señorita - But you are a lady (I think this is what Melissa meant, though I'm not sure)