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Warning! Rated M for strong sexual scenes and mature adult content.


2010~ United States of America, Washington State.

Caius Volturi heard the scream of pure terror before he actually saw the pair a few seconds later in a dark alley way in Seattle's deep side. He had been in Washington for a few days dealing with the Cullen clan and their new addition, a human/vampire hybrid child born to a human mother, name Bella. Who also happened to given birth to the supposed dead seed of their adopted vampire son, Edward Cullen, her husband and biological father of the now four month old baby. Aro and Marcus, his two older brothers and co- rulers, allowed the child and coven to live and now, they were supposed be getting on a plane for back home in Voltuira, Italy, not waiting around for his mate and queen, Atheodora, to hunt so she could be able feed properly.

Caius sought out his mate nearby in the shadows and saw her shadow flicker toward the down pair on the ally floor. Another scream broke out from under the top person and cut off abruptly as the sweet sickly smell of blood erupted around them like a ball of fire. Atheodora hissed sharply, lunging at the rouge vampire with claw like fingers at his exposed back.

Caius jumped towards them and grabbed the male by the shirt as he aimed his fist into the surprised vampire's face, breaking his head in half as Caius's mate ripped off his head and went for the arms. So caught up were they, they did not pay any heed to his victim on the ground until they had torn her attacker to pieces and burned them in a nearby trash barrel. Caius smoothed his loosen blond locks back with a hand as he looked down at his feet at a young girl with a pale face, gasping sharply as blood slowly poured from a gaping wound in her slender neck onto the cold ground underneath at a steady beat of her heart.

"Caius, what happened?" A sharp voice asked behind him. The blond vampire turned and faced his older brother, Aro with a scowl. "A rouge vampire was trying to feed on this pathetic human here while my mate was in the same area." He replied coldly as Aro quickly knelt down by the girl's head and touched her outstretched hand with a finger. The others showed up and abruptly stopped a few feet away as the blood from the girl assaulted their keen sense of smell. Her heart began to slow as Aro looked into the distance before motioning forward a young looking teenager, who looked inquiry at his master with raised eyebrows.

"Alec, numb the girl while I try to put in some of my venom in her blood. She's losing fast and I need to work quickly." He ordered him without looking up. Caius hissed loudly and grabbed his brother's arm.

"What are you doing?" he demanded in an angry voice. Aro merely shrugged him off and touched her forehead gently. "This girl, Electra is her name, was going home from a friend's house when she was attacked by the dead vampire not too long ago. She has a possible talent that I saw that may be of use for us and I want to save her if possible, from her wound. Now get out if my way."

Caius growled darkly but did as he was told as Alec came over and kneeled beside the girl. He placed his hands over hers with a slight distant look in his crimson eyes as another dark haired vampire came forward to help with Aro's task.

"I …don't…want to…die." She gasped out as blood began to trickle down her chin from her mouth. Everyone hissed at the pleading sound of her voice and backed away from them as Aro smoothed back her long hair from her neck and bit down. Marcus followed suit on her arm as she cried out just before Alec numbed her body with his ability. Caius watched her eyes, he knew not or cared what color they were, widened as Aro continued to put in his venom in her blood stream to help her wound close. Marcus stroked her hand that he bit as she began to drift in and out of consciousness. "It's alright now, you are safe."


Atheodora gasped and looked wildly around before her eyes landed on a small form not far from the girl's under a large pieced cardboard. Throwing it to one side, she found the baby dead, from an apparent head wound to the skull. Aro looked up as she gently picked up the tiny form into her arms, choking as if she was trying to expel something from her body, and cradling it to her chest as she rocked back and forth on her knees. Marcus bowed his head in sorrow. "How sad such tiny life must end like that." He muttered softly before standing up.

Aro waved a pale hand toward Atheodora and the healing mother. "Felix, have you and someone go find the nearest funeral home that will do cremation at this time of the night. I don't care how much money you need to use to bribe. Just do it and come back to the motel when you are done. Demetri and Caius will take Electra back and the rest of us will follow in a few hours after we find his mate." Felix flickered over and took the baby from the queen's arms with a sad look in his eyes as she surrendered the child with a small kiss on its tiny fist. She stood up looking down at the mother with clinched fists.

"I will avenge your baby." She swore in a cold voice. Caius moved aside as his personal body guard, Demetri, scooped the girl into his arms and walked out of the alleyway way with him following behind with a disgusted look.

"I can't believe all that fucken happened in less than one year, first Bella and Edward a year ago back home, now them again one year later with a human hybrid vampire child, a pack of wolf shape shifters and now, this girl." Caius said out loud as they ran at vampire speed to their motel not far from the alleyway where she was attacked.

This was all just great, Aro found a new toy and now I have to deal with her. What a life to live as a ruler.