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Chapter 1

"Congratulations, milady," the midwife said quietly. "You've got a fine boy here."

Lenora Jinn lay back wearily on the pillows. She reached out her hands. "Let me see him. I want to hold my son," she whispered.

The two women exchanged a smile. They had spent the long hours of Lenora's labor together, and the midwife was almost as tired as the new mother was. However, Lenora felt all of her exhaustion fade away as she held her newborn son. The crackle of the fire in the hearth was all that was audible in the room, for the baby was quiet and seemed content to be held.

She ran her hands down the length of his body and shook her head in wonder. "He's so big," she said. "He'll be a big man."

Sarta, who was both her childhood friend and midwife, grinned. "I'm thinking that's what took so long." She leaned over and inspected the quiet babe more closely. "Look at those feet, Lenora!"

Lenora held the boy's feet and chuckled. "I think we've got a fine pair of feet with a son attached."

The baby stared up at her with deep blue eyes, his little fists moving about, but he still was not crying. She pulled him closer and his head turned unerringly toward her breast, from where he sensed his sustenance would come. Lenora gave a sigh of contentment as the little one nursed. She brushed her fingers over the moist brown strands of his hair.

"He's going to have my hair," she murmured, "and his father's eyes."

Sarta laughed. "I'm sure they'll get word to him soon," the midwife said as she began setting up a cradle for the baby. "And he'll come rushing in with his big loud voice and take charge, mark my words."

Lenora smiled fondly at the thought of her large, boisterous husband holding their son. His huge hands would dwarf the boy, even as big as the babe was. The baby continued nursing, not at all disturbed by the conversation. He wriggled closer, his tiny hand resting against his mother's flesh.

The two women heard a commotion outside her chamber, and Sarta hurried to open the door. Before she reached it, the door was flung wide open and there, framed by the light spilling in from the windows behind him, stood Amri-Lon Jinn. His eyes were immediately drawn to the bed, and when he saw his wife holding their baby, he gave a wide grin.

He rushed to her side and sat down on the bed, peering closely at the babe. "Well now, that's a fine…" he stopped and smiled at his wife, his blue eyes alight with laughter. "Boy? Must be a boy; too big for a girl, wouldn't be proper!"

Lenora laughed. "You'll take what I give you, Amri!" Then she drew back the blanket. "But yes, this is your son."

Amri gave her a swift, thorough kiss. He always seemed to be in a rush, forever hurrying from one task to the next. Sometimes she felt as if she lived in the center of a whirlwind, but knew she would not change one moment of her life with him if given the chance. She did not even notice Sarta discretely slip out of the chamber.

The baby continued to eat steadily, although his eyes had briefly opened at the sound of the deep, loud voice above him.

"That's my son all right," Amri bragged. "Nothing comes between him and his supper!"

Lenora pulled her husband closer and gave him the soft, tender kiss she had been longing to share with him the moment he had walked into the room. "Your wife is hungry," she informed him. "I expect you can have some food brought to me now that I'm done with this business of birthing your overly large son?"

A bark of laughter rang out in the room, causing a momentary pause in the baby's eating. Then the little one continued calmly, ignoring the noise.

"He'll eat us into the poor house by the time he's five," Lenora said with a smile. Then the baby pulled back and his eyes closed as he dozed in a satisfied stupor. A tiny bit of liquid dribbled out of the corner of his mouth. He pulled his rather long feet back into the blanket and settled in against his mother.

"Then I'll make another fortune to feed him," Amri promised. His twinkling eyes softened as he met her gaze. "I'll never let anything happen to him, Lenora. I swear to you."

She reached up and cupped his large, craggy face in her hand. "I know, Amri." Her brown eyes filled with happy tears. "We'll keep him safe together."

Amri swallowed hard and his face flushed. "Thank you, my love, for…" his voice trailed off and he looked as if he was going to burst, unable to find the words to express his gratitude. "Thank you for our son," he finally said simply.

The baby opened his eyes and stared up at his parents quietly. Amri looked down at him and gave his wife a puzzled smile. "He's quite… Well, isn't he a bit aware for a newborn?" He stared at his son.

Lenora looked at the baby with consideration. She brought his face up close to hers, and mother and son gazed at one another. Then he burped and the moment was gone. She laughed and shook her head. "I suppose he is," she said and her eyes flickered up to her husband's face. "Or perhaps he's just going to be as big and noisy as his father, and he's saving up his energy."

Amri took the baby from her arms and carried him to the window. The baby blinked at the strong sunlight but seemed to bask in its warmth, stretching like a sand cat cub. The tiny mouth opened and closed, and the little fists came out of the blanket as if reaching for the sun's rays.

He looked back at his wife. "Needs a name," Amri-Lon said.

Lenora smiled slyly. "He's got a name, Amri."

The big man smirked. "You still insist on naming him after my father?"

"I loved your father," Lenora reminded him. "We understood each other."

"He loved you like a daughter," Amri-Lon agreed.

"Then we'll be naming our son after him, just as I said."

Amri shook his head, surrendering as he always did. "Whatever you say, my love, whatever you say."

He held up his son and together they looked out the window over the endless fields of the Jinn estate. "One day, this'll be yours, Qui-Gon Jinn."