Hello there readers, it's ThomasZoey3000 here with some new stories, some of these are adaptations of the original Thomas stories I wrote up before and others are brand new. Be prepared to meet some new friends along the way and experience more adventures that are waiting just down the tracks. Enjoy!

The New Girl in the Yards

It had been a busy day on the Island of Sodor, seven of the Fat Controller's engines were resting in the sheds after a hard day's work. They were enjoying the piece and quiet, until they heard someone complaining loudly - namely Gordon.

"I'm overworked," he grumbled, "Pulling the express is okay, but it's all the extra shunting that is wearing me out."

"Oh, quit complain'," grumbled Donald, "you dinna do that much wurk. Douggie and I do mure of the shuntin' than yoo, James or Henry."

"Even Edward does mure than yoo," added Douglas.

"Even so," commented Emily, "it would be nice to have a little extra help around here until the workload's start to go down."

"Aye," said Donald, "and quickly too."

"It makes no difference to me at all," sniffed Gordon to himself.

"As long as the engine is not a snooty diesel engine, then we're fine," James said out loud.

The engines all told James to 'be quiet!', they all knew that he, Gordon and Henry can often be a little rude to new comers, especially visitors.

The next day, Emily was puffing into Knapford station with her passenger train when she and her crew saw an engine they had never seen before. It was a small light green tank engine with six small wheels and two back wheels behind. She had a very tall funnel, a curved roof over the cab and a couple of big water tanks.

She also had the letters L.H. & J.C. on the sides of her tanks and below her coal bunker was the number 29.

"Hello there," the engine said, "I'm very pleased to meet you, what's your name?"

"I'm Emily," she answered, "Who are you?"

"My name is Koyuki, I'm an english style engine with a japanese name."

Emily was impressed, then she saw the Fat Controller talking to a man in a suit, "Ah Emily!" he said, "I see you've met Koyuki, she will be visiting us for a while."

"While I'm on a vacation," said the man, then he looked over to Koyuki, "now my dear little engine, it's time for me to go. Now remember, make lots of friends and do your best."

"I will, daddy."

"Daddy?" asked Emily, she was surprised.

"Oh yes, you see my manager is like a father to me, so that's why I call him daddy."

"Sir," Emily called to Koyuki's manager, "what kind of railroad do you operate?"

"I run a private line in the states. It starts from our house, then goes down a small line till we reach the main line, then we give the people tours of the town."

"You see Emily," said the Fat Controller, joining in on the conversation, "They live in a small town where there's lots of history. Koyuki's manager has gotten special permission from the local railroad to operate special tours, since it is mostly a goods line."

"And now after working all that time, I'm going off on a small trip and since I don't want Koyuki to be bored, I asked Sir Topham Hatt if I could loan him Koyuki until I get back..."

"And I have agreed," finished the Fat Controller.

"Now Koyuki, my sweet little engine," said her manager, "I'm ready to go, have a good time okay?"

"Yes sir," she smiled.

The manager smiled and gave Koyuki a small pat on the boiler, then he walked off to catch a bus to the airport.

"Now Emily," said the Fat Controller, "please give Koyuki a tour of our shunting yards."

"Yes sir," she smiled.

Once she was uncoupled from her coaches, she and Koyuki hurried off for the shunting yards.

It didn't take long for Emily to show Koyuki around the yards and introduce her to Rosie and Charlie who were shunting the other trucks around the yards.

"Remember to give them a good bump," said Charlie, "otherwise the silly trucks will start acting up."

"And don't listen to a single word to what they say," added Rosie.

"I'm sure you'll do just fine Koyuki," smiled Emily, "well I better be off, I need to take a goods train to Brendom docks."

For the rest of the afternoon, Charlie and Rosie would biff their trucks around the yards, while Koyuki shunted in a different way.

"Come along sweeties," she said kindly, "we need to stay to time, please be kind."

The trucks were surprised, no engine, apart from Edward, Donald and Douglas were ever kind to them before. They were impressed and agreed not to play tricks on Koyuki.

"Don't bump her, don't bump her," they all said to each other.

"Be kind to her, be kind to her."

At the end of the day, she pulled into Tidmouth sheds, feeling mighty proud of all the hard work she had done. Most of the other engines all give her a wonderful welcome as she came puffing into the sheds, well - all except for Gordon.

"She's only a girl," sniffed Gordon, "she's not a strong engine like yours truely."

"Hey!" this came from an angry Emily, "if you recall Gordon, I once pulled your express not once but twice! Girls are just as strong as boy engines."

"If my memory serves me right, you left the brake coach behind and James had to come collect you after you ran out of water."

"You were saying Emily," snickered James.

"Leave the engines alone," this came from Henry, who was angry over the engine's rude behaviour, "it shouldn't matter if we're a boy engine or girl engine, we're all useful."

Gordon and James however, were still refusing to listen and still believed that girl engines weren't as strong as boy engines.

"Don't listen to them," Emily whispered to Koyuki, "it's just the way they are."

"I understand," she sighed, "I've seen that many times before on the many lines I have visited. Some engines are really kind, like you and Henry, and there are others like Gordon and James, who aren't so kind."

"Please tell me that they are put in their place before you go home."

"Yep, they always do."

"Good," chuckled Emily, "then before long, you might just have your chance to prove to those big engines how useful you are."

Koyuki smiled, agreeing with Emily.

The next day was a little cloudy, but still Koyuki was enjoying the nice warm summer weather. Today she was to take some visitors to visit Crovan's Gate station, then come back to collect a goods train to Brendom.

While she was having a good day, James certainly was not.

"Shunting! Shunting!" he grumbled, "why is a splendid red engine like me shunting trucks."

The trucks just giggled in their silly way, until James gave them a rudeful bump. Now they were annoyed with James and were now more determined than ever to teach him a lesson.

However, they weren't going to get to back at James. A couple of hours later, Koyuki came back to collect the trucks and take them away. The trucks at the far end of the train couldn't see the engine very well at all, they thought she was James.

"We'll get him," they thought.

What was worst, a thick fog had started to come down, so that made the trucks think for sure that James was pulling them.

"Bump him past the hill, bump him past the hill!" they snickered to each other.

The front trucks heard nothing as Koyuki started off down the line with her goods train.

They were soon making excellent timing, and as they puffed along down the line, Koyuki hummed out a little tune to herself. As she hummed, she didn't hear the trucks from the rear end of they came to the hill.

"Get ready! Get ready!" they shouted.

"Get ready for what?" asked the front trucks.

They were due to find out - as they reached the top, it happened - "ON! ON! ON!" shouted the back trucks. They started to push into each other and made Koyuki roll down the hill in dangerous speeds, she was terrified.

"Stop! Please! Stop!" she cried.

The Driver slammed on the brakes, but they were useless aganist the surging trucks.

"Stop pushing!" shouted the front trucks, "it's not James! It's Koyuki!"

At first the trucks at the tail end didn't hear and continued to push. Poor Koyuki was scared as she rolled down the line towards the docks. Then at last the trucks heard her loud whistle.

"That's not James' whistle!" cried one of the tail end trucks, "that sounds like...Koyuki!"

"Hold back! Hold back!" they shouted.

They held back as much as they could, the brakes screeching wildly on the rails. Thankfully with the trucks holding back, Koyuki came to a stop and thankfully she did, as Salty the dockside diesel was on the same line as her. Koyuki had stopped with a few inches away from Salty's buffers.

"Whoa!" cried Salty, "that was too close, wasn't it, lass?"

"It was," she sighed.

Koyuki carefully shunted the trucks into place, very carefully.

"Why did you push me?"

"We thought you were James," said the back trucks, "we're sorry Koyuki, if we knew it was you, we wouldn't have bumped you."

"James might think that we're stupid, but we're not. We know which engine not to biff and bash and you are not one of those engines."

"Can I give you dears some advice?" the trucks agreed, "just do your best to ignore those engines that biff and bash you, then you there won't be any future accidents."

With that, Koyuki puffed off to collect some more trucks. The other trucks she had brought, all whispered to one another and promised to give her advice a try, hopefully it will work.