Summary: Misa overhears L and Light

Misa walked to the bathroom door, needing to go, to notice it was locked. Misa sighed slightly and began to walk to another bathroom when over hearing a loud moan

"Ryuzaki, will you be a little quieter?" Light groaned out

"But It feels sooo good Light-Kun" L said and Light sighed

"I know but why do you always make me come with you" Light asked

Misa eyes bulged out at what she just heard

"We both know we need to release 2 or 3 times a day. We also know that we can't release alone when we have these handcuffs on"

Misa had a trickle of blood come from her nose

"But Ryuzaki—"

"You do know if you need a release I'll be glad to come with you as you do me" L said

Misa had more blood trickle from her nose

"Right Ryuzaki, I might need a release in a couple of hours" Light said as he opened the bathroom door and both L and Light, in the handcuffs, walked out to see a passed out Misa with blood running from her nose

"What's up with Misa-San?" L asked with a thumb to his lower lip and Light shrugged

"Who knows?"

"Well maybe she needed to use the restroom like me" L said


"Ok potty break's over, let's go back to work" L said and Light and he walked off