I've been waiting for this category for ages, so I jumped at the chance to post but of course I had to do all the checking before hand. The character of Cordelia fascinates me because by the sound of it she is a nasty piece of work but there is history there that makes her that way. So from the information I could extract from Monte Carlo I decided to write about her.

Cordelia Winthrop Scott a girl of many talents, the girl who had it all you would think, she lived in a nice house...several in fact around the world depending where her parents would arrange for her to stay seeing as her parents had divorced almost two years previously, she had a nice car, which she was not yet allowed to drive, clothes and fashion galore,
jewellery and make up. Everything a girl could ever dream of correct? Only Cordelia wasn't happy, yes she had everything a girl could want in a materialistic view, but where were her parents when she needed them?

"Miss. Scott!" The teacher said shrilly out of nowhere, she walked briskly across the classroom to the desk of girl with dark brown hair up in a tight bun, leering over seventeen year old Cordelia Winthrop Scott. "Your mobile phone now!" She said in a stern voice holding out her hand as if expecting Cordelia to hand it over so easily. Cordelia narrowed her eyes as they locked with the teacher standing over her. Cordelia's jaw tightened her narrowed eyes still staring directly into the eyes of her teacher.
"No." She said in a slow clear voice, allowing the whole class to hear. Her defiance sparked and eruption of whispers throughout the classroom. The teacher pursed her lips tightly at Cordelia's reply, it was clear that she was trying to refrain from losing her temper.
"Miss. Scott, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. If you are unwilling to learn, please do not be selfish and disrupt your class mates from learning." Her teacher spoke calmly. Everyone stared at Cordelia. The tension in the room was at its peak. After a few moments of silence and intense stares Cordelia rose from her seat, collecting her books and other stationary before exiting the classroom swiftly, making sure she slammed the door behind her.

"The old hag asked me to leave telling me I was selfish for disrupting my other class mates learning!" Cordelia yelled down the phone pacing her dorm room back and forth. "Honestly, the nerve! If she hadn't stopped teaching to yell at me for having my phone out in the first place the class wouldn't have been disrupted!" Cordelia continued furiously while perching herself on the end of her bed. "Anyway, where are you now?" Cordelia inquired as she pulled out a pocket mirror and admired her reflection for a few moments. "Beijing?" Cordelia asked sounding impressed after her friend Victoria had replied. "I'd come see you if I wasn't being held prisoner in this hell hole." She sat listening to her friend for a few moments before replying. "Honestly it is a hell hole, especially when your room mate thinks she's better than you and little miss perfect, with her innocent watery blue eyes and her perfect golden locks and of course she's the queen of all virgins!" Cordelia scoffed in disgust. Cordelia glared as the door opened and her roommate entered. "Speak of the devil...I mean angel." Cordelia growled into the receiver. "I'll call you back later." Cordelia said hanging up. Her eyes shifted until they met with her roommate who was standing just inside the door way.
"Cordelia." She smiled as she made her way in. It was the biggest fake smile Cordelia had ever seen.
"Amanda." Cordelia replied in a bored, uninterested tone.
"I had the most wonderful day, what about you?" She asked inquisitively sitting on the bed opposite with an enthusiastic smile.
"Nothing particularly wonderful..." Cordelia replied sourly.
"Would you like to hear about mine then?" Amanda asked politely in a sweet voice.
"No, not really." Cordelia replied turning her back to Amanda.
"Cordelia you are always so miserable." Amanda said frowning at the back of Cordelia's head while awaiting an answer.
"Is that so?" Cordelia retorted coldly, truth be told, Cordelia didn't care what Amanda or anybody else thought of her and she preferred to keep it that way.
"It is so and I think it's because of your parents divorce." At this Cordelia snapped, jumping off her bed facing Amanda, her eyes were wide and fierce.
"My parents have nothing to do with it!" Cordelia screamed in Amanda's face, she was so close their noses were almost touching. "If you ever mention anything about my parents divorce again...I will..." Cordelia paused for a few moments thinking. "You'll regret ever saying anything, believe me." Cordelia growled threateningly. She then stormed out of the room without another word or even a backwards glance. The divorce of Cordelia's parents was a tender subject for Cordelia, it had hurt her, a great deal to hear the news over the phone from her mother while Cordelia was hundreds of miles away in a different country. Cordelia's father was a very wealthy and successful business owner, he had also inherited a great deal of money, many billions of pounds from Cordelia's grandparents. This made the Scott family very well known, making the news much harder for Cordelia to handle, what was supposed to be a private, personal matter within the family became a story world wide. Everywhere Cordelia looked her parents or her face would be on magazine covers, publicising her families personal matters. She had found interviews hard to handle when being questioned about it, on many occasions leaving interviews before they were over or on one occasion, storming off of a live show which created even more publicity. Cordelia glared at her own reflection in the mirror, wiping her streaming eyes and trying to collect herself.

It had taken Cordelia a few minutes to calm herself down and to reapply all of her make up. She would never allow anyone to know she had been crying. No. That showed weakness and vulnerability, which was not something Cordelia was prepared to show anybody. Nobody ever saw Cordelia Winthrop Scott cry. She returned to her room later that night, where Amanda was sitting up in bed waiting for her, clutching a thick hardback book. Cordelia groaned at the sight of her.
"Ugh, I thought you'd be asleep by now!" Cordelia moaned in a tired voice.
"No, I've been up reading this book, it's extremely fascinating, it's about a girl who-"
"I really don't care." Cordelia interjected irritably glaring at Amanda. "I don't read crappy books, because I just don't care! I have better things to do!" Cordelia snapped, her mood had not greatly improved even from having alone time. But Cordelia couldn't seem to prevent her hostility to Amanda because she just aggravated her. Anything that came out of Amanda's mouth was nothing Cordelia ever wanted to hear. Amanda did not come from a rich family as Cordelia and many of the other students at Le Rosey. Amanda had earned a scholarship which paid for her education and stay at the fine school.
"Like what?" Amanda asked curiously. "I didn't know calling one of your rich friends counted as doing something." Amanda added in her superficial tone. Cordelia narrowed her eyes on Amanda who simply smiled.
"At least I've got friends." Cordelia retorted with a sneer.
"Not here." Amanda pointed out. "Everybody hates you here, they just think you're an arrogant, selfish, ungrateful, bitch with a bad attitude and awful manners." Amanda said proudly, Cordelia ground her teeth together, clenching her fists. "I personally don't blame you, I blame your parents, it's their job to help form the person you are and they haven't done a very good job." Amanda said coolly, at this Cordelia pounced, lunging herself at Amanda with all the force she could, knocking her to the floor. Cordelia and Amanda fought viciously for several minutes, there was slapping, punching, pinching, scratching and biting. Screams could be heard from both girls from outside their room, attracting many of the girls to peek out from their rooms to listen to the screams and the crashes. The fight was finally stopped between the two when dorm advisors were called entering the scene and separating the two girls who were immediately sent to the Dean and their parents called.

"Behaviour such as this is not condoned at Le Rosey, especially between young women such as yourselves!" The Dean said firmly looking disappointedly at both girls. "You are young ladies, you will act with grace, elegance and dignity." The Dean went on, Cordelia rolled her eyes. "Now could either of you tell me what is remotely dignified about rolling around on the floor, trying to rip each other to pieces?" He asked looking from Cordelia, to Amanda who sitting with her head hung low sobbing. Neither said anything for a few moments until Amanda piped up.
"Please don't expel me Sir please! I'm begging you please!" Amanda bawled as Cordelia refrained a snigger, earning her a glare from the Dean.
"Neither of you are being expelled."
"Oh, thank you, thank you Sir." Amanda said beaming and wiping away the tears from her tear stained face and smudging her mascara.
"But I will not have this sort of behaviour at this school and besmirching its great name, is that understood?" He asked again glancing at both girls. A few minutes later he dismissed them both and they returned to their dorm room. Neither of them had said a word on their journey back.

Amanda was the first to speak upon arriving back at the two girls' room, clearing her throat as she opened the door.
"I would like us to make a fresh start." She told Cordelia with a large sickening smile. "We can turn over a new leaf and start again, that would be nice don't you think?"
"Right..." Cordelia responded dully, it had never been her intention and she wasn't willing to try. Both girls entered the room Amanda made herself comfortable on her bed. Cordelia took a few moments rummaging through her bedside cabinet as if she was looking for something.
"What are you looking for?" Amanda asked curiously supporting herself on her elbows. Cordelia took a few seconds to respond before answering.
"My lighter," Cordelia replied without looking at Amanda.
"I didn't know you smoked...and we aren't allowed lighters!" Amanda protested.
"You're right...I don't smoke." Cordelia responded. "Ah-ha!" She said triumphantly sitting up and holding a smart gold lighter. Amanda looked at it cautiously.
"I'm telling the head of our dorm!" She said nervously, getting up from her bed. Cordelia glared at her.
"So much for starting fresh," Cordelia said casually with a sigh, Amanda stopped in her tracks just before she reached the door. "I was just going to burn this candle, as a symbolism you know..." Cordelia told Amanda innocently gesturing towards the candle sitting beside her bed.
"Okay, okay...just this once." Amanda agreed reluctantly returning to her bed, Cordelia smiled evilly lighting the candle and allowing it to burn.
"Once is enough." Cordelia smiled.

Thirty or so minutes later the candle was still burning flickering slightly and giving off a warm glow. Amanda was had fallen asleep insisting that they had to be up early for polo practice the following morning. Cordelia glanced over at the candle and then at Amanda's curly blonde locks that glowed in the candle light from over the book she was holding. Cordelia threw the book down and she watched as it knocked the candle allowing it to fall side ways and within a few seconds the flames rose up, Amanda woke up screaming and running into the bathroom while Cordelia sat up in her bed quite frankly stunned, while hearing cries from the bathroom. A smile edged onto Cordelia's face she had made it look like an accident…perfect.

"Cordelia!" Cordelia groaned rolling over in her overly large Queen sized double bed, there was another disturbing knock at her bedroom door. "Cordelia! Get up, your father does not pay for your tutor so you can be late!" The maid called through the door, Cordelia groaned once again this time sitting up and wiping the sleep from her eyes. "Cordelia!"

"Yes! Yes! I'm up for goodness sake!" Cordelia yelled back irritably clambering out of bed and making her way to the on-suite. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror for a few moments while filling the sink with warm water. She tied her long dark brown, almost black hair up into a loose pony tail. She sighed turning off the tap preventing anymore hot water from gushing out. "Why do I need a stupid tutor anyway?" Cordelia muttered to herself picking up a White flannel and dropping it into the sink of warm water. Cordelia never wanted a tutor, it wasn't her fault that the snarky know-it-all Amanda had agitated her enough that she had set fire to the girl's hair and as a result been excluded from Le Rosey. The truth was Cordelia was lonely. Yes Cordelia knew a lot of people, she made many acquaintances every week but none of them she could really call friends, nobody knew the real Cordelia, what she wanted, what she most desired. The truth was Cordelia could be surround by hundreds of people and still feel completely and utterly alone.

She appeared at the top of the stairs, thirty or so minutes later, wearing smart skinny black trousers, a white button blouse and a black rever jacket. Only to be confronted by the maid, she was slightly shorter than Cordelia and she had almost the exact same hair colour a part from a few stray grey hairs many could have mistaken her to be Cordelia's mother. Ofelia stood staring sternly at Cordelia with her hands perched on her hips, Cordelia said nothing, she knew very well what that look meant. She started making her way down the grand wooden polished staircase her hand gliding lightly a top the smooth banister while the maid followed just behind determined to make Cordelia listen.

"Cordelia, how many times must I tell you?" She said taking lightly hold of Cordelia's wrist and preventing her from taking any further steps. "Your father will have no more of you delaying your tutor, you must take more responsibility for yourself." Cordelia pursed her lips together and narrowed her eyes before whirling around to face the maid; her chocolate brown eyes were fierce as she glowered at the slightly shorter woman.

"What can my father do, Ofelia?" Cordelia asked with a snort of laughter, "He is never here." Cordelia continued, she then released her wrist from Ofelia's grip turning to head down the stairs once again. "Feel free to inform my father that I am no longer interested in continuing my studies." Cordelia called as she exited the house without a backwards glance.

"Cordelia! Cordelia, where are you going?" Ofelia called desperately from the front door as she watched Cordelia walking briskly down the long stony drive way, no sooner had she got to the end of the drive a lustrous black Rolls Royce pulled up and an large man dressed in a smart black suit climbed out, opening the door, bowing his head slightly as Cordelia clambered in, taking her seat in the immaculate automobile. The door was then immediately closed and within a few moments Ofelia watched as the car pulled away. She wondered what she would have to tell the tutor this time, how she would have to tell Cordelia's father that she had once again failed to get Cordelia to study and how she now didn't know where his daughter was heading and what she was doing.

"Where to are you heading this fine morning Miss. Scott?" The driver asked glancing up at the mirror where he could see Cordelia's reflection. It was the only way he could make eye contact without fully taking his eyes off of the road in front of him. Cordelia let out a sigh glancing down at the sliver watch she always wore and then back up looking to the mirror to make eye contact with the young driver who was no older than his mid-twenties with dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

"I would like to stop at The Belvedere for a spot of breakfast before I go and do some shopping." Cordelia told him with a small smile, he nodded in agreement his eyes setting on the road once more. "Thank you, Lance." Cordelia smiled.

"Right away, Miss. Scott." Lance said, Cordelia's eyes shifted, she glanced out of the tinted black windows only to notice that they were being followed by paparazzi as she usually was. Cordelia let out a groan.

"Have they got nothing else to do with their pathetic little lives than to follow me around?" Cordelia said irritably. "You'd have thought some would have got a proper job by now." Pulling out her phone and glancing down at the screen which displayed several missed calls and voice messages from her mother. "What on earth does she want?...Probably to lecture me on how important it is for me to learn how to properly run daddy's business." Cordelia laughed, she was talking mainly to herself, she did this quite often and Lance had learned not to answer her unless asked directly. Cordelia then selected one of the several voice mails holding the phone up to her ear and her mother's voice immediately filled the car.

"Cordelia Winthrop. Scott! What am I going to do with you? Return home this instance, your father and I are growing tired of your continuous lack of responsibility, I do not think you realise the importance of these lessons and how much your future depends on them. Your father and I have arranged a surprise for you upon your return, please darling, hurry back." Cordelia immediately selected the delete all messages button and placed her phone back into her pocket and laughed to herself, there was no way she would be returning home even with a surprise install for her, Cordelia's mother tried everything in her power to get Cordelia to abide by rules or to do as she was told but it never worked out, Cordelia would constantly to anything she could to get her way and nothing or nobody else mattered until she got what she wanted and if she didn't want something, it wasn't going to happen in a million years and that was the end of it.

"When is mummy going to learn?" Cordelia sighed to herself. A few moments later they pulled up in front of The Belvedere and Cordelia glanced at her watch and then out of the window, where she saw the paparazzi clambering out of their cars, cameras in hand at the ready.

"Are you ready Miss, Scott?" Lance asked, unbuckling his seatbelt, turning to face Cordelia who nodded in response, the paparazzi were already shouting questions and taking pictures. "It looks like it's going to be a hectic one today Miss." Lance told her biting his lip.

Just to clarify the events with Grace, Meg and Emma do not happen, as far as this story is concerned in Cordelia's life they don't exist. Basically their trip to Paris went as planned and Cordelia is going to do what she originally wanted. Just thought I would clear that up.

Do you think Cordelia seems in character? Or should she be meaner or something. Oh and one last thing, trailer for this story on my profile if you want to get the full gist of the story.