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Chapter 3 – Monte Carlo

Cordelia arrived at the French airport with nothing but the bag she was carrying. She would be able to buy new clothes in Majorca when she needed them. As she reached the desk she cleared her throat to get the attention of the woman sitting behind the desk. The young woman, dressed in a royal blue uniform glanced up at Cordelia.
"I want a ticket for the next flight to Majorca." Cordelia told her. The woman immediately began typing on her computer, only looking up to tell Cordelia that the passengers were already on the flight and that she would be unable to board the aircraft. Upon hearing this information Cordelia lost her temper.
"Do you know who I am?" Cordelia growled, narrowing her eyes on the young woman, who shook her head slowly. Cordelia reached into her bag, pulling out a tabloid with herself on the cover and setting it in front of the woman. She glanced at it, her eyes shifting up to Cordelia. "So?" Cordelia urged impatiently.
"So, I cannot 'elp you..." The woman paused for a moment reading the cover of the tabloid. "Miss. Winthrop." Cordelia scowled.
"It's Scott." Cordelia corrected the woman irritably, who simply gave a shrug in response. Cordelia took a few moments to herself to think about what she was going to do. She could either go back to the hotel or she could wait for the next flight to Majorca. Finally Cordelia had reached her decision. "When is the next flight to Majorca?"

"Thirty minutes." The woman told her.
"WHAT?" Cordelia exclaimed angrily. "Why not just set me up for that flight in the first place?" She asked her temper beginning to boil. This woman was playing her. "Just get me a ticket." Cordelia demanded placing her head in her hands. "First class." She added.

Cordelia landed in Majorca early the next morning. Completely exhausted she approached the front desk.
"I want a suite." Cordelia informed the man in a tired voice. He immediately got to work, only minutes later handing her a room key. Upon entering her room, Cordelia was much too exhausted to examine it, falling backwards onto the crisp, clean bed. The soft bed and it's pure white sheets engulfed her as she sunk into a deep sleep.

The following morning Cordelia was awoken by her phone ringing. Still half asleep she answered it, wiping the sleep from her eyes, looking around groggily.
"Hello?...Yes, Victoria, I'm in Majorca." Cordelia answered, rising from the soft bed and making her way to the bathroom as she spoke. "I'll meet you for some tea in about an hour, then we can go to the beach." Cordelia told her friend, still trying to wake herself up.

Cordelia took a shower, applying a fresh set of make-up and pinning her hair up as she usually did. She rarely wore it any other way. As Cordelia entered the restaurant she spotted her good friend Victoria, who was sitting alone at a table for two. Victoria had gleaming brunette hair, which fell into perfect ringlets at her shoulders and large, beautiful green eyes with perfectly long lashes that curtained them. She was the envy of many girls, including Cordelia. Not only because of her good looks, but Victoria's parents were still together and were much more lenient with their daughter. Victoria was sipping a cup of tea elegantly when Cordelia entered. Spotting Cordelia, she set the tea down on its saucer and smiled at her friend.
"You're late." Victoria told Cordelia, as she glanced down at the designer watch on her wrist.
"You can't expect me to look this fabulous right out of bed." Cordelia retorted as she took a seat opposite Victoria.
"You do look absolutely fabulous, darling." Cordelia nodded her head signalling for the waiter, so that he could take her order. "When did you arrive?" Victoria asked, curiously taking another sip of tea.
"Six o'clock this morning," Cordelia replied. "The way I was treated last night only enforces my hatred for the French." Cordelia snarled irritably.
"Surely it can't have been that bad." Victoria replied uncertainly. "But maybe you shouldn't be so open about your hatred for them, they may read it." She advised. Cordelia let out a laugh, shaking her head at Victoria.
"Most of them don't even know who I am." Cordelia admitted gritting her teeth.

Cordelia and Victoria spent the next two days lounging around on the beach, in and around the hotel. They had been approached by many handsome young men of their age but Cordelia being Cordelia simply turned them away without a second thought. In her mind none of them were good enough for her.

"You're so cynical do you know that, Cordelia?" Victoria said one afternoon after Cordelia had turned down yet another date offer. Cordelia inclined her head in her best friend's direction giving her a small smile.

"I don't go for just any man, Victoria," Cordelia replied nonchalantly, turning back and making herself comfortable on the sun bed. While Victoria let out a laugh, shaking her head.

"I've never seen you go for any man!" Victoria exclaimed, making sure to put an emphasis on the word 'any'. "Well…in exception of Theo Marchand." She added playfully. At this Cordelia's head snapped back in Victoria's direction, she ripped off her designer sunglasses and glared at Victoria.

"That was purely for the press!" Cordelia snapped. "Not that you would know anything about that sort of thing." Cordelia added with a sigh, slipping back on her sunglasses, before leaving Victoria who stared at her without saying another word.

Daniel sat alone in his bedroom, playing video games. This was pretty much all that Daniel did in his spare time when he wasn't at school or his father was not teaching him how to fight, that was of course when his father was around. Daniel was the captain of the school wrestling team and quarterback on the school football team. He did his best to capture his father's attention and make him proud.

"Mom says dinner is ready!" His little brother called.

"Scram you little -" Daniel growled.

"Mom! Dan is gonna swear at me!" His little brother grinned smugly at his older brother before running down the stairs into the safety of the kitchen where his mum was serving up dinner. Daniel followed down moodily as he usually did, trudging down the staircase. Daniel had short black hair that was gelled up at the front. Large brown eyes, he was strong and well built for his age and was of Native American descendant.

"Daniel, what did I tell you about swearing at your brother?" He was greeted by his mother. Daniel said nothing muttering under his breath as he collapsed into a chair beside the table. He sat without uttering a word when he heard a voice in the next room, the obvious voice of his father. Daniel immediately sat up in his chair.

"When did dad get home?" He asked eagerly. "Nobody told me." His mother smiled graciously at him as she walked over from the kitchen counter, carrying a steaming hot plate of delicious looking food and set it in front of him.

"Only just." She told him, turning her back to him and fetching another plate of food.

"Is he staying long?" Daniel asked curiously.

"Why don't you ask him yourself?" His mother smiled, as she took a seat, as she did this Daniel's father entered the dining room, smiling at his two sons and his wife.

"Ah, nothing I like better than a home cooked family dinner." He said cheerfully as he took a seat at the table with the rest of his family.

"Dad, where have you been this time?" Ben, the youngest of his sons asked enthusiastically.

"London, England." His dad replied with a mouth full of food. Ben stared at him admiringly and complete awe.

"Did you meet the Queen?" He asked excitedly. At this Daniel let out a snort of laughter, earning himself a glare from his mother. Their father simply chuckled and shook his head.

"How long are you staying?" Daniel asked. His father paused for a moment, glancing up at Daniel briefly.

"I don't know." He replied uncertainly. "We've…had a slight error and things haven't gone as smoothly as we had planned, but only a few days until we get back on track." He said giving his family a small smile and swiftly turning his attention back to his food.

After dinner Daniel had retreated back up to his room to play some more video games. He didn't come back out until he desperately needed a drink during the middle of the night. He was careful to be as quiet as possible, sneaking down the staircase so as not to wake anyone else. He got himself a glass of water and as he was walking back to his room, he passed his fathers office, where he could hear his father whispering frantically. He edged closer, listening intently to what is father was saying.

"You found her?...She's back in Monte Carlo?... Does she have the necklace?... What do you mean you don't know?... I'll be there as soon as possible, I'll take the next flight to Monte Carlo." Daniel bolted away from the door as his father put down the phone and came out of his office. While in his room Daniel thought to himself questions were exploding inside his brain like fireworks. Why was his father looking for a girl and was he after her necklace, was it so valuable? A few minutes later he heard the sound of his father leaving and approached the window, watching him as he got into his car and drove away. This was not unusual, he had disappeared in the middle of the night many times, but nobody had ever known what for but Daniel was determined to find out. He crept into his father's office, which was usually out of bounds to anyone, but Daniel didn't care, his father was no longer there to catch him out and he was determined to find out what was going on.

He rummaged through his fathers documents, all on different sets of expensive looking jewellery and rare stones and diamonds alike. In each article many had been reported stolen or missing only weeks after. Daniel opened the document lying on his father's desk. The article was an extract from a British tabloid on a girl, a very beautiful girl in Daniel's opinion, Cordelia Winthrop. Scott.

You'll all be surprised to know that Cordelia Scott is not at it again. Oh no, she is not part of the latest scandal this time whether it is setting her roommates hair on fire, driving without a license or simply hooking up with Monte Carlo's hottie. No this time it seems Cordelia is trying to re-build her image and heading back to Monte Carlo, reports say not to be hooking up with her cute French beau but for a charity event for Save the Children and the Marchand Family Foundation. She is set to be donating a multi million pound necklace, made of diamonds and sapphires. Isn't that generous of her? We're sure that isn't all she's going for, Theo watch out, your British beauty is back in town!

Daniel put down the article, his eyes scanning over various other information on Cordelia and her necklace, when he finally found a set of notes that seemed to be a plan of sorts. As he read through it he learned that his father was not only planning to steal the necklace but to hold Cordelia for ransom to get money from her family. Daniel dropped the documents sprinting to his room and picking up the receiver while dialling nine, one, one. He paused for a moment, how could he even explain this to the police? Nobody would believe him and there wasn't enough time. Quickly he decided to pack his bags, grabbing his passport and money that he had saved for his college tuition fee while pocketing the notes his father had left.

Cordelia arrived in Monte Carlo during the late morning on Friday, rolling up at the Hotel de Paris, in Monaco, she stepped out to hear the shouts of paparazzi and flashing of cameras, she frowned sighing to herself.

"It never stops." She muttered to herself irritably, while body guards did their best to with hold the paparazzi from getting too close. She walked briskly into the hotel, pushing her way through the revolving doors and through the chic marble lobby finally reaching the front desk. She stopped in front of it, looking expectantly at the receptionist through her dark sunglasses. He looked up cheerfully at her.

"Oh…Mademoiselle. Scott" He said smiling at her. Cordelia did not look at him as he said this, staring down at the screen of her Blackberry at the text she had received from Victoria.

"Room key." She uttered dismally, looking up at him as she said it, his smile faded and he looked at her. "Faster." She added equally as dismal and with no hint of politeness. He slowly fumbled around behind the front desk searching for her key, his eyes still fixed on her curiously. She shook her head disapprovingly while staring down at her phone as he continued to take his time and look for the key. She decided to call Victoria, as he finally managed to find the key handing it to her. "Follow." She ordered the small man who was carrying all her bags of designer clothing that she had just bought. She made her way up the carpeted marble staircase while talking to Victoria. "What you said in Majorca was out of hand."

"Cordelia!" A French voice called, it was Theo Marchand who chased behind her as she climbed the stairs.

"Hold on Victoria." Cordelia groaned, pulling off her sunglasses and turning to face Theo who looked at her mesmerised for a moment. "Yes?" Cordelia asked.

"You're late!" He said in a matter of fact voice. Cordelia stared back at Theo for a moment, pursing her lips.

"I'm here aren't I?" Cordelia pointed out. "Now if you don't mind.

"But the auction!" Theo interrupted, Cordelia glared at him turning to get into the lift.

"I said I'm here aren't I?" She said sighing and lifting her phone back to her ear. "Forgot how I hate the French!" She told Victoria irritably. "So impatient I tell you." She stood in the lift with the man carrying her bags, her phone still pressed to her ear, as the lift door opened and she stepped out. "Shanghai? Well can you wait for me?" She asked stopping where she stood. The man carrying her bags eased around her swiftly, smiling nervously at her as he did. Cordelia sighed as she followed him down the neat corridor. "Ugh, just this auction I've got to deal with." She paused as they reached her door. "Do you suppose-" She stopped when the man backed into her, she narrowed her eyes at him. "Do you mind, watch where you're going!" Cordelia spat crisply.

"Après vous…" He said nervously allowing Cordelia to pass. She entered quickly. "Hold of Victoria my mother is calling." Cordelia said while rolling her eyes as she stood glancing around the first room that she had entered that contained polished wooden floors, marble pillars and two comfy looking couches facing opposite one another, turning to the man with her bags who smiled at her.

"I was meant to have a suite." She informed him. His smiled faded slightly as his eyes shifted around the room while her eyes stayed fixed on him looking him up and down, expecting him to say something. "Put those in there." Cordelia commanded, referring to her bags and signalling towards the white doors that lead to the bedroom. "Wait! Wait!" She said throwing down her designer hand bag and sunglasses and marching towards the curtained double doors that led out towards the terrace. She opened them briskly stepping out. "Daddy is supposed to be here isn't he? I don't see his boat." Cordelia said looking out into the distance towards the harbour, a feeling of sadness filled Cordelia but she sucked it up before continuing. "Well then where is he?" She demanded. "He's in Meknes?" Cordelia asked her mother after she had answered "But you said-"

"Mademoiselle?" The man said nervously in a small voice.

"Hold on…" Cordelia said in with a bothersome tone as she turned back and entered the suite where the man stood.

"Yes?" She asked, they stared at one another for a few moments, until Cordelia finally spoke. "If you have finished you may go." Cordelia told him. He stared at her still and then looked past her wearing a confused frown, but Cordelia took no notice. "If you have finished you may go." Cordelia repeated, this time with more of an emphasis, they looked at each other again for a few brief moments until Cordelia turned away heading towards her bedroom.

A few moments later she continued her call with her mother. "Yes, I'm here mother, so unfair, I never get to see my friends, I never get to do what I want." Cordelia spoke into the receiver in a calm almost hard-done-by voice. "When is it going to be my turn?" She asked with a sigh before putting down the receiver without her mother being able to answer. She reached for an apple that had clearly been bitten into previously. She scowled dropping the apple into the bin below.

"Miss. Scott…" Cordelia looked up turning to face the foreign voice, where she was confronted by three men, two of which that seemed immensely strong in their build and one slightly smaller man, who stood pointing a gun directly at her. Cordelia stared down the end of the barrel of the sleek metallic weapon. She gulped but did her best to act cool.

"What is it that you want from me?" Cordelia asked coolly staring intently into the smaller man's eyes.

"I think, Miss. Scott, you know exactly what I'm here for." The man replied.

"I think, Sir, I would not be asking that question if I knew."

"Do not play games with me Miss. Scott! Where is the necklace?" The man demanded, the gun still pointing directly at Cordelia's chest. Cordelia said nothing starring at him for a moment.

"It is downstairs." Cordelia lied, in fact the necklace was locked in its case in her room, but she was not about to give it up so easily to these thieves.

"Tell us how to get downstairs, without getting caught."

"Or what?" Cordelia asked glaring at them. The man cocked the gun.

"Or I'll shoot you!" He growled. Cordelia's eye widened as he said this, she could not panic at a time like this, if she yelled for help they'd probably shoot her, if she told them nothing, truth or lie, they'd shoot her. "So…do you have anything to say?" He urged.

"No." Cordelia answered, it seemed his patience was growing thin, but Cordelia knew very well that he was not about to shoot.

"You're not even going to beg for your life?" He asked in a confused voice.

"Sir, I'm British, the British do not beg!" Cordelia boasted defiantly. "Besides…if you shoot me now you'll never get to the necklace." She added triumphantly.

"She has a point boss." One of the bigger men said.

"Shut up!" The smaller man with the gun snapped. "Your insolence is beginning to try my patience Miss. Scott." He said gritting his teeth. "Tie her up and put her in her room, gag her if you must." At that moment the two larger men seized hold of Cordelia, who kicked and screamed at them as they dragged her away. "I'm going to find out where the necklace is." He informed them before leaving the suite.

"You will never get away with this!" Cordelia snarled as the two men finished tying her arms and legs to a chair. "My father will have your heads for this and that a guarantee." The man laughed gagging her so that she could make no more noise.

"At least that's one thing that comes with a guarantee." One of them chuckled. "You stand guard outside; I'll be in the suite…not that she'll be going anywhere."

"Hey, excuse me, is Cordelia Scott here?" Daniel asked Theo, upon entering the Hotel de Paris.

"Yes, ze little monster is upstairs…getting ready for ze auction." Theo answered in his aristocratic French accent. "You are here for ze auction?" He asked Daniel looking him up and down curiously, he was not dressed suitably for the event.

"Actually…I'm here to see her." Daniel answered. "Do you know where I could find her, which suite?" He asked curiously. He noticed his father stepping out of the elevator, he seized hold of Theo pulling him in front of himself to ensure his father could not see him.

"What are you doing?" Theo demanded pushing himself away from Daniel and starring at him with an alarmed look on his face. Daniel ran up the stairs slipping into the lift before it closed. He sprinted onto the first floor he came to and ran through the halls searching desperately. Many well dressed men and women stared at him as he passed, exchanging disgusted looks. He did this on three more floors until he reached the fourth floor, as he stepped out of the elevator he noticed a large man standing outside one of the doors. He approached him, walking casually down the corridor, his heart was racing as he drew closer to the large man.

"Excuse me, is Cordelia ready for the auction, they are eagerly awaiting her arrival downstairs." Daniel lied, his heart was pounding as he spoke, but he was determined not to allow his nerves to get the better of him. Inside the room Cordelia heard the voices, trying desperately to make a noise but the gag made it literally impossible.

"She has already left for the auction." The man answered to Daniel. Cordelia tried her best to struggle against the ropes that bound her to the chair, jumping around, causing herself to eventually fall backwards. Daniel and the man heard a loud thud. The man turned and unlocked the door, Daniel seized his chance punching him with all the force he could, causing the man's head to bounce off the back of the door frame. The man fell to the floor with another loud thud.

"Quiet in there, or I'll inform McQueen of your lack of co-operation!" A voice on the other side of the door called.

Daniel ran over to Cordelia who was lying on the floor, she was still tied to the chair and gagged. Daniel took off the gag pressing his fingers to his lips to signal to Cordelia for her to be quiet.

"I'm here to help you." Daniel whispered. "You're Cordelia aren't you?"

"Yes, now for goodness sake, help me out of here!" Cordelia hissed in a demanding tone. Daniel immediately obliged, untying Cordelia and helping her to her feet.

"We have to get out of here now." Daniel told her in an urgent voice, taking hold of her arm and trying to pull her out of the open door.

"Wait, no!" Cordelia hissed. "The necklace, they want the necklace." She ran to the closet where her luggage was stacked in an orderly pile, one on top of the other, a sliver high security case sitting on the very top. Daniel meanwhile dragged the larger man's unconscious body into the room, out of plain sight of the rest of the hotel. Retrieving the necklace Cordelia joined Daniel in the corridor.

"Now come on, Miss. Scott we have to go, it's not safe for you here."

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