A/N: This fanfic takes place after the events of Across the 2nd Dimension occur. I will be alternating chapters with fellow co-author Myron Greenleaf. Enjoy!

Shortly after Doofenshmirtz was arrested and thrown in prison for his crimes against humanity, the citizens of his Doofania Tri-State Area rose up as one against the remaining Normbots that weren't wired to the self-destruct button that was activated.

The Firestorm Girls were having a field day attacking the remaining Normbots wherever they could be found. All across the Danville, you could see the debris from the destroyed Normbots as they retreated in panic.

At the Googolplex Mall, the two brilliant stepbrothers named Phineas and Ferb were ignoring all the chaos that the fall of Doofenshmirtz brought and were in an abandoned Macy's store which, ironically, was still fully stocked, trying to find a new signature outfit to wear now that they wouldn't have to wear their Resistance uniforms.

"Hey Phineas," Ferb said, knocking on the changing room door. "Aren't you done yet?"

Phineas grinned to himself. "Well, I was about to ask you the same question," the 11-year-old boy replied. "Hold on, I'm almost done." After about thirty more seconds, Phineas unlocked the door and came out.

Both boys had decided to go against wearing what they saw the other Phineas and Ferb wear and go for more independent looks. Phineas noted with semi-approval at what Ferb was wearing. Ferb's hair was still the same, but the 10-year-old boy had discarded his uniform for a green t-shirt, dark blue shorts, and light grey sneakers.

Ferb just raised an eyebrow at what Phineas was wearing. Again, Phineas had done nothing with his hair, but he had discarded his uniform in favor of a dark red t-shirt, blue jeans, red and blue striped converse sneakers, and a black overcoat. He also wore a belt that had hooks attached to various tools on his waist, an ear microphone in his left ear, and to finish off the look, Phineas had gone with black sunglasses.

"You overdid it," Ferb stated as a matter of fact.

"Yeah?" Phineas asked. "Well, I think you underdid it. Honestly Ferb, you could use an accessory or two as well."

"All I need is a simple outfit," Ferb replied. "Nothing too fancy. Just something that I can wear when I'm not in a war zone."

As the two stepbrothers bickered about how the other one should've dressed, outside the department stores windows, the Firestorm Girls, with their fearless leader Isabella, were fighting alongside Perry the Platyborg.

That was the exact moment that Phineas decided to look out the door as the two stepbrothers were leaving the building, still obviously arguing about the different outfits.

"Hey Isabella," Phineas called out. Isabella kicked the head off of a Normbot before turning her head and registering the two of them.

"Phineas?" she asked, slightly confused before turning around and throwing a grenade at the remaining Normbots. "You and Ferb look different."

"Yeah," Phineas said. "We decided to get some new clothes. If you want, we can help you pick something out that you can wear." Ferb gave a thumbs-up in response.

"Phineas," Isabella called out as she picked up a bamboo staff and began fighting three different Normbots that were attacking her. "Do I honestly look like I'm in the mood for going clothes shopping right now?"

At that moment, the Normbot leader, a gold-colored one, fired a flare signaling a retreat. After about ten seconds, the cheers went up about another victory.

"Apparently not," Ferb replied.

Isabella just sighed in defeat, knowing already that the brother and stepbrother of her own boss would never stop pestering her about it until she gave in. "Alright, fine," she told them, who then led her into Macy's. Both Phineas and Ferb were already thinking ahead as to what they should help her wear.