For Rachel, because it's her birthday and she's awesome, 'kay?

She was your saving g r a c e -

littleLucy, with her ::eyes:: like diamonds;

she picked you up when it all went wrong.


You'd never had much luck with


it was the one thing you couldn't do.

Perfect TeddyLupin,

not so




It didn't bother Lucy, though.

She just saw that you were


saw the hole Victoire had ripped in your chest.

She only wanted to h e l p you

[that's what Lucy did]

love wasn't on the /cards/.




it was.


It came out of nowhere,

bright light in the darkness;

ripped through the confusion

leaving only clarity behind it.


You started to wonder:

why didn't I see this before?

You hadn't really seen her before.

She'd just been Lucy,

{no one of great importance}.


Now there was no one more important

than littleLucy

with her ::eyes:: like diamonds and

her *smile* that glittered like

broken glass.