I am back to announce that I have begun preparations for The New Adventures of School Rumble: Book 2. (But make no mistake, I've made Dragonball C: Book 3 my priority!)

I know for a fact that everyone loved it very much, and book 2 will be, unlike book 1, mostly original material.

Since I know that you're just starved for more N.A.O. SchooRum, I have assembled a handful of notable outtakes from book 1 for you to enjoy for a minute or two.


Warning: These outtakes contain mature language, alcohol, and sexual references. If you do not care for that sort of thing, I suggest that you steer clear from these short bits of literature.

This is a scene from Chapter 2 that I wrote quickly and without too much thought. You might not believe it, but this is actually the first real iteration of this scene. And you may find it no surprise why I changed it so much.

1.) Bathroom: What an unlikely situation…

Yakumo stood there, staring intently at herself in the mirror, fiddling with her hair this way and that alternatively. She pouted her lips subtly, showing her disapproval of her appearance as a result of her interference. The younger Tsukamoto immediately went back to work, brushing her hair behind one ear with one hand and cocking head to the opposite side, shaking her head softly to let the hair fall naturally into place.

Behind her, she could hear farts and plopping sounds from behind the stall. As a result of a particularly loud shit blast, Tenma let out a low moan of satisfaction. "It's ropey," Tenma dared to announce.

The sound of the flush of the toilet sounded, and Tenma emerged from the stall and closed the door behind her, sighing with relief. "Hey, you haven't been talking to Harima a whole lot," Tenma reminded her sister. "Is there something wrong? This is your date, too, isn't it?"

"Sis," Yakumo managed to utter. "I want to suck his cock so badly."

Tenma gave Yakumo a perfectly incredulous look, effectively displaying with that gaze the purest shock and disbelief she had ever known. "What?" She asked loudly, her eyes wide with surprise. "I never knew you to be so bold!"

"Well, I said it, and it's the truth," Yakumo confirmed proudly.

This is a scene from Chapter 4, and like the first outtake, this was the original writing that was tweaked to make it appropriate and relevant. It contains dialogue from Clerks II.

2.) Ass-to-mouth

"All right listen up, you guys! Today Tenma get's to be queen all day!" Megumi cried. "So give us your orders, your majesty!"

"Oh really?" asked Tenma, buzzed from the schnapps she'd been drinking from throughout the night. "Okay then, first up is Mikoto!"

"You gotta blow Auso," Tenma drunkenly told Suou, pointing a wobbly finger in the young man's direction. "And we get to watch." she said, sweeping her arm out to encompass the whole of the room. Tsukamoto considered the command for a few moments, then added "And then you have to go ass-to-mouth," She nodded, smiling at her perceived cleverness.

Ausou only looked at Tenma, his disgusted, inquiring expression saying "are you serious?"

This is an interesting bit, but it was scrapped utterly and completely. And for good reason, too—don't doubt. It makes almost zero sense. Nevertheless, I kept it around because it never fails to make me laugh.

4.) Ass-to-mouth, Part 2

Mikoto spat out a big chunky blob of viscous semen and glared at Tenma, who was busy draining a bottle of strawberry wine… Meanwhile, a gorilla was swinging crazily from the chandelier nearby.

The gorilla hooted and roared, slapping one long-fingered hand across its genitalia. The ape's shlong twitched slightly as a golden arc of piss sprayed from its tip, showering the drunken guests of Tenma's birthday party.

"Get a load of this!" roared Imadori, lying in a chair with his legs held high above. He was flicking a lighter over his asshole, and when the flame lit, a considerable blast of methane gas cracked forth from the sphincter, producing a loud BLAT sound, followed by the instant immolation of his whole body, and the recliner.

He screamed and howled, leaping up from his perch and he flailed his blazing arms this way and that, shrieking insanely for help.

"Don't worry!" cried La La Gonzales, brandishing a full bottle of tequila. "I shall douse the flames!" She popped the bottle open and splashed it over Imadori's charred body, and the fire exploded to even greater life, forcing La La to leap away in retreat.