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**********Five and a half hours later**********

Rose has just finished cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom and is heading off to find the Doctor to see what he wants for tea. She's about to step foot on the stairs when she happens to look up and see a white handkerchief tied to a broom handle waving back and forth over the upstairs railing.

The Doctor pops his head around the corner of the upstairs corridor and calls down, "I come in peace! Is it safe?"

Rose steps away from the stairs to laughingly answer, "As safe as houses!" A glimpse of the broken step out of the corner of her eye has her thinking, Well, not our house. She smiles broadly and waves him down to her. "Come on down!"

His manic grin meets her gaze before he practically flies down the stairs with a speed and agility that would make any swashbuckler envious. He stands before her in a dramatic pose, feeling so impressive and then it hits him. Literally.

Plop! Plop! The Doctor dips his fingers into the white liquid that dripped onto his shirt and thrusts his glasses onto his face as he brings the substance closer for inspection. "Don't lick it!" cautions Rose.

The Doctor throws an affronted glare at Rose as he replies, "I wasn't going to lick it! I was trying to discern its origin! What do you take me for, a two year old?"

Rose throws her hands up in a defensive gesture. "You were the one going on about your oral fixation! Besides, I can tell you exactly what it is and where it came from, no taste test required."

The Doctor's look and tone are both condescending as he retorts, "Oh, really? Well then why don't you enlighten me, Sunshine?"

Rose ignores the Doctor's gibe and tries her best to maintain her composure as she points upwards and replies, "Let's just say that you never know how lucky you are until it hits you, Doctor."

He looks up to see two owls blinking back at them. "How the hell did they get in here?"

Rose's gaze shoots upwards as she answers, "I'm guessing through the open window. I'd move if I were you, by the way. Incoming."

The Doctor's head snaps down to look at her in bewilderment as he asks, "What? What are you…oh, sh*t!"

"Yes, Doctor," comments Rose, barely containing her mirth. "I think we've already established that. The real question is, what are we going to do with them?"

The Doctor picks up a discarded rag as he begins scrubbing away at his t-shirt and he answers her distractedly. "I don't know. They're not exactly the pair of hooters that I was planning on attending to tonight."

Rose laughs outright in response and swats his arm. "What?" he scoffs in disbelief. "Do you want me to try to talk to them?" The Doctor sticks his hands in his pockets, rocks back on his heels and gazes up at the birds as he introduces himself. "Hello, I'm the Doctor." A soft "hoo" is his reply.

"Doctor?" asks Rose. "Hoo," call out the owls. "Doctor!" repeats Rose. "Hoo," the owls answer her again.

The Doctor chuckles softly to himself as he continues watching the owls. "I'm sorry, Rose. It's just that never gets old."

With a slight quirk of her lips and a bump to his shoulder, Rose asks, "What do we do about the owls, Doctor?"

He considers this as he tugs on his ear and before concluding, "Well, any animal services will be closed by now. We'll just have to hope they fly back out the window."

"And if they don't?" inquires Rose with great interest.

The Doctor's eyes twinkle with mischief and he answers her back cheekily, "Then we'll just have to go to Diagon Alley for some owl treats."

"Doctor!" laughs Rose. "I'm serious!"

The Doctor flashes a wide smile and pulls her into a hug. "I know. We'll figure it out in the morning if they're still here."

Rose snuggles happily into his embrace but is simultaneously riddled with curiosity. "Doctor," she hesitatingly inquires, anxious that she'll ruin his good mood. "You seem a lot happier than you were before. What's happened?"

"The unexpected, Rose!" he declares with exuberance while he gestures upwards at the owls. "Something wondrous and completely unexpected has dropped into our lives!" He shoots a rueful glance down at his t-shirt. "Literally." Suddenly, he is beaming again. "Isn't it great?"

Rose's returning smile rivals his own. She is thrilled to witness the Doctor still being able to find his own idea of adventure in their life together on the slow path.

"Now," he grabs her by the hand and drags her towards the stairs, "let's go to the bedroom!"

"Wow!" replies Rose, impressed by his over eager enthusiasm. "You must be really keen to have make-up sex!"

The Doctor looks back at her over his shoulder in confusion and asks, "What? No!" Rose's hand starts to slip out of his grip in surprise and he quickly tightens his grasp around her hand.

The Doctor squeezes her hand and tries again, speaking gently, "I mean…no. Not for make-up sex. I want to show you what I've done with our bedroom!"

He starts to tug her back towards the stairs when he stops dead in his tracks and whirls around to face her. "Wait a minute. Do we need to have make-up sex? Are we still fighting?"

Rose feigns innocence with her reply. "I don't know, are we?"

The Doctor attempts to assess her temperament and finally answers with a slightly unsure yet still manly, "No. No, I don't think so. In fact, I'm positive that we're not still fighting. What I am unsure of however, is why am I trying to talk myself out of make-up sex?"

He begins hitting the palm of his hand against his forehead repeatedly as he berates himself. "Bad Doctor! Stupid Time Lord tendencies! Listen to the human hormones!"

Rose's giggles taper off as she grabs the Doctor's hand to lead him upstairs. "Come on, Doctor. Bedroom."

The Doctor's smile widens as he gazes at her hopefully. "Really? Now?"

"Noooo." drawls Rose. "Not that right now. Later. Right now, I want to see how you've fixed up the bedroom."

As she runs up the stairs, the Doctor watches her go with a sigh and a shake of his head. A smirk then dawns on his face as he thinks, Yep. Still got it.

He sprints up the stairs after her to find her staring at the door to Room 1019, which happens to be hanging off of its hinges.

She turns to him in complete befuddlement and questions, "What happened?"

He shoves one hand deep into his pocket while he runs the other one through his hair. He looks at her over the rims of his glasses. "Well, it wasn't quite the room for us that I was hoping that it would be."

He points to the bits of ruin around the room. "As you can see, there's some water damage seeping out from the en suite and over there, bits of the ceiling have fallen in exposing all of the frayed wiring."

With both hands now resting in the pockets of his jeans, he leans against the door jam and tells her, "Now, I was more than willing to apply some jiggery pokery, especially when you displayed your enthusiasm by covering the bed with a large array of chocolate mints."

Rose's brow furrows as she darts him a suspicious glance and states, "I didn't throw any chocolates on the bed, Doctor."

The Doctor shuts his eyes tight before looking back at her with a grim expression. "Yes. I know that now, Rose. I actually realized it at the same moment that I noticed the mints were moving across the bed. Until then, I wasn't aware that cockroaches came in that color."

Rose jumps away from the doorway in horror and disgust while searching for their home's latest invaders. She practically jumps out of her skin when the Doctor lays a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry," he soothes. "They're gone. Han and Leia took out most of them and I killed the rest. I think we need to add an exterminator to our list of assistants."

Rose leans back into the Doctor, obviously disappointed. "But 1019 was going to be our special room," she says downcast. The number 10 because you're the Tenth Doctor and 19 for when I met you."

The Doctor puts his arms around her and rests his head on her shoulder. "I know," he murmurs consolingly. "But once I put some more thought into it, I found an even better room."

He takes her by the hand and they walk down the hall until they reach Room 1024. Rose's face brightens when she realizes the importance of the number. She turns to the Doctor and verifies, "The 10 is for you and 24 is for how old I am now?"

He nods in agreement. "For when we begin our new life together." The look on her face fills his heart with love.

She squeezes his hand tight while running her other hand across the number plate on the door and murmuring, "It's perfect."

He dips into a deep bow and says, "My lady," as he bids her to enter their room.

Rose walks through the doorway and is surprised to see not only how immaculate it is, but how everything is arranged exactly as they had discussed the night before. "Oh, Doctor!" exclaims Rose. "It's so clean and free of roaches!"

The Doctor grins broadly and rubs the back of his neck. "Well, that wasn't the precise reaction that I was going for, but I'll take it."

Rose smiles as he makes her way over to the four poster bed that they found at a flea market. She takes note of the Gallifreyan landscaping that he had carved into the headboard with the sonic screwdriver along with a trail of vines and leaves on the bedposts.

The Doctor comes over to stand beside her and produces a smaller sonic screwdriver from his pocket. He twirls it between his fingertips and proceeds to wave it in the air with a flourish before presenting it to her.

Rose's face lights up even more. "Is that for me? Did you make me my own sonic?"

The Doctor appears a bit sheepish as he answers, "No. Sorry. I didn't think of that actually. Maybe next time?" He indicates the various buttons and dials on the sonic and encourages her to try out some of the settings.

Rose gives him a nervous glance before spinning a dial and pushing a shiny red button. Instantly, the wall across from the bed pulls apart to reveal what seems to be a giant computer.

Stunned, Rose turns to look at the Doctor with a wide eyed stare and inquires, "Doctor…what on Earth…?"

The Doctor throws his arms up in the air and announces, "It's our new home entertainment center, Rose! Don't you love it? It has a home theater system as well as a computer that I built myself!"

His face wears a smug smirk as he boasts, "It easily rivals any of Torchwood's rather antiquated equipment. Plus, it runs on DASL!"

Rose queries, "DASL?"

The Doctor bounces on his heels and proudly proclaims, "Doctor Approved Sonic Lightspeed! It runs off of sonic energy, just like our car, so it's thousands of times faster than regular internet speed!"

His mood quickly changes to one of the authoritarian Time Lord that appears only in the gravest danger and circumstances. He fixes her with his most intent stare and tells her, very seriously, "Do not tell your mother about this."

Rose merely stands there gaping at her. Her mother? She was expecting a much greater warning for a much more dire threat. Although to be fair…

"Why ever not?" questions Rose. "What would my mum possibly want with your computer?"

He removes his glasses and shoves them into his pocket and rubs the bridge of his nose. "I do not want to find your mother cruising the internet for Lordstorm stories."

Rose laughed out loud. "Lordstorm? How do you know about Lordstorm? I would have thought he was too naughty, even for you."

"What? Absolutely not!" denies the Doctor. "In fact, he's almost as brilliant as I am!" A filthy smirk graces his features as he opines, "Although, he's definitely not as creative. He's never written about anything sonic."

Rose's eyebrow arches in surprise at this admission, but it's her turn to shock him when she informs him, "Then somebody hasn't read the story about the sonic pirate rubber ducky."

The Doctor's jaw nearly drops to the floor. "What? When did that one come out?" He shakes his head to focus his thoughts and points at Rose while saying, "Never mind. That's not the point. The point is that I don't want your mother reading those kinds of stories in our home."

Rose tilts her head to the side as she wonders aloud, "Doctor, how exactly did you discover that my mum reads Lordstorm?"

The Doctor gives a slight shudder and seeks to avoid her gaze. "Let's just say that that's another story."

Acquiescing to his unspoken request to change the subject, Rose turns back to the computer console, still experiencing some mild astonishment. "It comes out of the wall," she says in amazement. That's not exactly normal D-I-Y."

He continues to demonstrate numerous settings as he replies, "Sarah Jane gave me the idea when she told me about Mr. Smith. It's fantastic isn't it?" He asks the question reminiscent with a grin of her Ninth Doctor.

He pockets the sonic as he passes a gift bag to Rose. "Here. This is from Pete. He bought us some more movies as a house warming present. That's why I needed to set up the E.T.."

A low chuckle escapes him. "Hmmm. E.T. like for extraterrestrial but for entertainment center. Heh. That's kind of funny."

Rose rolls her eyes in response and bites back a laugh when she sees the titles of the movies: The Money Pit, Mr. Blandings Builds A Dreamhouse, Moving and Are We Done Yet?

"You have to love dad's sense of humor," remarks Rose. "It makes sense though, he's the first one to receive reports on the renovation's progress after that hullabaloo over the building permit."

The Doctor shoots her a withering glare at that particular memory. Although miffed, he promptly states in a satisfied tone, "I may have cocked up the building permit, but I know," he steps aside to reveal his other surprise laid out on a small table, "you'll love this!"

Rose runs over to the table and is practically glowing as she inhales deeply and gushes, "Chips! Ooohhh! Steaming, hot fish and chips wrapped in newspaper!"

She darts over to the Doctor, kissing him soundly and hugging him tight. "This is the best surprise ever!" She pulls away to ask, "How did you get them? I never saw you leave the hotel."

The Doctor rests his linked hands at the small of her back and crows, "Well, you wouldn't have, would you? I went out the window and down the fire escape so I could surprise you!"

He suddenly picks her up and starts spinning her around while shouting, "Surprise! This is it, Rose! The start of our life together! Life on the slow path! The doormat, the bats and the cockroaches, those are just the bits in between!"

They stay there laughing for quite some time, while Rose kicks out her legs as he swings her back and forth.

Finally, they calm down and just stand there, gazing into each other's eyes. Their eyes slowly close and they begin to press against each other, their lips about to meet…when the Millenium Falcon zooms past their heads.

The Doctor's eyes go wide with realization and Rose's face twists into a grimace. He looks off to the side to avoid her accusatory stare and says, "Well, apparently the sonic works on vehicles after all. Something else to bring to Torchwood's attention, I suppose."

A shower of sparks explodes over their heads and they are plunged into darkness when the Millenium Falcon knocks into the lamp hanging overhead before flying back out of the room.

The Doctor rests his forehead against Rose's and pleads, "Please tell me that was fireworks."

Taking pity on him, she places her hand on the back of his neck and tugs him closer. She purrs, "Not yet," before pulling him down into a kiss and slowly walking them backwards to the bed.

It's loving and it's passionate and lasting, just like them. It's perfect. Right up until the point where the four poster crashes to the floor.

The Doctor's muttered, "Oh, bugger," sends Rose into a fit of laughter that he is unable to resist.

Soon, the laughter subsides and touches and kisses once again grow more heated and intent. And the next time that they fall, it isn't because of broken furniture.

The End