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Dean couldn't have been more wrong. He did live through many more of Cas' 'punishments' while the Winchester brothers struggled and failed to stop the self-proclaimed god. For months they did nothing but trying to find Cas and somehow stop him. They didn't even get close but since there was nothing else for them to do they kept trying.

Cas had apparently been serious when he had told them he'd be a better god and he had started to rid the world of any evil of the supernatural kind. There was hardly any work left for hunters and eventually, when it was fairly clear that all their attempts to get to Cas were futile, Sam decided to change his life and go back to school.

"Look, I know this is important to you but I feel that we're not getting anywhere," Sam told his brother when they had returned from following another lead that had turned out to be just a wild-goose chase. Again.

"If Cas doesn't want to be found then we won't find him. I think we should get on with our lives."

Since Dean hadn't been able to tell Sam that he actually saw Cas on an almost regular basis, this had been the end of the conversation and of their hunting life together and with a few fake references Sam had quickly gotten into college again.

Dean had continued with his life as a hunter, only now alone, with the occasional help from Bobby. He really missed Sam's company and felt lonely very often but that didn't stop him from going hunting. It was all he knew to do and he was good at it. And every once in a while a vengeful spirit would show up and he could take care of it. Those moments made him feel like himself again, a feeling he rarely got anymore since Cas' ascension.

And of course Cas would come and see him and use him as he saw fit, like he had done since the day he had told them that he was their new god. After he had told him that he needed his help to punish the angels which had sided with Raphael it hadn't taken long until he had really picked Dean up for that task one night.

Dean hadn't really had to do anything. Cas had just left him somewhere in a desert as bait to draw out the other angels so Cas could kill them. Slaughter them one by one was more like it, as Dean had learned the first time and he had been shocked and appalled.

The second time he had tried to warn the angels who showed up. It hadn't been of any use since they hadn't believed him and Cas had had no trouble killing them. But Dean had been severely punished afterwards, so severely that only then he had realized that Cas really had been lenient with him until then. His new lord had stripped him naked and whipped his ass and back so hard that Dean hadn't been able to sleep on his back or sit down comfortably for days. It had been very hard hiding his condition from Sam.

After that incident he hadn't openly defied Cas anymore, although he didn't obey every order right away. But he was careful not to cross a certain obscure line. He had quickly figured out that Cas would fuck him now matter how well he behaved so he had acted out within reason. But even that had stopped after a while and he now accepted his hopeless position. He had even learned to kind of enjoy whatever Cas did to him and when he didn't do anything stupid Cas wasn't unreasonably cruel.

At first Dean had been terrified when he noticed that he was starting to enjoy his sessions with Cas. It had started when Cas had returned him to another dingy motel room one night after having used him without giving Dean his release. Dean had immediately gone into the bathroom to take a shower and had unconsciously started to jerk himself off because he'd had a boner ever since Cas had picked him up. When he had realized what he was doing he was shocked though and had turned the shower to ice cold instead of finishing what he had started.

But it had happened again and eventually he had given in to his body's needs and when he had one day caught himself fingering his own hole it hadn't appalled him as much it would have a few months earlier. He had slowly become Cas' fuck-toy and without wanting it he started to almost look forward to his meetings with Cas because then at least he wasn't alone. And because a small part of him felt disgusted with himself he accepted any kind of punishment, feeling that he deserved it.

So when he woke to find Cas standing next to his bed he didn't fight. He just waited for Cas to make a move, to indicate what he wanted to do.

Cas grabbed Dean's wrist and zapped them somewhere Dean had never been before. It was some kind of cave or a dungeon maybe, very dark and bleak. Cas let go of Dean to light some torches and Dean had a chance to look around. It was indeed some kind of cave with a smooth stone floor made of polished gray marble, which was unnaturally warm to the touch, as were the walls. They were made of the same material only not polished but rough, the crystals shining in the light of the torches.

There were no exits so there was no way in or out if you couldn't teleport. There was no way out for Dean. Not on his own.

A few chairs stood against the walls and Cas was now dragging one of them to the center of the room, sitting down on it facing Dean.

"Dean. Come here," he said now, the first words he had spoken to Dean all night. "Kneel," he commanded when Dean was standing in front of him and put a hand on the man's shoulder to get him into the right position.

"You know what to do," was the next thing he said and Dean did. He opened Cas' pants and took out his already hard cock, quickly sucking it into his mouth. By now Dean was very experienced at this sort of activity and while he pleasured Cas with practiced strokes of his tongue the god was gently stroking the hunter's head, gripping his hair tightly as he came in Dean's mouth.

Dean cleaned him with his tongue and put his clothes back in order and Cas petted his head once more before pushing Dean away.

"You're getting really good at this," he told him and Dean felt strangely proud at that rare compliment. "Now strip and then I want to see you pleasure yourself."

Dean immediately complied and was quickly lost in his lust and knowing that Cas was watching turned him on even more. He didn't even notice that another person had joined Cas and was now watching him, too. Not until he came with a shout and heard someone applauding him.

"So that's how you celebrate a successful business transaction," a familiar voice with a Scottish accent said. "I like your style, Cas. I wish I could have been here sooner."

Dean looked up and sure enough he saw Crowley standing next to Cas. He felt humiliated now but there was nothing he could do about that. Crowley had already seen everything and Cas' looking at him with pride made Dean feel better immediately.

"I think we can arrange an encore, just for you," the god now said to the King of Hell, who stared for a moment and then nodded. And the bulge in his black pants told Dean that the demon was really excited about that prospective.

"Dean. Get up on all fours and prepare yourself," Cas now commanded and Dean obeyed, not even stopping to think what this might mean. Slicking his fingers with his own come that was still on his stomach and on the floor beneath him he started to slowly push one finger in, moaning loudly as he did that.

Crowley watched him intently, rubbing his palm across his crotch shamelessly. When he watched Dean add a second finger the demon almost moaned along with the hunter and when Dean finally pushed a third finger inside himself Crowley's hand slipped inside his pants to stroke his erection in the same rhythm as Dean was fucking himself with his own fingers.

When the demon was close to coming in his pants Cas grabbed his arm to stop further movement. "He's all yours if you want him," he offered, pointing at Dean who was writhing on the floor moaning and gasping loudly.

Crowley was too close to coming, too desperate for his release to question the motives behind this offer and he quickly stepped out of his clothes and knelt down next to Dean. Without further ado he grabbed Dean's hand and pulled his fingers out of his ass and then positioned the hunter just like he wanted him, on his knees, legs spread and chest against the floor. He put one hand on Dean's neck to hold him down and then quickly entered him making Dean scream at the sudden painful intrusion.

Only now did Dean realize what was happening, that Cas was letting Crowley fuck him and he tried to squirm away and buck the demon off. But his efforts were in vain. Crowley only held him down with more force and his movements had the opposite effect of what he wanted as he moved against Crowley impaling himself even more on the demon's cock. But it wasn't until Cas told him to that he stopped struggling and accepted what was happening.

"Dean," Cas warned as he saw his pet trying to get away and immediately Dean stilled.

It didn't take Crowley long to come. A few more hard, punishing thrusts into Dean's ass made him spill hot and wet inside Dean. He hit Dean's prostate a few times but not enough for Dean to come as well and when Crowley pulled out of him and got up Dean gave a small whimper of disappointment at the sudden feeling of emptiness and was about to beg to be allowed to come when Cas gave him a stern look. He shut up immediately only shuddering slightly, his cock achingly hard and full.

"That was…pleasant," Crowley told Cas as he got dressed and then vanished without another word.

Cas went over to Dean and put a hand on the hunter's back. He zapped the two of them back into the motel room where Dean had been when Cas had come to get him and with a little more of his mojo he cleaned Dean from Crowley's come and got rid of his own clothes. Then he lay down on the bed behind Dean and entered him slowly and almost gently, reaching around Dean to stroke his cock when he was fully sheathed inside him.

"You did well tonight, Dean," he whispered as he rocked his hips against Dean, stroking him in the same rhythm. "Crowley is in my debt now, without even knowing it. But he will know it. And it's all thanks to you."

Dean moaned as Cas slowly but surely rocked and stroked them towards orgasm and a little bit later they both came together. Cas bit Dean's shoulder to muffle his scream but Dean, not having anything in front of him, screamed out his pleasure for all the neighbors to hear. He didn't care. All he cared about was the fact that Cas, even though they were done now, hadn't left. In fact the god had thrown an arm over Dean's body, holding him close. And, although in the back of his mind Dean still realized how wrong this entire situation was, he felt warm and safe and fell asleep happily for the first time in a long time.