Yo dudes and dudettes! Assuming there are any dudes reading my Fanfiction. I don't judge! Lol. Well here it is! The EXTREMELY short prologue to my second fic! I promise that the next chapter will be longer! At least 1,500 words. But I just want this little thing as the prologue to set up the story. It's in Alfred's point of view. The whole story won't be in first person, but there will be first person narrative's from Alfred. There might be some from some other characters. Like maybe Arthur or Matthew. Anyway, I really wanna know what ya'll think about this as a story. As for the controversial topic? I'm not sure if I should just flat out tell you guys. SO I'll keep it a secret for now to be revealed. But, if I get enough complaints or whatever from people saying they want to know before getting into the story, I'll tell you guys in the next chapter. Anyway, I can tell you some of the other controversial issues, just not the main one. They'll be religion, sexuality, underage drinking, drugs. Shit like that! Ok, anyway. Onto the prologue.

I REALLY hope you guys like it! But be warned, for now, this story will be second fiddle to my other story 'Real Life.' But I will be giving this fic attention to. It'll probably be like…. 60% of my focus on finishing 'Real Life' and the 40% of my focus will be on this story.

Ok, so I'm done babbling. Enjoy the WAY too short prologue.


Why do people run away from their homes? From family that love them. From a place where they're safe and sheltered.

I never understood.

Until I got older, that's when I learned that some people run away because of abuse or alcoholism or death. Because their family doesn't love them. Because they have no place where they feel safe or sheltered.

But that's not why I'm running away from my family. I love them, I do. And while I don't like my home, I feel safe there.

I'm running away from them because they won't accept me the way I really am, and because I don't want their views, their religion, or lifestyle forced on me. I'm leaving because I can't keep hiding my real feelings, and thoughts, and beliefs.

I need to define things for myself. Like the world, and love, and religion, and sex, and… myself.

I can't stay there anymore.

And I know leaving a family that cares about you, to find an extended family that you only know through letters, a failed lawsuit, and a visit from when you were barely five is… crazy.

But I have to do it.

Well? Do you guys like it? Is it worth your time to read and my time to write? Next chapter will hopefully be up by next week! And I PROMISE it will be SOOOO much longer! Hey, and if you guys want to try guessing the controversial issue and you get it right, I'll tell you in a PM!