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8059 Sim Story: Ok, first off, I have to share this little story about Yoshi when he was a teenager. As I stated in the last chapter, he was dating his best friend from across the street, Rikku, and the both of them always hung out every day, and went on dates and such, and utterly spoiled each other. One night, Yoshi wanted to sneak out with her, and in order to do that effectively, a teenage sim has to make sure that their parent's/guardians are asleep, or not paying attention, so that they don't get caught when they leave and when they come back. I had snuck out with one of my other families before, and the funny thing was that, that female sim was sitting next to her mother (who was reading a book on the couch), and her father (who was a cop, might I add) was sitting outside on the porch playing chess, so when her boyfriend came to sneak out with her, she just got up, ran from the couch, and jumped in the car. Her parents didn't even try to stop her! So I thought that with Yamamoto being asleep, and with Gokudera sitting on the couch studying his cooking skills that Yoshi would be able to leave just fine.

I was dead wrong.

When Rikku came by to pick Yoshi up, he started heading towards the door to escape, and Gokudera stood up, put down his book, and started yelling up a storm (no pun intended lol), and actually pointed to Yoshi's room, telling him that he wasn't allowed to leave. Yoshi slunk away to his room after that, and I decided to put him to bed, since he was tired. Much to my surprise, since I was controlling Yoshi, the moment I put him to bed, Gokudera walked in and tucked him in! XD Goku is such a mother hen. He's so protective. XD

A couple days after that, Yoshi finally grew up into an adult! The funny thing about that though, was that Rikku was still a teenager. So, I decided to play as her next, so that she could grow up too, and she and Yoshi could get a place of their own. When I went to play as Rikku, who my sister usually played as, my sister must have just saved after Rikku came back from a date with Yoshi. Usually you can tell this, because if your sim had a good date, the person they dated will come by later, and leave a present by their door. Usually, this present is a bundle of flowers in a vase (although for Yoshi and Rikku's first date, Rikku gave him flowers and a bust. See, I told you they spoil each other XD), but this time Yoshi (who was now an adult at this time mind you), came by and left Rikku a hot tub. A freaking hot tub! Damn, I wish Yoshi was my boyfriend! The cheapest hot tub in the game was around $6,000 some dollars, and both Yoshi and Rikku's families weren't very rich, so I've always wondered how Yoshi was able to get it. I can just imagine Yoshi asking his parents to pitch in and help him buy a hot tub for Rikku, and them being all for it, because Yama's a pushover, and Goku and Rikku were like, best friends forever XD.

Anyway, after Rikku grew up, and she and Yoshi got engaged, they moved into another house downtown. They go married shortly afterwards (Yama wasn't able to attend the wedding, because he had to work =( ). The two of them have a son now, named Gippal (after a Final Fantasy X-2 character), and Rikku just had their second son, who I named Jirou XD (Yoshi wants six kids, but he's not getting that many XD); their hot tub is also in their back yard, and they've both enjoyed it thoroughly ;)

Well, while this was going on, you are probably wondering what Yama and Goku were doing now that Yoshi was out of the house. Now that they had more free time, I was working on achieving their golden wants, which was the number one thing they wanted to achieve out of their lives. Gokudera's golden want was to become a mad scientist lol, and Yamamoto's was to reach his golden anniversary with Gokudera (awwww~). Well, since I couldn't achieve Yamamoto's want until him and Gokudera were old, and since I was giving them the elixir of life so that they could stay young in order for Gokudera to achieve his dream, Yama's dream had to be put on hold. So, like Gokudera, who was working on getting promoted, I worked on Yamamoto getting promoted as well. As of now, Gokudera has become a mad scientist, and Yamamoto has become a coach, which is the top of both of their career paths. Now the two of them make about $6,000 together whenever they go to work!

With all that money now coming in, I remodeled their whole house. My boys get the best of the best ;).

Sadly though, because of the both of them trying to get promoted, the two boys hardly had any time for each other =(. Because of that, Yama went through a mid-life crisis, of sorts. He was always sad, and didn't seem to know what to do with himself half the time. He even started becoming attracted towards one of his friends, who reminded him a lot of Gokudera, and he would constantly want to hang out with him! Hell, even his want to constantly have sex with Gokudera stopped popping up! Fearing that Yama wouldn't be able to achieve his golden want (I would fail at achieving it if I let his relationship with Gokudera lessen, and if he was caught cheating), I decided that since they were still very young, that Yama and Goku could adopt another baby!

Now this was the really scary part. Yamamoto wanted nothing to do with the baby.

Yeah, isn't that freaky? Yamamoto was a family orientated sim, he always wanted to have more children with Gokudera, but I only made them have one, because I thought one would be enough for them (and I don't think Goku would be able to handle multiple kids at once). And now, he hated the fact there was another baby in the house!

To say that I felt like crying at that moment would have been an understatement. What had happened to my Yamamoto?

Well, that aside, little baby Kazumi was Gokudera's pride and joy. =) Yoshi was Yamamoto's, and now it seemed that it was Gokudera's turn to be all gushy over a baby. Of course, I made Yamamoto help out too, and very slowly, his want to see that other sim faded, and was replaced with wanting to be around Kazumi. She was a pretty baby, with tan skin (like Yama's), green eyes (like Goku's), and orange hair. I wanted to change her hair to blonde (the closest equivalent you can get to silver hair without cheats), but decided against it, since she looked pretty as a red head XD.

As Yama and Goku started taking care of another child again, Yama started to want to hang around Gokudera more and more too (the sex want came back, yay! XD Which was good because Goku would constantly get that want as well, like he missed Yamamoto too. As of now, instead of having sex once a day like they had been doing for most of their lives, now they have it twice a day to make up for lost time. Seriously, I'm not doing because I'm a fangirl, I'm doing it because both of them get the sex want now lol). They even tainted a young toddler Kazumi's mind, because she crawled into the room just as the two were having their reunion sex XD. Why must these too always corrupt their children? XD

Anyway, the day finally came for Kazumi to grow into a kid. And just when I bought the cake, who do you think decided to just walk into the house like he owned the place? Yoshi! I've never seen this before. Usually, my other sims still ring the doorbell of their parents' house, or knock on the door, and the parents have to go out and let them in. The only time that sims can just enter your house is if you bring them home from work with you, but Yoshi is in the cooking field, and Yamamoto (who had just come home from work at that time) was in the athletics field. So yeah, Yoshi just marched into the house, sat on the couch, and turned on the tv, and right on time for his sister's birthday party XD.

After Kazumi grew up, and everyone was cheering in the kitchen, a lot of things happened. First of all, everyone decided then and there that they were all going to dance XD! Yama and Goku started dancing with each other, and Yoshi and Kazumi danced by themselves, but they were directly by each other, and Yoshi basically started break dancing XD. And the greatest thing after that happened! I looked at Yamamoto's wants, and he wanted to adopt another child with Gokudera again! Yay, my Yama's back!

Sadly, Yama won't get his wish, since I'm not feeding them the elixir anymore. My 8059 sims have lived long enough, and now it's time for them to grow old together. =)

But that's not stopping me from trying to get Goku abducted by aliens in order to get impregnated with an alien baby lol. Wish me luck! ;)

Ok guys, here are the warnings for this chapter. This chapter is rated a high T, at the least, for stated sexual situations (but I don't go into detail). Also, near the end will be a song fic, of sorts. The song is called 'The Promise of the World', which is the song that's played at the end of Howl's Moving Castle. It's a really pretty song, and I highly recommend that everyone listens to it, if not before reading then during the time that it's supposed to play in the story. Also, the lyrics I'm using are translated into English, and are not necessarily supposed to match up with what's happening in the story. The song is being played during a flashback, so the memories that are happening are occurring while the song is being played. If that confused anyone I'm sorry, but I think you will understand once you get to that part. Words in Italics are the lyrics, and words that are in "Italics and Parenthesis" are people speaking in Italian. Also, the short story at the end is a time skip connected to this story ;). Enjoy!

After Story in Tokyo

It had been four months since the last time he had seen Yamamoto. The last time he saw his Baseball Idiot's face was when he was entering the mini moving van his father had rented for the day, with half of his body waving stupidly out the window as they started driving down the street towards his college (which was about two hours away), and almost getting his arm torn off by a telephone poll in the process.

To say that Gokudera was worried about Yamamoto living by himself (roommates don't count, especially freshman!), was an understatement.

Both he and his idiotic lover were kept busy throughout the first four months of college. Homework, tutoring, and baseball keeping the two from seeing each other, even though their colleges were about an hour and a half away by train, if they didn't get on the wrong line, that is. Yamamoto had tried to ditch classes one day to visit him, and had ended up getting on the wrong train. He basically spent the whole day on the train, coincidentally sitting next to the Crazy Old Lady from the sushi shop, her restraining order not in effect because she wasn't anywhere near Takesushi.

The Rain Guardian said that he had bruises for a month after that, but he wouldn't explain how he had gotten them.

Crazy old ladies aside, the only way Gokudera and Yamamoto stayed in touch throughout the long months apart was via late night phone calls, since both of their schedules were crazy busy during most of the day. Sadly, by the time they did get to talk, both of them were usually exhausted, and didn't say much, their brains already ready for the sweet unconsciousness of sleep. Because of this, both teens found the first few months of college to be exhausting and almost unbearable, the two teens longing to see each other like they never had before.

When summer break finally rolled around for the both of them, the two teens found it almost impossible to contain their excitement (of course, Gokudera never showed an inkling of excitement on the outside, but that didn't mean he wasn't fidgeting around in anticipation on the inside). The two of them would have six full, blessed weeks of together time, and the first of those weeks would be spent in Tokyo.

Sadly, not everything went according to plan at first. Yamamoto and Gokudera planned to meet in Namimori on their first day of break to visit with everyone again before they would head out to Tokyo the next day. But Gokudera's direct train to Namimori decided that it wanted to have technical difficulties that day, so the only way that the smaller teen could actually make it back to town was if he went out of his way to take several different lines, and spend a good portion of his spending money in the process. Hearing this, Yamamoto (who had no problems making it to Namimori, since he took a different train), offered that Gokudera could take the earliest train out to Namimori the next day (since the silver-haired teen stated that whatever problem was causing his delay would probably be fixed by morning), and that they would meet at the station to take their trip to Tokyo.

When the next day finally arrived, and Yamamoto had received a call from Gokudera bright and early in the morning, telling him that the train was fixed, and that he was on his way, the tired teen jumped out of bed to get ready to meet his little lover, his energy renewed.

Once the young athlete arrived at the station, and he saw his silver-haired lover standing on the platform for Tokyo, waiting for him, the biggest smile appeared on Yamamoto's face. And when Gokudera's jade-green eyes met his, Yamamoto could tell that the other was struggling, and failing, to contain his own excited smile. It took every ounce of control the raven-haired teen had to not run the rest of the way to his awaiting partner, scoop him up, and kiss him until they were both breathless. But sadly, the younger teen took note that they were in public, and since Gokudera didn't permit public displays of affection, the two teens had to contain themselves, and only allow a small affectionate hug to be their form of greeting, the two looking nothing more than good friends to any passersby.

The train ride to Tokyo wasn't necessarily long, it only being about five hours, but it was the longest five hours of Yamamoto and Gokudera's lives. That was to be expected though when the two of them had to be in a packed dining train for an extended period of time; the teens too afraid to touch each other in anyway, lest someone would look at them funny. Eventually, when they exited the train station, and took a shuttle to their hotel, the two anxious teens couldn't get to their room fast enough. When they finally entered the room, leaving the 'Do not disturb' sign in its original position on the outside handle, Gokudera smashed his lips against Yamamoto's like his life depended on it, the taller teen smacking the back of his head against the door from the momentum.

To Yamamoto, it was one of the most gratifying feelings he had felt in the past four months of their separation.

For their first night in Tokyo, Yamamoto and Gokudera spent their time in their hotel room becoming reacquainted with each other in every sense, the two teens exploring each other with a fiery desperation, never wanting to separate again.

The majority of their second day in Tokyo consisted of rehabilitation from their first night, more so for Gokudera than anyone else. The two lovers stayed in bed usually, only getting up for the sake of necessities, and to answer the door for room service. As they spent most of their time curled around each other under the covers, the two boys conversed about everything that had happened during their four month separation that they hadn't discussed over the phone, Gokudera occasionally complaining about how they were on vacation, in Tokyo of all places, and that they couldn't enjoy the sights because he couldn't move.

Towards evening, Gokudera found that he was able to move again, if only with an embarrassing limp. So the two teens decided to not waste any more of their time enjoying the sights and sounds of Tokyo. At least, the ones that were within walking distance of the hotel that is, since Gokudera complained that it hurt to sit down still, which limited them from taking any form of transportation. With that, Yamamoto and Gokudera spent their second night in Tokyo perusing gift shops (Gokudera had to find the perfect souvenir for the Tenth and Tsuyoshi), and checking out some interesting restaurants (the two deciding on a quiet café in the end, to enjoy their evening meal).

Their third day in Tokyo was deemed 'Hayato day' upon awakening. Since the young bomber was now able to move around freely without embarrassing himself, he declared to his still groggy boyfriend that they were going to spend the day in Tokyo the way he wanted them too. Especially after all the pain Yamamoto's love making session had put him through (even though Gokudera had thoroughly enjoyed himself their first night there, and was looking forward to having more amazing reunion sex in the future).

Having done his research beforehand (since he had planned on having a day dedicated to him during their vacation anyway), Gokudera forced a sleepy Yamamoto out of bed to get ready for the day. After a twenty minute bus ride (which Yamamoto spent sleeping against Gokudera's shoulder), the two teens were dropped in front of the National Museum of Western Art. The majority of their morning was spent their, viewing the various prestigious paintings and sculptures. Gokudera was simply fascinated with the whole ordeal, while Yamamoto was bored out of his mind.

In order to amuse himself with the stuffy artistic atmosphere, Yamamoto would state exactly what he saw portrayed on the paintings or sculptures—"Look Hayato! It's another lady in a kimono! Hahaha!"—while Gokudera huffed at him, and tried to find the hidden meanings within the art. This entertained Yamamoto to no end, as with each passing painting or sculpture, Gokudera would raise his voice louder to yell at him, telling him to shut up if he couldn't take viewing the art seriously. After giving the threat that he wouldn't allow the taller teen to touch him for the rest of the trip if he didn't behave himself, Yamamoto stayed as quite as a mouse during the rest of their museum trip, finding a new form of entertainment through watching Gokudera's reactions to the paintings, the smaller teen's intense look of concentration too adorable to not watch.

After their museum visit, and a punch to the back of Yamamoto's head (courtesy of Gokudera), for staring at him during the remainder of their viewings, and making everyone look at them funny, the two teen's grabbed lunch at a nearby barbecue joint. When lunch was over and done with, the two Vongola Guardians satisfied with their meal (despite fighting the whole time over who deserved more meat for going through the museum ordeal), Gokudera then forced Yamamoto to go clothes shopping with him.

That's right, clothes shopping.

Truly believing that Gokudera was trying to make him suffer for making him unable to move for practically a whole day, Yamamoto sighed in defeat as he was brought into an interesting clothing store. Punk-styled clothing and jewelry surrounded Yamamoto on all sides, the Rain Guardian completely awe-struck as he was brought into a very Gokudera-like establishment. The taller teen was surprised that he was enjoying himself then, even though he wasn't a fan of clothes shopping, because he found out that Gokudera wasn't shopping for himself, he was shopping for him! The young swordsman tried to contain the jubilant smile that crossed his face as Gokudera shuffled him around the store, holding up different assortments of clothing and accessories to the taller teen's body with a critical eye before making his selections. After that, it was Yamamoto's job to try on his new assortment of 'stylish' clothes (Gokudera voiced that Yamamoto really needed to add more style to his collection of flannel and sports hoodies). At first, the taller teen was a little uncomfortable with his new attire, because everything was so tight fitting, but after he walked out of the dressing room to present himself to his lover, Yamamoto didn't find his new clothes bad in any sense once he witness Gokudera's jaw practically fall to the floor.

Yamamoto had on a tight-fitting, dark blue, long-sleeved shirt, with a punk-styled emblem taking up a corner of it, tight fitting blue jeans, that occasionally had a few rips in them along with white wash, a brown studded belt with two silver chains hanging from it, and simple black rubber bracelets and necklaces adorning his body along with his Vongola Gear. The young athlete gave his companion a confident smirk, noticing the silent glint of approval in Gokudera's passionate irises.

After paying for the new set of clothes, and giving the female store clerks the evil eye for staring so openly at his boyfriend, Gokudera forced Yamamoto into the changing room again to put his new clothes back on, announcing that they would come into use for their next destination.

To Yamamoto's complete surprise, their next destination was a club.

The young athlete was utterly shocked by this. How were they supposed to get in when they were only nineteen? Yamamoto was even more astonished when the burly bouncer at the front of the club actually allowed them entry, Gokudera just having to mention their names in order for the intimidating man to step aside. It wouldn't be until the following morning that the taller teen would learn that Gokudera had gotten them passes into the club by using their Vongola connections.

The tall swordsman was still confused though when they entered the dim establishment, his senses soon overpowered by booming music and flashing lights. Even with his visibility severely weakened by the dark surroundings, Yamamoto could still sense the hungry eyes of women and men, the older people in the club eyeing him and his smaller companion like pieces of candy. A ripple of nervousness ran down the taller teen's spine as he became aware of this, the young athlete also noticing how Gokudera seemed completely unfazed with their new surroundings.

As the strobe lights flashed around the room, making every person in the club look like moving shadows, Yamamoto barely caught the seductive smirk Gokudera sent his way.

"Hey, Idiot! Can you dance?" The young Italian shouted over the blasting rave music.

Yamamoto could feel arousal turn within him as he caught the look on his older lover's face, the other's question very alluring to the taller teen.

"Heh, yeah!" The swordsman shouted back over the music with a slight chuckle, a predatory glint in his eye as he stared heatedly into his lover's irises.

Gokudera just smirked before grabbing hold of the taller teen's shirt, and pulling him onto the dance floor. Yamamoto was a little unsure of what to do at first, the taller teen feeling a little claustrophobic with all of the other dancers bumping against him as Gokudera led him to an open bit of floor, but when he caught the heated glare of his lover as they stopped at their destination, the other silently demanding for Yamamoto to keep his eyes only on him, all of Yamamoto's worries washed away as they began to move.

Yamamoto didn't know how long they danced. For all he knew, it could have been hours or even just minutes, but all that he could see was Gokudera twisting and turning around him, and the swivel of the other's alluring hips. And all he could feel was the touch of his beloved bomber as he bumped and grinded against him, sending electrical shocks of pleasure coursing through the taller teen's body. With their heavy breathes mingling, their bodies glistening with sweat, and their eyes hungry for each other, Yamamoto wasn't all too surprised when their dancing abruptly ended, and Gokudera was gripping his arm like a vice, the smaller teen pulling him out of the sea of dancers in his rush to leave the premises.

The two teens didn't even make it back to their hotel. Gokudera didn't even bother trying to get back to it. The smaller teen just found the nearest hotel, paid for a room up front, and the next thing that Yamamoto knew was that he was being pushed into a room, and onto a single, king-sized bed, the door slamming in their wake.

That night, the third night they spent in Tokyo, Yamamoto finally let Gokudera have his way with him.

When the morning of their fourth day in Tokyo approached, Yamamoto could only lay in his new hotel bed, completely dazed because of the previous night's events. The taller teen's lower half ached liked something fierce, but that didn't bother him too much, Yamamoto having just experienced one of the most exciting nights he could ever remember. Last night, the young athlete had learned many things about himself and his partner. One was that Gokudera was violently passionate when he made love, and the other was that Yamamoto found out that he was strangely masochistic.

As those thoughts rolled around in the young athletes head while he looked himself over, fascinated by the numerous amounts of love bites all over his skin, the raven-haired teen barely registered his companion stirring next to him, a satisfied smile adorning the Storm Guardian's face.

"Yamamoto-san will be disappointed when we tell him that he missed capturing the morning after I topped." The silver-haired teen purred out with a smirk, as he got up and stretched from the foreign bed, loving how he wasn't the one in pain for once.

The aching Rain Guardian just smiled wistfully in return, a grimace crossing his features for a bit as he turned around on the bed to face his lover.

"Well, I guess we will just have to reenact the moment for him then, right?" Yamamoto replied smoothly, not at all hiding the suggestion in his tone.

Gokudera raised an eyebrow at that, his eyes shining with interest.

"You really want your dad videotaping how pitiful you look the morning after?" The silver-haired teen teased lightly, unable to believe what he was hearing.

"Well, a first is a first, right? I don't want to upset my dad, even though this is a bit embarrassing, haha!" The younger teen admitted with a humorous laugh, not at all bothered by their conversation.

After rolling his eyes at the other's words, the young Italian got up, and helped Yamamoto to get ready for the day. Despite the pain the taller teen was in, he went along with trying to get around, because he and Gokudera had plans that day that they couldn't get out of. Since his dad was the person paying for their trip, and because he had also paid for the baseball tickets currently resting within the raven-haired teen's pocket, there was no way that Yamamoto would miss traveling to the Tokyo Dome to watch the Tokyo Giants play.

Even though it was difficult to get around, Yamamoto managed somehow, enjoying his time to the fullest with his little lover. Before the game started, the taller teen and his smaller companion perused the various souvenirs offered within the dome. Having a new set of clothes from the day before, Yamamoto then decided it was only fair to spice up Gokudera's punk orientated closet with some jock memorabilia. After buying his little lover a baseball jersey and cap, and 'forcing' him to wear them during the game, Yamamoto bought some concessions before he and Gokudera made their way to their seats.

The majority of their fourth day in Tokyo was spent at the baseball game, Yamamoto's enthusiasm for his favorite sport never waning even when the hard stadium seats were starting to hurt his already sore bottom. Gokudera, on the other hand, couldn't get into the game even if he wanted to. He honestly hated baseball, and didn't find it amusing in any way. The only reason he would find even a small interest in the sport, or the only time he would be entertained, was if Yamamoto was playing (he would die before he would admit that though!).

A small blush coming to his cheeks, the silver-haired bomber glanced to his side to see his lover completely engrossed into the game, his hazel eyes dancing with excitement. A small, affectionate smile spread across Gokudera's lips as he continued to watch his lover, who was oblivious to his stare. If Yamamoto would find amusement by staring at him during their trip through the museum, then what was wrong if Gokudera did the same here?

Sadly, the smaller teen didn't get to enjoy himself like he had planned, because he wasn't the only one staring at his idiotic lover. It seemed that every girl within a five seat radius was eyeing him up too, their boyfriends too engrossed in the game to notice their girlfriends' wandering eyes.

Gokudera had the strongest urge to blow something up then.

The young Italian's blood lust only increased when one of the girls, who apparently didn't have a boyfriend, started chatting it up with Yamamoto with abandon, completely ignoring the icy glare of death Gokudera was sending her way. Naturally, since Yamamoto was a nice person (and a complete idiot!), he didn't realize that the woman was flirting with him, and talked with her out of courtesy. Feeling his eye twitch in irritation, Gokudera decided to rectify the situation by declaring a bathroom break, the feisty Italian grabbing Yamamoto by his shirt, and dragging the surprised swordsman along. Gokudera knew that he actually couldn't blow anything up at the moment, because he knew that Yamamoto would stop him, but he had another idea in mind that he was entirely sure that the taller teen wouldn't be able refuse.

The silver-haired teen was relieved to note that the public bathroom was empty at the moment, because the baseball game was coming to a close. Of course, the only reason why he knew that, since he wasn't originally paying attention to the game, was because Yamamoto kept whining that he didn't have to go the bathroom, and that his favorite player was up to bat at the bottom of the eighth. Gathering his resolve for what he was about to do (he wasn't happy with his decision in the slightest, since he found the act quite disgusting, but he couldn't think of any other alternative at the moment to show his idiot of a boyfriend who exactly he belonged too. Yamamoto was still recovering from last night, after all.), the irritated Storm Guardian pushed Yamamoto into the nearest stall, and joined him soon afterwards, locking the door behind him.

In the couple minutes that followed, Yamamoto's complaints were replaced by semi-stifled moans that the taller teen failed in trying to conceal, despite his best efforts. When Gokudera was done getting his point across, the still irritated bomber left the stall, and yelled at his idiot of a boyfriend to clean himself up and meet him outside. That's where a dazed Yamamoto (he still had no idea why Gokudera had suddenly got so…possessive), found him a minute later, the smaller teen washing his mouth out vigorously in a nearby drinking fountain. As he watched his smaller companion continuously rinse his mouth out, and spit the contents back into the fountain, earning disapproving glares from mothers passing by with their children, the taller teen couldn't resist asking his beloved about their moment in the bathroom, knowing that the other didn't like doing that particular service in the first place.

All Yamamoto got for an answer was a jealous glare from icy, jade-green eyes as the Storm Guardian stomped away and back to their seats. Gokudera was furious. If Yamamoto couldn't see that he allowed himself to do things that made him feel uncomfortable in the first place, so that he could make the taller teen feel good, and show the idiot that he loved him, then what was the point? Why did he have to pick such a complete idiot for a boyfriend!

Heaving a sigh, Yamamoto followed behind his pissed off partner, knowing that he had screwed up in some way. For the rest of the game, the taller teen made a point to ignore the fawning girls around him (he had finally realized as to why Gokudera was giving him the silent treatment now), and tried to enjoy the rest of the game, despite the pouting nineteen-year-old beside him.

After the game finished with the Tokyo Giants winning on their home field, Yamamoto insisted on letting Gokudera decide where they would eat dinner that night. The little Italian was only too quick to take up the other's offer, and showed the way to a very expensive looking sushi shop. Yamamoto could feel the hole in his wallet grow steadily bigger as he watched his lover order the most expensive things off the menu, a pissed-off glare sent his way for added emphasis. The silver-haired teen must have noticed the absolutely pathetic look his taller companion was giving him as he apologized for forcing Gokudera to go to the baseball game, and for letting the girls flirt with him, because when their expensive, but absolutely delicious meal was over with, Gokudera offered to split the bill, knowing that he might have overreacted (like hell he would actually admit it!).

When the two teens finally made it back to their original hotel room, and after they prepared themselves for bed, Yamamoto wrapped his arms around his lover's stomach as they lay under the covers. Gokudera lay with his back towards his taller companion, too embarrassed to turn around, and curl up against him after the girlish hissy fit he pulled that day. The guilt in the smaller teen's gut only intensified when he noticed Yamamoto lean his head over his shoulder to kiss him on the cheek, and to also add another kiss onto the promise ring that glistened from the chain around his neck.

"S-Sorry." The silver-haired teen mumbled out in embarrassment, hoping that Yamamoto wouldn't force him to elaborate on what exactly he was sorry for.

The raven-haired athlete just smiled into his lover's neck, kissing the porcelain skin before he decided to speak.

"It's alright." Yamamoto started out with a mirthful chuckle, knowing exactly what Gokudera was talking about. "I didn't mind really. You're really sexy when you're jealous after all, haha!"

Gokudera blushed a vibrant crimson at the compliment, not sure on what to say in retaliation to such an embarrassing scenario.

Noticing how uncomfortable and flustered his lover was becoming, Yamamoto just kissed the top of the silver-haired teen's head.

"Let's just get some sleep, Hayato. We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow." And with that, the taller teen curled up against Gokudera's back, and nodded off to sleep.

Their fourth night in Tokyo was spent with Gokudera lying awake for most of the night, anxious for the next day to arrive. Tomorrow was the day he had been preparing for, for the past four months. When the sun rose again, they would spend most of the day going on a tour of historic landmarks across the city and country side, and when evening finally approached, Gokudera would finally be able to see the hotel where Yamamoto met his mother.

Gokudera took in a steady breath as he stared up at the elaborate four star hotel in front of him, Yamamoto coming to stand beside him after he had paid the cab fare. The raven-haired teen glanced towards his anxious partner, worry filling his hazel-eyes. The majority of their fifth day in Tokyo consisted of taking a tour to visit historic landmarks, and during this little trip around the city, Yamamoto had come to notice how distant and distracted Gokudera seemed to be. The young athlete was pretty sure that his silver-haired companion didn't even remember the places they visited that morning. Of course, Yamamoto knew that he really couldn't blame Gokudera for being absent minded when he knew that the both of them were going to visit the hotel where he had met Gokudera's mother later on that evening.

Speaking of the hotel, Gokudera had actually been the one to plan the whole thing out. The feisty Storm Guardian had called Yamamoto about a month ago, stating that they would be going to visit the hotel (their main objective being the restaurant where his mother had played the piano), in the evening of their fifth day in Tokyo. Yamamoto remembered being surprised by the specific date, but his silver-haired lover went on to explain that he had gotten in contact with the restaurant's owner, and after talking things over with him, stating that he was Gokudera Kazumi's son, the owner agreed to meet them there in the restaurant lobby with his wife.

Seeing that Gokudera's anxiousness about their meeting with the restaurant owner was still going strong as they stood upon the busy street, the millions of flashing lights of shops and nightlife attractions glowing around them, Yamamoto placed his hand upon the nervous teen's shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. There was a reason as to why his lover was so nervous about the meeting. If the taller teen remembered correctly, Gokudera had said that the wife of the restaurant owner and his grandmother (obviously from his mother's side), were childhood friends back in Italy, and had moved to Japan together to get away from their old lives. There, in Tokyo, Japan to be exact, they met their husbands, both of which were growing business men. Since the husbands knew each other, and were, in fact, classmates from the same college, the two families became natural friends, and decided to open their own business together. Gokudera's Grandfather went into the hotel industry, while his grandparents' friend joined him in opening classy European-styled restaurants specific to that branch of hotel. The two families prospered in this line of work, but sadly, his grandparents' friends were not able to prosper in other respects, and were unable to have any children. Because of that, the restaurant owner and his wife became very close to Gokudera's mother, who was the only child born from his grandparents. In fact, the restaurant owner and his wife were considered to be an aunt and uncle for Gokudera's mother, since they were such good friends of the family.

Yamamoto remembered how nervous his precious lover sounded that night he told them of their planned meeting with the restaurant couple. The owner had seemed skeptical that Gokudera was, in fact, the son of Gokudera Kazumi, even though he knew that she had sent her only child away to live with his father in Italy, because of her illness. But yet, the owner had sounded hopeful too, and had declared that both he and his wife were utterly devastated at the death of Kazumi, and of their old time friends, who had died roughly ten years later in a car crash. When Yamamoto heard that, and as he remembered it now, he could tell why Gokudera would be so nervous to meet his grandparents' friends. It was almost like how the smaller teen craved to make Tsuna and his father happy. Gokudera wanted to be seen as good enough for the people he respected, and he didn't want to disappoint them.

Taking a couple steps forward, Yamamoto turned to look back towards his anxious partner, sending a comforting smile his way. When pale-emerald eyes met his, the taller teen witnessed how the smaller teen held his gaze, the nervousness in his eyes fading away to be replaced with resolve. With more confidence in his stride, Gokudera caught up with Yamamoto, and walked beside him as they finally entered the hotel.

Once inside, Yamamoto couldn't help but be amazed by the beautiful artistry and atmosphere the hotel lobby presented him. Even though he had seen it before, the European architecture, and ornate decorations surrounding him were simply breathtaking to behold, and as the taller teen glanced towards his smaller companion, he could tell that Gokudera was just as awe-struck as he was. As they made their way into the restaurant, the dimly lit establishment giving off an air of intimacy and sophistication, the two teens could hear the tinkle of a piano's keys in the background above the din of quite conversations the customers were engaging in.

Gokudera seemed to be frozen in that moment as he stood in the middle of the restaurant's lobby, taking everything in. Yamamoto couldn't help but smile at that as he gave his companion a gentle nudge with his shoulder to grab his attention.

Startled out of his awe-struck stupor, the silver-haired teen glanced up towards his partner, and raised his eyebrows in a silent question.

"Do you see that large, circular couch over there?" Yamamoto asked with a soft smile and a nod of his head in the direction of the sofa, his voice matching the quite atmosphere surrounding them. "That's where I talked with your mother, and where she gave me your letter and promise ring."

Out of instinct at the mention of the precious ring held around his neck, one of Gokudera's hands unconsciously came up to grasp the ring within his slim fingers as the smaller teen turned to take in the sight of the couch. It was almost unbelievable that the same couch was present even after seventeen years had passed.

Before the young Italian could actually comment on the possibility of the couch being the same one from Yamamoto's memory, an old couple caught his eye. The two senior citizens were sitting upon the same exact couch, and when the couples' curious eyes met the questioning orbs of Gokudera's, all time seemed to stand still as the three of them stared at each other in wonder.

Interested about what had caught his lover's eye, Yamamoto turned his attention towards the older couple too, just in time to see the woman of the pair rise to her feet, her hands coming up to cover her mouth in complete shock as she stared at Gokudera in astonishment. On shaking feet, the older woman moved closer to them, her eyes shining with disbelief as she eyed Gokudera from head to toe, soft Italian words trembling from her lips in a form of a question. Yamamoto only raised an eyebrow in confusion to the foreign language coming from the old woman, but Gokudera obviously understood, and replied back in his native tongue, the smaller teen's voice shaking slightly also, but out of nervousness.

The raven-haired teen had no idea what his smaller companion had said to the grey-haired woman, but all of a sudden, the woman cried out, a joyful expression appearing on her face as tears of happiness streamed from her eyes. Before Yamamoto could even bat an eye, the Italian woman was hugging his little bomber with all of her might, and kissing his cheeks in greeting as Italian flowed rapidly from her lips. Gokudera appeared a little dazed by the sudden touches of affection, but replied to the older woman's questions, leaving Yamamoto completely in the dark as to what was going on.

Around this time, the woman's husband (definitely of Japanese descent), made his way over to them, taking Gokudera's hand into a firm grip as tears flowed from his eyes as well, a huge smile upon his face.

"My wife is right." The older man stated with happiness. "You definitely look like your mother, Gokudera-san."

From that, Yamamoto finally obtained his answer as to who the two senior citizens were. The taller teen couldn't help but smile at the image in front of him then, the scene looking very much like an overdue family reunion.

It wasn't too long after the older man's words that Gokudera properly introduced himself, and Yamamoto (stating that he was his friend, of course), and showed the older couple his mother's promise ring, just in case they still had any doubt. The jubilation in the room was almost contagious as the happy smiles of the older couple almost flew off their faces while they took turns holding the ring, remembering it from their times spent with Gokudera Kazumi before her passing. More hugs from the Italian woman were met after that, her Japanese husband offering for Gokudera and Yamamoto to join them for a free meal in their restaurant as the older woman coddled the smaller teen like he was her own grandson (Gokudera looking slightly uncomfortable from the attention, but Yamamoto could tell that he was secretly liking it).

As they were treated to a fabulous meal, Gokudera and Yamamoto shared stories of their lives with the couple (excluding the mafia parts, of course), telling them everything that they asked about, from their past lives, to how they were currently doing. Yamamoto was surprised that the older couple seemed to be just as interested in him as they were in Gokudera too, but he could tell that they didn't want any information left out about the smaller teen. Both of the seniors wanted to know the friends Gokudera kept in his company.

It was also over their exquisite dinner that the older couple didn't hesitate to share stories of Gokudera's mother and his grandparents, Yamamoto noting the hunger in his lover's eyes as he silently implored the older couple to continue, permanently burning the stories into his memory with an air of desperation.

The meeting with the older couple was such a wonderful experience, that both the teens, and the seniors, were a little upset when their meal was finished. To everyone's surprise though, before the older couple could bid their goodbyes at their now empty table (the busboys had come to clean their table already), Gokudera had a request to make.

"Thank you for your wonderful hospitality." The silver-haired teen stated with more politeness than Yamamoto had ever seen from him, his eyes shining with gratitude, and a gentle smile on his lips.

"I'm really glad I was able to meet the two of you, but if you don't mind, there is one more thing I want to ask from you." Gokudera paused for a bit, collecting himself as his eyes filled with determination.

"You see, my mother wrote a letter for me. And in that letter, she stated that she had written a song for me, and that I should look it up to see if I remembered it from my childhood when she would come over to the mansion during holidays and play it for me. After some searching, and thoroughly listening to everything she had composed during her time as a famous pianist, I was able to find the song she was talking about."

"I didn't remember it at first," Gokudera let out with a soft chuckle, his eyes becoming distant as a far off memory played behind them. "But as I listened to it over and over again, since that particular song had a strange pull on me, I was gradually able to remember that, that was the song she was referring too. I haven't played the piano in years since I found out about my mother's death, but for the past couple of months, that song had inspired me to take up playing the piano again, and I have been practicing playing that song nonstop. What I'm trying to get at here is that…well…"

The young Italian averted his eyes away shyly for a moment, before he finally shared what was on his mind.

"I was wondering…" The silver-haired teen uttered softly, his jade-green eyes shaking from the question on his lips. "I was wondering if I could get your permission to play it for you here?"

Everyone's eyes widened in shock to the smaller teen's request.

"But you don't have any sheet music with you." Yamamoto stated in confusion, his hazel eyes looking upon his beloved bomber in wonder.

Yamamoto would never forget the smile Gokudera sent his way then, the other's lips molded into a soft, affectionate smile.

"That's because I know the song by heart now, Idiot." Gokudera said with a light chuckle. "Don't you want me to play? I distinctly remember you saying that you always wanted to hear me play the piano."

The taller teen could only smile at that, a look of pure happiness and excitement on his face. He was surprised that Gokudera had remembered his request from so long ago. Had Gokudera actually planned on doing this, not just for his mother, but for him as well?

"Of course I do!" The raven-haired teen exclaimed in his excitement, as he glanced towards the older couple, his eyes silently begging them to allow his lover to play.

The young athlete's gaze was met with complete understanding, and just as excited gazes from the senior citizens. The older woman even thanked Gokudera in Japanese (she was fluent in both languages from her time living there), for such a thoughtful idea, having a feeling that the smaller teen wanted to commemorate their meeting with a tribute to his mother. Yamamoto thought so too, knowing that his precious little lover wanted nothing more than to play on the piano his mother was playing when she gave them her promise ring.

After the older man conversed with the current pianist about the situation, Gokudera was offered to take his place for his one song, Yamamoto and the older couple watching in anticipation as Gokudera finally took the stage.

Gokudera took steadying breaths as he sat upon the polished black piano bench, his delicate fingers lightly resting upon the ivory keys. As he closed his eyes, the notes that he had been practicing for the last four months came to mind, and a gentle smile graced his lips as if he was meeting an old friend. Remembering the reasons as to why he had wanted to play this particular song, his fingers pressed gently down on the first set of keys, a whimsical music box melody beginning to play.

As each note was pressed, a long forgotten memory played behind the silver-haired teen's eyes. In truth, he remembered a certain memory every time he had practiced the song. At first, the memory had been faint, almost indiscernible, but with each practice it became clearer, like the lifting of a fog. And that very moment, as Gokudera started to play his mother's song on the piano, the song meant for him, that very same memory returned to him as his fingers instinctively moved to the right keys, the words of a lullaby his mother had sung to him beginning to play in his memory, her soft, angelic voice echoing throughout his head. He wouldn't sing the words himself, since he felt that his voice wouldn't do hers justice, but he would play the piano nonetheless as he thought over the meaning behind her words.

The smile that wavers behind your tears,

Is the promise of the world,

Since the beginning of time

A two-year-old Gokudera fidgeted in his new Christmas suite that his and Bianchi's mother had bought for him. The pristine, white, buttoned up shirt, the coal-black tail coat and shorts, the vibrant red bowtie, and his knee high white socks and polished black dress shoes were very uncomfortable for the little boy who was wearing them, a perpetuate frown making its way onto his face.

That frown quickly flipped into a smile though when he heard the doors to the piano room open, the little toddler wiggling upon the piano bench in excitement as he saw a woman with beautiful silver locks of hair enter the room, a sweet smile on her face, and an adoring twinkle in her eyes.

"It's nice to see you again, Hayato." The angelic-looking woman softly greeted with motherly affection.

Even though I'm alone now with our yesterday…

The little boy had always wondered why the woman always called him that, when his name was Constantine. In truth, he hated being called anything other than that, because the other kids within the mansion always called him different names, and those were usually bad ones. He made an exception in this case though, knowing that the woman called him that particular name as a term of endearment. And really, what more could any lonely toddler ask for than for someone to call him by an affectionate name?

"Hi, Miss Piano Lady!" The silver-haired boy exclaimed with enthusiasm, not remembering the other woman's name, because of its foreign sound. With a jubilant hop off the lowered piano bench he was sitting on, Little Gokudera ran over to the awaiting woman, hugging her legs through her frilly, red and white Christmas dress.

"I've been practicing just like you asked me to!" The two-year-old stated with pride, his pale-green eyes begging for loving praise he barely received.

With a pleased smile, the silver-haired woman stooped down, and sifted her fingers through the little boy's matching hair.

This day is born aglow, like the first time we spoke

"That's great, Hayato!" The older woman stated with fondness, her green eyes twinkling with happiness as she bestowed the toddler with a special smile she only showed to him; the smile of a loving mother. "Why don't you show me how much you have improved?"

With a cry of glee, Little Gokudera let go of the woman's dress, and ran off towards the piano once again, his tiny arms held up like the wings of an airplane, stiff with anticipation, and eager to please the woman who treated him so kindly.

The older woman could only giggle at how cute the little child was acting.

Somehow I lost you

"You seem more happy than usual, Hayato." The silver-haired woman noted with mild curiosity. "Did something good happen since the last time I paid you a visit?"

Gokudera's little body stopped abruptly before the piano bench, the tiny toddler quickly twisting around to nod his head enthusiastically, his small fists clenched to his chest in excitement, and his jade-green eyes shaking with newfound happiness.

"Mm-hm!" The little bow stated with his nod, his eyes teaming with pure joy. "I made my first friend!"

A dazzling smile made its way onto the older woman's lips at the young toddler's words.

Among all my memories

"That's so great, Hayato!" The woman exclaimed with motherly affection, truly happy for the smaller boy's happiness. "Can I meet this new friend of yours?"

As those words met the toddler's ears, the most heart wrenching expression appeared on his face. The happiness in the older woman's irises quickly transformed into concern at the drastic change in mood the younger boy went through, witnessing how the little one bowed his head in sadness as one of his fists came up to rub at his eyes.

"N-No…" Little Gokudera stuttered out as tears started to well in his jade-green orbs, his little fist rubbing furiously at his unmanly reaction (his dad said that it was shameful for boys to cry).

You brush pass my face softly as the breeze

"And why can't I see your friend?" The Piano Lady asked kindly as she stooped down to the crying child's level, her dark-emerald eyes searching out his.

"Y-You won't believe me…" Little Gokudera sniffled out pitifully. "No one believes me. They say that I made him up."

"Well…" The older woman started unsurely, her expression saddening at the pain the little boy was going through. "I can't believe you either unless you try to tell me. You never know until you try, right? I know that you wouldn't lie to me, Hayato."

At that, the little silver-haired boy's eyes lit up at the recognition. It was true. He would never lie to this woman, who treated him with such kindness. With his tears beginning to dry, and a small smile adorning his face, the little child went on to tell his tale about how he teleported to a different house one day, and met a bunch of people who spoke a funny language. But thankfully, one of the older people there translated everything that everyone was saying to him. Everyone had looked funny also; all of them wearing strange clothes he had never seen before. He had even seen his sister Bianchi, but she was all grown up, and more scary looking than usual! But it was there that he met another little boy around his age, one with spiky, black hair, and a really stupid sounding laugh. They became really good friends, even though they didn't start off too well, and even though they had only spent the day together.

Though we slipped apart

After hearing the unbelievable story, a look of recognition dawned in the older woman's eyes as she heard the description of Gokudera's newfound friend.

"Oh, really?" The silver-haired woman asked with a tone of acceptance, a curious tremble to her voice. "And what was this little boy's name?"

The silver-haired toddler frowned at this as he bowed his head in thought, one of his fists coming up to his mouth as the other hand cradled his elbow.

Like sunlight slipping through the leaves

"It was really weird sounding, like your name…" The little boy muttered behind his fist, his brow crinkling with extreme concentration. "It wasYa-something…"

The silver-haired woman giggled knowingly, the smile on her face growing with eagerness at the words she was about to tell the little child, having just met that very same person (if only his older self), just yesterday. The Ten-Year-Bazooka was such an amazing contraption.

"Do you mean, Yamamoto?" she stated with her knowledgeable smile.

The little toddler's eyes widened in recognition, his tiny body bouncing with excitement as the name reached his ears.

The promise of love will live on eternally

"Yeah, that's it! It was Yamamoomoo—or whatever you said!" Little Gokudera exclaimed joyfully. "But how did you know his name?"

The older woman just smiled secretly at that.

"Well, that's because I have met him before. He had spiky-black hair, tan skin, really pretty hazel eyes, and a silly sounding laugh, right? He was a very kind boy, and very friendly."

Even though I'm alone now

Little Gokudera's eyes widened to epic proportions from the taller woman's accurate description, completely amazed by what he had just heard.

"Yes! Yes, that's him!" The little toddler shouted in victory, the happiness he was feeling overflowing from him as he jumped up and down enthusiastically. "See? I really didn't make him up!"

But just as quickly as the little child's happiness came, it was soon replaced with a sad, contemplative look.

"DoDo you think I will ever see him again?" Little Gokudera asked quietly, almost longingly. "I miss him…"

My tomorrows are boundless

The silver-haired woman just gave the wondering tot her most comforting smile as she reached out to pet the little boy's hair in a soothing manner.

"Yes, I'm certain you will." The older woman ascertained with her angelic smile.

But even with that, the little boy still appeared doubtful.

Like the kindness you showed me

"How do you know that?" He innocently asked with pure curiosity shining in his eyes.

The Piano Lady just gave another one of her knowing smiles, an affectionate twinkle in her eye.

"Oh, just call it intuition."

The silver-haired toddler frowned at that, not understanding the word she had used.

Hidden in the night

"But…what if it takes a long time and I forget about him before I meet him again?" Little Gokudera questioned again, a note of despair in his voice at the thought of forgetting about the only friend he had ever made.

The older woman's eyes shook in contemplation for a moment before she responded.

"Hayato, do you remember the song I sang for you on your birthday a few months back?" The beautiful woman asked gently, her eyes imploring the other to remember.

Somehow I lost you among all my memories

The little boy scrunched up his face in confusion for only a moment before recognition dawned in his eyes once again.

"Yeah, I remember! It was the real pretty one about promises and never forgetting, right?"

The older woman smiled in adoration to the little boy's cuteness, giving him her best congratulatory smile.

"Yes, that's the one exactly. Do you remember the words?"

You will live on eternally in a brooks gentle song

"A little, I think." Little Gokudera admitted with a slight look of shame, unhappy with his inability to recall all of the words.

The Piano Lady just gripped his shoulders gently, bestowing comfort onto the little boy with a forgiving smile.

"That's alright. I didn't expect you to actually remember. I'm proud that you remembered even just a little bit!"

In the depth of the sky

The tiny toddler's chest swelled with pride at the older woman's praise, his eyes shining up at hers in pure adoration. The beautiful woman smiled just as proudly in return as she thought up a plan.

"Hayato? Would you like me to sing the song for you again?" The silver-haired woman asked hopefully as another thought entered her mind. "And how about I sing it in your friend's language, since I know it? That way, the song will reach him, and he won't forget about you either?"

The little boy nodded enthusiastically at the idea, hoping that his friend would hear the beautiful song too. As the older woman smiled in happiness at the chance to play her special song again, and as she adjusted the piano bench to a more comfortable height, she sat down to play her piece, beckoning the little toddler to come and sit on her lap. The tiny child was only too happy to oblige as he made himself comfortable on the kind woman's lap, closing his eyes in contentment as the beautiful notes of the semi-familiar tune met his ears once again; the angelic sound of the woman's voice making him feel at ease.

Tears begin to well up in Gokudera's eyes as the memory replayed itself, the beautiful words of his mother sticking with him as he started to bring her song to a close. The young Italian didn't let his tears fall though, for they were bittersweet, just like the lullaby he was playing. He never knew it back then, but as he looked deeper into the words his mother had written for him, he finally began to understand. Back then, the song was her way of saying goodbye to him, for she had probably had a feeling that the moment they shared in the piano room, during his second Christmas, would probably be their last. She knew that she would leave her only son soon, and so she had written a song for him as a memento of her, a mother's lullaby with a message; a lesson for him to learn. It was a lesson about how bittersweet life was. That for every happiness earned, there was also sorrow, and for every smile, there were tears. But it was also about how love for another person could be eternal. That even if the memories of a loved one would fade, they would still be remembered in their hearts, as part of them for the rest of their days.

In the scent of a flower

All those thoughts played through his head as the silver-haired teen glanced towards the audience for only a moment, a small smile adorning his lips as his eyes met with Yamamoto's, the taller boy's hazel orbs shaking with awe as he listened to the beautiful song. As the song finally drew to an end, Gokudera closed his eyes as a sense of peace he had never felt before washed over him. He had planned to play this song at the restaurant for months now as a thank you to his mother, to tell her that he finally understood what she was trying to tell him back then, and to also finally share the song with the boy that she had played it for in the past, the same boy that she had promised that Gokudera would meet again, even if his memories of the other would fade with the passing of time.

When the song was done, and Gokudera stood from his seat to take a bow towards the silently grateful audience, the silver-haired teen made his way down from the stage. There, the powerful gaze of his lover met his, the taller teen's eyes shining with pride, and a hint of question. Gokudera gave Yamamoto a small smile, secretly telling the other that they would talk later as he made his way over to the older couple, the old woman in tears after hearing Kazumi's song.

After many hugs and promises to stay in contact, Gokudera and Yamamoto left the old couple in the restaurant, and headed back to their own hotel room in another part of the city.

Jade green eyes stared out the hotel window into the darkened city below, the night illuminated with the glow of millions of lights, and providing the only light source within the pitch black hotel room. Gokudera narrowed his eyes in contemplation as he took in the night scene before him, the words to his mother's song still playing in his head.

Before the silver-haired teen could think any more on what his mother's words meant to him, warm, protective arms wrapped around him from behind, and a chin came to rest upon his shoulder.

"What are you thinking about?" Yamamoto whispered into his lover's ear, his spiky hair wet from the shower he had just taken.

Gokudera didn't answer right away as he pressed himself back into the taller boy's embrace, closing his eyes in contentment as his body basked in the warmth the other brought him.

"Mm…just thinking of the words to my mother's song." The silver-haired teen spoke quietly, feeling the intimacy of the moment.

Yamamoto raised an eyebrow at Gokudera's words, not expecting that answer in the least.

"You mean…there were words that went along with that pretty song you played tonight?" The taller teen spoke with slight disbelief, his tone filled with curiosity.

"That's what I just said, you idiot." Gokudera whispered out affectionately, chuckling slightly to himself for picking a boyfriend who always seemed to state the obvious.

"Can you sing them for me, Hayato?" The young athlete asked hopefully, his eyes dancing with excitement at the prospects of finding out the lyrics behind the beautiful lullaby he had heard his lover play just over an hour ago.

Gokudera could only scoff at that.

"Che, I don't have much of a singing voice." The silver-haired teen admitted, trying to get out of his lover's request.

"Haha, it's better than mine!" The raven-haired teen laughed jovially as he squeezed the precious Italian in his arms. "I think you have a fine singing voice, so why don't you sing the song for me?"

"Heh…" Gokudera gave out a light chuckle as he laughed at his own inside joke. "I guess it's only right, since my mother sang the song to me for the both of us. It's about time that you finally heard it, I guess."

The silver-haired teen could feel his taller companion take his chin off of his shoulder then. Curious to the movement, the silver-haired teen glanced behind him to see why Yamamoto had shifted away, and saw how the other boy looked at him then with a puzzled expression.

"Really?" He asked with slight disbelief.

Feeling more open with himself than ever that night, Gokudera decided to share the memory he had gained back from listening to the song, the smaller teen leaning back into his lover's hold once again as he eyed their reflection in the window. The words tumbled from the silver-haired teen's mouth as if they were desperate to be heard, the smaller boy describing the piano room back in his father's mansion, and the last conversation he ever had with his mother.

"And that's why I wanted the first song you ever heard me play to be the one I played tonight." Gokudera finished his explanation softly. "It was so that you could finally hear the song that my mother played for you, and me, back during my second Christmas after I had met you…"

"Hayato…" The taller teen whispered out in amazement, touched by the sentiment in the other's words. Yamamoto was amazed that Gokudera was being so open with him, but he supposed that the reason for that was because his lover had received some closure with the loss of his mother that night, which only made the Rain Guardian crave to hear the lyrics of Kazumi's song all the more. As Yamamoto buried his face into the crook of his lover's neck, and held the other closer to him, he could tell that Gokudera understood his silent request, because the other boy started to sing, his voice gravely, but soothing to the taller teen's ears.

By the time that Gokudera was finished singing, Yamamoto was deep in contemplation over the lyrics, the words filling him with hope and sadness.

"That was beautiful." The raven-haired teen whispered lovingly into his smaller companion's ear.

"Really?" Gokudera questioned with discomfort, as he fidgeted in his lover's hold. "I thought I sucked."

Yamamoto gave a surprised laugh at that as he kissed the bomber's flushed cheek in a form of comfort.

"No, really, it was beautiful, if not a little sad." The taller teen admitted, a wistful expression coming over his face. "I like the message the song talks about. That even though we might lose the memories and the people we love, we will always remember them in our hearts, because they will always be with us."

Gokudera's features saddened at Yamamoto words, having already experienced them twice in his life; losing the memories of his first friend, and of his mother after her death. As the two teen's stood there, thinking over what had been said, and watching their reflections in the window, Yamamoto noticed how one of Gokudera's hands came up to grab hold of the promise ring hanging from his neck, his slim fingers playing with the delicate piece of jewelry absentmindedly. The raven-haired teen smiled softly at that, and held the other even tighter.

"Thank you for sharing this gift with me, Hayato." The taller teen whispered softly in gratitude, thanking Gokudera for being so open with him, and for sharing the song. "Is there anything I can give back to you in return?"

If this was any other time, Gokudera would have assumed that his taller lover was referring to paying him back sexually, but that didn't seem to be the case. The smaller teen could tell how open and honest Yamamoto was being with him in that moment, the taller teen willing to give him anything that his heart desired.

The silver-haired teen gave the reflection in the window a small smile.

"I think this is just fine." The smaller teen spoke with certainty, referring to the position they were now in. "This is all I need."

Yamamoto just smiled happily in return, and did what was requested of him; holding his beloved close to him.

"I will never forget you, Hayato." The young swordsman whispered out, a promise in his words. "Even after I die."

The small smile Gokudera wore wavered slightly in sadness before he responded back.

"I'll never forget you too, Takeshi. Never again."

With a kiss to the young Italian's head, the two teens went to bed. And as they both held each other close before drifting off to sleep, they knew that they had two more days left in Tokyo before they would spend the rest of their vacation in Namimori with their friends. The two of them knew they had a lot to look forward to in the days ahead of them, and a lot of worries too, but both Gokudera and Yamamoto knew that they could persevere in whatever trials came their way.

Their fifth night in Tokyo was spent wrapped up in each other's arms, their promise ring lying between them, glinting happily in the moonlight with a newfound promise.

A/N: Ok guys, that's it! Thank you for all of your support! Just as a last note, the clothes that Yamamoto was wearing on the third day of their vacation was actually inspired from a KHR trading card I saw, where Yama and Goku were drawn with punk-styled attire. It's really cute ;)

And now, I give you guys a short that I couldn't pass up. I hope you like it!

Four Years Later

Tsuna, the Tenth Generation boss of the Vongola Family, walked briskly down the hall of the Vongola Headquarters, a stack of important documents in his hand. He knew that it was Gokudera's day off, but he just needed his right-hand man to co-sign some documents. After that, Tsuna would be work free for the rest of the evening, the spiky-haired man planning on spending the rest of the day with Gokudera, since the silver-haired man had been depressed as of late.

The young mafia boss couldn't really blame his best friend for wallowing about for the past couple of months. After all, Yamamoto was taking a year off to play in the majors, and was now the star player of the Tokyo Giants! His right-hand man hardly had any time to go and visit his fiancée, because of their hectic schedules. Yamamoto constantly training, and Gokudera constantly pushing papers, and trying not to get him and his comrades killed.

Tsuna sighed a little at the thought, missing his tall, happy friend too. But all thoughts of Yamamoto he had quickly flew out the window the moment he got to Gokudera's room. The young boss froze as he heard Gokudera speaking from the other side of the door.

"Come on, Takeshi…"

At first, Tsuna thought that his friend was talking to Yamamoto over the phone, but his Hyper Intuition was telling him otherwise, noting how the older man's voice was stiff, like he was trying to hold himself back from being too loud, and his words were coming out as a hiss.

"Come on, come on…"

Tsuna shifted a bit uncomfortably as he heard his friend speak faster. What was Gokudera-kun doing? Should he knock on the door?

"Yes!" The silver-haired man shouted from the other side of the door. "That's it! Don't stop, you idiot! Keep going!"

A heavy blush marred the young Vongola boss's features as he figured out what his friend was probably doing. Deeming that he shouldn't interrupt his friend's…alone time (Gokudera had been looking rather lonely as of late, and what healthy man wouldn't want to release their pent up frustration?), Tsuna high tailed it out of there, almost tripping over his own feet, and breaking a million dollar vase in his haste to evacuate the area. The papers could definitely wait!

Behind the door of the Vongola Storm Guardian's room, the lights were off, and the curtains were drawn, the only source of light coming from the big screen TV. The volume on the television was turned down to the point that Gokudera himself could barely hear it, since he didn't want any passersby to figure out what he was doing. Of course, the young silver-haired man didn't take into consideration that people passing by could hear his hollering.

"Yes! Homerun!" Gokudera roared in triumph, fist pumping the air from his position on the couch, a Tokyo Giants jersey adorning his torso, and a matching baseball cap placed backwards on top of his head.

The young man blushed in embarrassment after realizing how loud he was as the television showcased an older Yamamoto being high-fived by his teammates after gaining another point for his team, a blinding smile on his face. From then on, Gokudera tried to keep his supportive comments to himself, not wishing for others to come by and investigate what was going on.

He would die from embarrassment if anyone found out his secret pass-time.