Jane Goodall Gorilla Adventure

By Andy Prosser

It was a hot jungle day at Africa. Jane Gooodall was working with professor Carmald on the study of monkeys in the forest and there was one in the tress high above.

"Look professor!" said Jane and there was a gorlla jump to a branch.

"Very good!" said professor" that is a spotted orangutan they are very rare. How did you ever find one?

Jane Goodall knew where to look becasue the villagers told her where to find the best monekys. But that was before the heat wave. Now there was only a few monkey and only one spotted orangutans left (because tehy are extinct in 1963). But right now it is only 1960 so she doesnt know that yet. So she doesnt know that its the last one because they arent extict yet.

But the hot was so overwhelming that I can't go on, she said. So they took a break at the river to get water and catch fish. Professor Camald went away for a minute and Jane Goodall took a nap.

A few hours later professor Camald didn't come back from the walk so Jane looks at the river and sees a skull and his bones and she knew that the professors bones were his because of his hat and glasses were on the skull. "Noooo proseessor!" She was sadly at the bones and a alligator was eat him. Then the alligator lunged at her!

But just then a spotted orangutan swoop from the tree and kick the alliagotr. With a fast jab of him tail, the alligator stab the spotted orangetan. The orangutan falls and is beleding. But the oranguatn pulls the alligaotr in the river and they both fall off the waterfall.

"Ohh no! That was the last spotted orangutan!" said Jane. He gave his life to save her and now they are extinct. "It's all my fault," she cryed. "I am to blame. I will never study monkeys again..."

And she was neevr did.