Dear Friends
(disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy Type-0)
Note this was written before the game was released.


Three teenagers were standing in front of a tall door. Deuce looked nervously at her two friends as she held the new red cape around her neck. "This is it."

Jack nodded and looked at his own red cape. It is the proof that they were the elite of the elite. "Yeah…can't believe it."

"Class Zero…" Eight's voice trailed off.

"Well, I'm glad I'm here with you guys." Deuce said to the both of them, "Are you ready?"

Jack grinned "Course I am."

"Always." Eight nodded.

Together, they entered the room, not knowing that this was the start of their end.


Seven looked at the grave. There were tears forming in her eyes, her hands were trembling. The silver-haired girl shook her head and shakily placed the flowers beside it.

Éclair Saba

"Mom…" she whispered.

"What are you doing here?" an all too familiar voice called out. Seven furiously tried to remove the tears.


Jack smirked "That's me. Come on, everyone's waiting for you…"

"…No need to cry." He added very softly.


"Smile for all she's given you." Jack smiled not his cheerful smile, but a very sincere one. Seven tried and smiled. Nothing felt better in the world.

A/N: I need inspiration, so I decided to take the hundred theme challenge by WaterAngel-Alyssa's.

Of course I'd start it with Eight, Jack, and Deuce. They are like my golden trio (they would seriously be my team if I get the game). And then we have a Jack/Seven one. Her mom's name is Éclair cause of a certain character who looks just like her. Saba just means seventh born XD. I got the title from the ending theme of Final Fantasy V.

I'll try my best to make it daily.