England's Sex Dungeon

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TRANSLATIONS(according to google and my half semester of Spanish)

Lo siento: I'm Sorry

Si: Yes

Estoy muy confundido: I am very confused

Salvame: Save Me

I tried something with history…okay I skimmed the wikipedia page and thought back a couple years of social studies class. But it went down the drain the moment Arthur picked up the leather bound book. Maybe it was gone before that O_o

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My first attempt at posting smut.

A thin finger traced along a shivering stomach.


"Oh, you're awake how lovely…" The owner to the active digit hummed, still focusing on the billboard of smooth skin in front of him.

"Wh-why?" The recipient of the touches squirmed

"Because I want you," he leaned in now, nibbling a lightly tanned ear.

"Estoy muy confundido…"

"I'll elaborate. I want you turned around, on all fours, spreading your legs,"Arthur Kirkland commanded.

The baffled glint in the guest's eyes turned knowingly as he began to strip off his clothes.

"How long has it been?" England asked as he looked for his box that contained lubrication.

"Oh, a good five days," The Spaniard sighed, that meant more prepping.

"Well, we better go downstairs then."

The tanned man gulped, he hadn't gone down there yet.

They made there way down carpeted steps, and England felt along the walls so as not to trip, and lit a few candles once he was in the main room.

It was fairly big, almost double the size of his master bedroom, the plush footing ended and now the floors were a hard wood. The walls were a steel grey, and to accompany that colour, many metal objects lay around, from handcuffs to chains to leashes.

"Up against the wall." England resumed the role of the leader.

"Yes, senor"

"No, we aren't playing that game now. Just go."

Spain hurried to said wall, and found that there were straps to place his arms and legs in, but he need help after binding his legs and left limb.

England walked up, laughing.

"You look pitiful," the man had bruised lips already, and his white collar shirt was rumbled and unbutton at the bottom, his slacks looked much to small as he became aware of a new problem, and his right arm dangled lamely.

"Lo siento."

"You should be." Then Arthur ripped of his prisoner's shirt, the buttons shattering and he held the two pieces of cheap fabric triumphantly.

Antonio just quivered. Okay, maybe their love making wasn't always so loving but Arthur never ripped and teared and commanded unless they were playing the game, and they weren't playing it now.

He bounded the remaining arm and looked up at the stretched man happily.

Now he went to the pants, sliding them down curvy hips and then ripping those off as well.

His hand instantly found Spain's problem smearing the cum that had collected at the top and pumped it to the brink of satisfaction then left, making sure to blow out the candles on his way upstairs.

First Arthur made some tea, then drank it slowly trying not to burn his tongue, waiting to hear the screams.

He hadn't yet, and picked up a leather bound classic and flipped to a page and began reading.

It was before Tink drank the poison and after Peter saved Tiger Lily that he heard the cry of help.

"Salvame! Salvame! Lo siento! Lo siento!" He closed his book and his eyes, letting the pleas for help and apologies drift him off to sleep.

England woke up with a crick in his back and a damper in his mood considering he couldn't hear any noise from the basement, but as he made his way down the stairs, he could just make out a soft sniffling.

"Lo siento! Salvame!" The words were quiet and hoarse.

Arthur almost felt bad.

"How have you been?"

"I have not been well."

"Well, I can fix that," Arthur closed the distance now, pushing there lips together and making sure to grind his hips hard into Antonio, delighting in the groans it caused him.

"You just make it worst," he panted after Arthur lifted himself off of him. He felt like he was going to die and struggled against the metal, only succeeding in drawing blood from his wrists and ankles.

England ignored his endeavours and walked away to grab a bottle, and when he returned he undid the straps.

"Are you okay?"

"Si, gracias," Spain rubbed his wrists, and then just stood awkwardly, waiting for the other man to lead.

Arthur just smiled, letting Antonia adjust to the lights, the feel of his feet on the ground, and his arms being able to move.

After about one minute of that pleasant waiting Arthur pushed him down, letting him hit the hard wood.

He scrambled on top of him, slicking up his member as he did this.

"You are wet," Arthur said as he ran his finger across the top of Spain's erection, then let his fingers trail down and find a little hole, dripping with the pre-cum from up north on his body.


"Good," Arthur skipped formalities and let two fingers slid in, stretching and spreading and not aiming at all.

"Maldito…" Antonia cursed and felt tears welling up in his dark green eyes.

Arthur kind of, sort of, maybe, felt bad.

So he pushed farther, searching this time and finding.

He watched Spain's face flush and then go white, ghostly white as he hit it again and again, the sweat appeared on his forehead and Arthur decided it was time.

The fingers slid out with soundlessly, and he pushed himself in with one thrust.

He didn't really use a rhythm, just fast, and hard, and the slaps of skin hitting skin mixed with the sounds of cries and yelps and moans.

"More..please," Antonio panted after a couple spot on thrust.

And England slid out.


Then Arthur flipped him around, prompting him to rest his weight on all fours, leaning on his elbows and knees.

And after that Arthur entered him again, this time stroking the tip of Antonio's member.

England released first, and his fingers left their position as he slipped out of Spain's abused hole and laid down.

After a whimper Spain stroked himself to release and sighed, joined Arthur on the floor.

"Well, my back feels better." England smiled.

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