England wasn't in the mood for tea, and as rare as that was, it pertained true on that sultry summer night.

It wasn't lemonade or water that would quench his thirst.

No, it was something sweeter.

Something warmer.

Something thicker.

It was hot chocolate.

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warnings: hot cocoa smex, some ooc (sorry), and crappy writing

So there he sat, fumbling around in the kitchen, looking for a packet of Nestlé, preferably the kind with mini marshmallows, but that didn't matter as long as it was Nestlé.

Do you know the origin of the Nestlé company?
Do you?
According to wikipedia, it was from the start of an anglo-swiss alliance, and you know what, Arthur was okay with that.

Sure, it was awkward to sit alone in a chair drinking hot cocoa on a summer evening. The kind of night when stars are sprinkled across the sky like a forever summer kid's freckles, but you stay inside anyways.

Those kind of twilights.

That kind of chocolate.

It was as if by magic is door was knocked on.

"Humph, wonder who it is..." Arthur really didn't wonder. He hoped.

Silence reflected in two sets of green eyes, speak wasn't needed.

It was rare these met ups, but both knew what to do.

Lips on lips, fumbling hands, grabbing onto each other.

Rush rush rush

Arthur pulled apart, only to let his guest move gruffly inside, eyes darting across the house in a quick bout of curiosity. Moistened lips were awkwardly licked, "Uhm, what are you here for?"

Vash shrugged his shoulders. Lily was out, out with Iceland or something like that. It wasn't like he didn't get invited. But he didn't like people, well, when they could be avoided that was good. Enough rambling... he looked back into England's eyes, desperate for another kiss, another touch. It was granted, and they stumbled back towards the couch.

Vash's lips were nibbled on, tasted, then pried open with a swipe from a tongue and soon his mouth was being devoured. Strong hands clung onto him tightly, pulling him closer until there was no space between them except for their clothes.

Speaking of that, the clothes needed to go, now.

So Arthur broke apart, rejoicing in the needy whine he heard.

"Downstairs?" Arthur whispered, his face flushed, his voice low.

A quick nod.

A mad dash, down the steps, pushing the other into the darkness, eager to explore once well-known parts.

Articles once covering body parts laid shamelessly on the floor, lust-filled eyes brightened the room.

"I've missed your touch," Switzerland blushed, embarrassed at his moment of truth, and tried to forget about it. But it wouldn't be like a gentlemen to let someone go so easily.

"Really now? How bad do you want it?" England leans forward on his tippy toes, level with the Swiss.

Still, Vash was silent and red faced.

There was no point to it though, his member was slightly raised, his nipples hard.

"I could go upstairs then, I bet my hot chocolate getting cold."

Switzerland didn't want that. No, that did not appeal to him, so he turned off the pride button and opened his mouth, "I want you to fuck me."

England just got closer, pushing their chests together, their erections rubbing together, instantly growing harder.

"Mhm," A low growl came from Vash's throat, exciting Arthur more. Lips locked again, no struggle for dominance, willing submission.

With a noisy slurp, England pulls away.

Switzerland knew want to do, and obediently got on his knees, a little scared about disappointing the man above him, however with a push from the Brit's hand, he became more sure.

It throbbed in his mouth, and he tightened his lips, bobbing his head up and down. Switzerland let his tongue venture out, and played with the tip of the member while his mouth tried to take more and more in. Too much.

Tears pricked his eyes as his gag reflex kicked in, yet England's hand remained on the blond's head, pushing him into the warm member, not letting the Swiss get much needed air.

His moans and struggles just added more pleasure, vibrating and moving quicker then normal. Soon, England found himself releasing into Switzerland's mouth, and pulled out, disgusted at the red, puffy eyes. White cum trickled down his mouth, and he licked it up slowly, praying England wouldn't lose interest in him from the one mistake.

"Stretch yourself, I've got better things to do," And Arthur walked upstairs with as much dignity as a nude, flaccid man could.

England didn't actually have anything better to to, he just sat in his reading chair drank his beverage with a frown, it had become cold.

He didn't want to watch any television, Dr. Who and Top Gear were on a hiatus. He had just finished Midsummer's Night Dream, and it hung around the living room. He decided to pick it up and flipped through the pages, looking for his favourite part.

I'll follow thee and make a heaven of hell

To die upon the hand I love so well

His hopeless romantic side was swooning a bit, until he coughed, realised he was naked and went back downstairs to check on his guest. Arthur's mug of half drunken cocoa was gripped absentmindedly in his hand.

Switzerland sat on the edge of a torture bed, the hard metal cool against his pale thighs, which were spread wide open, shameless.

Two fingers were held stationary as his hips moved up and down on them, with each thrust his member twitched.

"Unf, unf, unf." Pre cum covered his painfully hard member, but he wouldn't touch in, focused on the task of stretching himself out, preparing himself for England. Those vibrant green eyes, plump and rosy lips. He was in a lust craze, and only an awkward cough from the side of the room could bring him out of it.


"I was just doing as you told me," The Swiss looked at the Brit's lips as he spoke, not caring about manners or timidness at the moment.

"I see," England ventured closer, until he was leaning against the metal table, his heavy breath ghosting over Vash's ear.

"Are you ready for me?"

Shallow swallows.

England took to licking and biting the pale neck before him, persuasion.

"Yes, oh god yes."

England set down mug, and pushed the other man down roughly, keeping his legs spread and his hips slightly elevated.

"No lube?"

"No gun?" That shut Switzerland up, and he tried to think of how good it was going to feel not how it was going to be a bitch to deal with in the morning.

But England had a crazy idea. He reached down and grabbed his mug, then poured a little of the cooled liquid over his member, rubbing it around and paying specially attention to his tip until he became as hard as he desired.

Then he pushed into Vash, the warm heat much more pleasing then his mouth. The moans escaping from the Swiss's lips were even better.

"Mfph, mfph." He began to rock up and down, trying to feel more friction, more pressure. He had been stretched well and now wanted to be filled. He was flopping around the table like some fish who thought he was out of water but really wasn't and was just confused. Arthur couldn't help but smirk.

"Is it that good?"

Green daggers, a mirroring smirk.

"You should try it some time."

"I prefer the view from up here."

Then a certain spot was hit and all hope for conversation was tossed overboard.

"Uff, yesss."

England felt the heat grow hotter, the pressure changed with quick contracting and loosening, Vash trying to last longer as his nerves were pounded into.

But Arthur couldn't, and with a few sloppy, deep thrusts, he spilled his seed into Vash, pulling out and lying next to him. Nothing romantic though, like hand holding, or snuggling, or kisses that were soft.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #-_-#~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Ugh, I'm getting too bloody old for this," England murmured drinking his Earl Grey at the table. He was perfectly fine, besides the achey back and pounding headache.


Arthur smiled at that, then finished his tea.

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