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Friday, November 2010


It was Friday. It was Friday. Never could I have been more excited for today and what it would bring this evening.

I was so excited I could barely even keep my focus on my classes, the notes I needed to take, and the work to be done. Even a few professors noticed my lack of participation or concentration on what they were saying to the class.

My mind continued to wander back to what Edward and I would be doing tonight. I didn't particularly care for anything specific; I just wanted him here and for me to be in his arms, in any way possible. That would satisfy me plenty.

"Hey, are you okay?"

I looked up to see Jared hovering near the table I'd taken residence at in the library and then looked down to where he was staring. I had simply been scribbling mine and Edward's name in my notebook like a middle school kid.

"Oh! Um…yeah, I'm okay," I laughed softly. "Just excited. My boyfriend comes back from his business trip today so he should be home by the time I get back. I haven't really concentrated on much else today."

He grinned. "Ohhh, the lucky guy who got to you before I could? Well, that's nice. I can understand the feeling of being away from someone you love for amounts of time."

I rolled my eyes at him. "Oh hush. I'm not that great of a catch. Anyways, did you catch all the notes for last class? I think I missed some of it at the end."

Jared sat down at my table and we went over the lecture material for class as well as discussed the upcoming paper we had for a good hour. Even still, there wasn't much concentration left in me to completely focus, though I tried harder than I had in my classes so I wouldn't miss anything I needed to study. I was also relieved that Jared didn't treat me differently because I had rejected him, nor did he inappropriately flirt with me.

I looked at the time on the wall, noticing it was 4:30 already.

I sighed in relief that I could finally leave. "Well, I think it's time for me to go. I'll catch you another time next week. Maybe we can work together on our next project as opposed to the awkward attempts with our other classmates." I gathered all of my things and said my goodbye's before heading to the entrance and making my way to the student parking garage.


"Mr. Masen, it seems we did good work here in New York this week. Glad you'll be able to head back with good news to our superiors?" Victoria asked.

"I suppose. Didn't really expect anything bad to happen with the meetings and contracts. I'm more satisfied to be getting back home." I watched out the window of the airplane, my thoughts turning to Bella. She was probably in class still, or at least on campus doing whatever she did before and after classes. Most likely studying. I loved her need to be a diligent student. She was the complete opposite of how lazy I often became during my college years.

"Ah, back to your girlfriend, Bella. How long have you two been together now?" I turned and observed Vicky. She didn't look anything but mildly curious, so I relaxed.

"Two years. It will be 3 next month." I kept my face blank, not sure where she was going with her question. She'd never shown any interest in my personal life before.

Her laugh brought my attention back to her. She turned to lean closer, as she spoke softly. "There's no need to be so tense and defensive, Edward. I may know what I heard Bella call you a few months ago put you on edge but it's of no concern. You aren't the only one who lives out certain things in their relationships. Let's just say James and I aren't 'normal' either and I have no room to judge. I simply become sort of…happy when I notice that there are other couples living out their own lifestyles."

I continued to stare at her, slightly shocked that she had finally said something, and the words out of her mouth were never ones I had expected. Then I had to laugh because deep down I had thought Victoria would start some kind of drama out of the situation. I never knew when it came to her. She simply continued to smile sweetly as she turned back to her magazine.

I ended up sleeping for the next hour of our flight because of the small bit of sleep lost last night. It hadn't felt but like a minute later when I was jerked awake by the turbulence of the plain touching down at the airport.

A slight buzz of excitement vibrated through me, getting stronger as I exited the airplane, into the airport, and on past the luggage claim since I'd only had one bag that I'd carried on board.

I said my goodbye's to Victoria and turned to go to the parking garaged I'd kept my car in, looking down at the ticket before searching where to go.

Traffic was slow, as usual, but I finally made it back, before Bella it seems, so I unpacked everything into the laundry or back into my bathroom and closet, straightening up so nothing looked different than how Bella had arranged things.

The excitement I felt earlier hit me again full blast as I dressed into more comfortable clothes than the suit I had previously been in before, and thought on what to plan for tonight. I honestly didn't have much I wanted to do but hold her and love her and just take it easy, and I had a feeling she would simply want that too.

I walked back into the living room, looking around before deciding to read something to occupy me until Bella arrived home. She was usually here by five, and we always had fast food she brought home after class so I didn't bother with starting dinner or waiting for her to start it.


I hurried up the walkway to the apartment, wanting to get to him as fast as possible. I knew he was here; I'd made sure to look for his car.

I unlocked the door to our home and slammed it behind me then basically threw the bag of Taco Bell I'd gotten for us to eat. I saw him stand from the couch as I rounded the corner. I made a run towards him and jumped into his arms.

"Hey, baby girl. I've missed you running into my arms like this." He tightened his arms around my, his warm breath puffing over my neck and hair, sending tingles over me. I giggled, simply because of the joy I felt that he was here, with me.

No longer away from me.

No longer out of reach.

I realized I was probably too needy but I couldn't have cared less in that moment.

I turned to look up at him, observing his face and his tired eyes and he looked at me, most likely doing the same. I brushed my fingers across the dark circles under his eyes, and the few freckles across the tops of cheeks and nose, light enough that you'd only see them if you were up close. Only if you'd stared and stared enough to memorize every detail about his face, body, and soul.

I couldn't feel more peace than I did when in his arms. "Missed you too, Daddy," I told him before planting little pecks on his lips repeatedly. I deepened the kiss and brushed my tongue against his. I just stayed in his arms, kissing, kissing, and kissing some more until our lips were surely swollen.

"Love me right here, Daddy. I need you." I moved out of his arms to undress, removing the skirt and top I'd worn, as well as my shoes and the plain underwear I'd chosen for today. He didn't take long to undress either, and as he stood naked in front of me I stared, awed at how beautiful I found him to be.

"Come here, little girl. I'm running on very little patience."

I laughed joyfully as Daddy lifted and situated me on the couch to lounge back with my legs spread wide, leaving me open for him the way he liked. He rose up on his knees to kiss me more while his fingers rubbed lightly down my thighs moving inward, trailing lower to my aroused center.

He began to speak against my pouting lips that he'd stopped kissing. "I can't wait to have you writhing for me, little girl. Your little whimpers are so sweet to hear." His fingers played my clit with such ease, sending shots of energy and arousal through my limbs. "I even missed the bratty side of you that craves spankings like the naughty girl you are. Are you gonna let Daddy do what he wants to please you? Hmm?" He kissed my lips again, before waiting for an answer. His words had been a tease to my senses as he stroked my closer to orgasm.

I looked into his eyes, the color darker in color and dilated with his hunger. "Mmm, yes, Daddy," I whispered shyly. "Make me feel good like you always do."

I looked down to watch him play my body so amazingly, before he removed his hand from me. I watched as he stroked himself with the same hand, rubbing himself slick with my wetness. Then he moved closer, lining his cock up to my pussy. He didn't hesitate before pushing forward and into my body. I also couldn't help but moan at the sight of my body accommodating to his size so smoothly.

Daddy hovered over me as he thrust all the way in, before moving out of me, his rhythm slow and sexy. The friction against the inner walls of my sex drove me crazy and I the only thing keeping me still where the weight of his hands holding my hips down into the couch. It didn't keep me from arching my back higher, or twisting my head this way and that. He was driving me past the brink with pleasure. His never speed his rhythm up, only harder and rougher with every thrust into me. I couldn't handle the burning arousal I felt where our bodies continuously met.

"Rub your pussy, baby. I need to see my little girl cum soon." He murmured the words on a groan as I quivered around his thick length.

I bit my lip on another whimper before moving one of my hands that was clawing into his forearm down to rub over my clit right above where he continuously pounded into me. I twisted my fingers fast, faster than the rhythm of his thrust and I felt myself clenching onto his dick as I reached closer and closer to the edge.

With more fervor I rubbed and tweaked. my head jerked back on a scream as I reached the end, hard and explosive. I faintly heard him shouting expletives as his grip tightened but I was coming too hard to grasp onto anything but the shards of pleasure bursting around me.

He collapsed after our orgasms and wrapped his arms back around me tightly. We were both sweaty and breathing heavily. I wouldn't have it any other way.

"You'll always be my baby girl, right?" He moved to place a sweet kiss on the top of my right breast. I nodded; there was no doubt in my head that I would always be his.

I felt his stubble brush over me, as well as the lift of his lips as he smiled. "You know I'm going to marry you one day, right? Even if I have to drag you to a little Vegas chapel."

I brushed my fingers through his hair playfully, and couldn't help but smile along with him, before I nodded again. "Right, Daddy."

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