Chapter 8: Horrors and Urgent Care

The rancid smell trickled Rayne-Marie's nose. She bolted upward. Her eyes flashed open to take in the environment of gurneys, dim lamps, and the smell of blood around her.

"W-what…?" she whispered. Her eyes grazed around the room. Pushing herself off the bed, she saw what caused the smell. A corpse sat upright in the corner. The white lab coat was caked in blood and their skin already began to decay. Rayne gasped and covered her mouth. The smell nauseated her. She caught a glimpse of a flashlight on the desk next to the decaying man. She grabbed it quickly before running out the door. On the other side was a dark hallway.

"Not again..." Rayne-Marie grabbed her throbbing head. "I don't want this anymore!" An open door stood a few feet ahead of her. She peered into the small room, an office most likely. She forced her feet to walk her through the doorway.

"Do I really have to do this alone?" As she spoke, her foot hit something. She looked down. No, make that someone.

"No!" she cried out louder than she intended. But her eyes focused and she recognized the person. She bent down, shaking their shoulder.

"Heather! Oh my God! Wake up!"

Heather jerked awake. As she came to life, Heather suddenly backhanded Rayne in the face, (the opposite side of where she hit her previously).

"Oh, it's you." She saw the mark on Rayne-Marie. "Oh, I'm sorry. I just keep beating you up don't I?" Heather tried to stay in good humor.

"It's okay," Rayne said rubbing the side of her face. "I'm just relieved you're here too." Heather moved to her feet. Looking around slowly, she took in the atmosphere of the messy office and the terrible smell.

"Where the hell are we?" Heather brooded.

"I think we're in a hospital," Rayne-Marie said softly.

"What?" Heather cried out. Rayne looked down at a piece of paper on the desk, a memo of some sort.

To all Achemilla Hospital staff, please make sure to check the date on the prescription drugs before using them.

"What is the Al-ka-mm—ila hos-pi- oh hospital?"

Heather looked at the memo pad. "Achemilla Hospital," she read. Her eyes squinted in a peculiar glance. "Why does that name sound familiar?" Heather walked out into the hallway. Her eyes gazed around the grimy interior of the walls. Up ahead was a blockade made of a couch, a few chairs and a desk, full of mold and decaying in a heap. Through a small space, Heather saw the exit doors.

"Oh for Christ's sake!" Heather let out. "It's too obvious that someone or something wants us to stay in this nightmarish place!"

Rayne-Marie turned the opposite way towards another set of doors. "That seems to be the only way to go," she pointed her finger.

Heather let out a groan. "I know. I know." She still rushed over to the barricade of furniture. "But this is just a few chairs lying on a coach and a desk oddly wedged diagonally between the couch and the wall! I should be able to at least move the chairs!" Her hands were on one of the chairs when a low growl erupted from the other side of the junk. Heather peered around the chair as a vicious, demonic dog jumped at her hand with a snarling bark. Heather yelled out as she jumped back. Through the cracks of the chair, she saw the hallow black eyes and fangs full of blood. Heather rushed back towards Rayne-Marie.

"Yeah, you're right! This way is better!" she screeched.

Rayne looked at her with wide eyes. "Are you afraid of dogs?" she slowly asked. Heather nodded. "Those types of dogs I am!"

The girls rushed through the doors where they found the culprit of the putrid smell of blood. Their eyes followed the trail of blood to the elevator. At first, it appeared to be the only way to go, but another opportunity opened up. Heather turned quickly to the right to another set of doors. She didn't speak a word as she pushed them open to find…a kitchen. Rayne-Marie, being a few inches taller than Heather saw clearly over her head into the room.

"You want to go in there?" In response to her question, Heather just walked in. Dirt and grime lined every inch of the room. However, it looked better than the rest of the hospital. Heather moved with stealth around the corner of the center island full of hanging pots and pans. So far, there weren't any monsters. Her eyes went to the counter top where she saw a butcher knife.

"Hey, that may be useful," she said, grabbing it. She looked over the condition; it looked brand new. She slid the sharp end along the counter top a few times. The blade left a deep marks in the linoleum. "It's not my pocket knife, but it will work." She turned to Rayne-Marie. "Usually, I always have my knife with me, even when I'm at school."

"Uh, Heather…if you don't mind me asking…why is it you carry your knife to school?"

Heather widened her eyes at Rayne-Marie. "Why shouldn't I?" she said plainly. Rayne turned her eyes down, afraid to ask anything else. Rayne-Marie followed Heather into the hallway towards the elevator. Heather eyed the blood in front of the elevator. It oozed out from inside the shaft.

"Are you really going to hit the button?" Rayne asked. Heather hesitated with her hand in the air. "Maybe it's not that bad," she answered and quickly pressed the 'up' button. However, it didn't light up.

"Oh well, never mind." Heather sighed. "Well, that's probably good we can't use the elevator."

"Where do we go now?" Rayne asked.

Heather walked back around the corner to the one door they haven't opened yet. She turned the knob and pushed the door open to reveal a staircase going down into a dark basement.

"We need a flashlight."

Rayne-Marie took the small flashlight from her back pocket and handed it to her.

"How the…? Wow! Good job, thinking ahead."

Thinking? It's been a long time since someone used her name and the word 'thinking' in the same sentence. Unless it was, she wasn't thinking.

Rayne-Marie shined the light down the stairs, putting one foot in front of the other to lead the way. Her bravery even astonished her. Down in the basement, there were still no monsters to be seen, but the place smelled full of mold and decay. Rayne shined the light on the door down at the end of the hallway. The sign above the door read, Morgue.

"We don't need to go in there, right?" she asked nervously.

"I don't think so." Heather turned her eyes to the open door next to the stairs. "Can you shine the light in there? I think I see the generator." Rayne fulfilled the request.

"Why do you want to see the generator?" Heather walked into the room, studying the huge contraption closely. She hit the 'on' switch and the old, rusty machine roared. "It works. We can use the elevator now." Her eyes popped back to the floor to see something metal glistening in the corner of the room. Heather bent down and picked up a 9MM handgun. "Nice. This is a better find than the knife." She turned to Rayne-Marie. "Are you comfortable using a gun? Or would you rather use the knife?"

Rayne recalled her last trip to this horror town that she used a gun. She wasn't comfortable with it then or now, but she would rather use a range weapon than get close to any of those creatures!

"I can use the gun," she said. She took the firearm, turning her eyes to the roaring generator. "How did you figure out how to turn on the generator?"

"It wasn't that hard, I just pushed a button." Rayne-Marie turned her eyes downward. "Oh come on! If you were here all by yourself, I'm sure you'd figure out how to turn on the generator." Heather pushed the button for the elevator door to open. Rayne-Marie followed after Heather, while whispering to herself, "You don't know me that well." She had a hard time working the microwave oven.

Heather pressed the button for the second floor. The doors closed and the elevator jolted upwards. When the elevator stopped, the girls walked into a dark, dreary room of simple chairs and a table; a waiting room. A little dirty maybe, but nothing else. Heather walked over to the double doors and pulled on the handle, only to find it locked.

"We can't get in. I guess we can try the third floor."

Inside the elevator, she pushed the number three button. The elevator took the girls up. On the third floor, Heather walked over to the doors, just to get the same result of being locked.

"Okay. So where the hell are we supposed to go in this stupid hospital!" she fumed.

Back inside the elevator, the girls stood there for a second.

"Hold on, was that button there before?" Rayne-Marie pointed at the button with the number four. Heather spun her head around to see the glowing button over the three. She pressed it, and they were once again hoisted upwards.

The doors opened. The girls slowly walked out into the room. This area stood different than the other floors. Rust covered every inch of the walls and the double doors. Rayne-Marie and Heather both looked at the doors with panic stricken faces. Heather dared to put her hand on the doorknob. The door opened. "Of course this one is unlocked," she griped.

The girls continued down the dark hallway. Rayne shined the light along the floor and walls, every part full of rust. They tried to open each door they passed; everyone was stuck fast. Walking down the hall a few more steps, they heard a lock click behind them. Racing towards the doors, the girls were frantic as they tried to get it to open.

"We've been locked in!" Heather cried.

"By who? No one else is here!" Rayne cried with the same hysterics.

"Forget it. We have no choice, but to keep going."

Moving through the darkness, they found their way to the end of the hallway where a flight of stairs led them down to the third floor. They stood there for a moment looking at more blood and rust filled walls. Rayne turned around and almost choked on the thick, moist air. A wall suddenly appeared behind them on the stairs.

"Why is this place so weird?" she moaned. As the girls stood, frozen in fear of what would be beyond the door, something slithered its way up from the floor below. A low moan erupted from the creature's mouth as its head bobbed from side to side. Seeing this deformed being with blood on its white lab coat, the girls screamed and ran through the double doors. They stopped as hideous women in blue nurse blouses staggered around, blood covering them from head to toe. They moaned as they came at the girls with scalpels. Heather reacted, stabbing one nurse in the chest with the butcher knife. Rayne spun around to another nurse, shooting her until she fell. She stared at the woman for a moment, convulsing on the floor. The nurse Heather stabbed flailed about on the floor as well. She kicked it a few times to make her stop. Unexpected, she pulled out the knife; the blade caked with the nurse's blood.

"Are these things nurses?!" Rayne-Marie shrieked.

Heather stared down at them for a long moment.

"I hate nurses!" she muttered.

Rayne narrowed her eyes in suspicion to that comment. Heather kept her face turned the opposite way from Rayne.

"Let's keep moving."

Down the hall and through another set of doors, they reached the elevator. Heather hit the button for the doors to open.

"Come on! We're going to the first floor and getting out of this Hell hospital. I'd rather face those dogs at the entrance than all those psychotic nurses!" Heather ranted.

The elevator doors closed as she hit the button for floor one. The girls were jolted downward so suddenly, that they felt their stomachs drop.

The doors opened to a dark corridor with a broken vending machine. They traveled into the hallway to the double doors that led into the other area. Rayne-Marie got to the door first this time. She pulled as hard as she could, but the doors didn't budge.

"I can't open them."

Heather tried as well, but they weren't moving. She tried another door diagonally across the way. The door creaked open and the girls stared down a familiar dark descending staircase that looked even creepier now in the Hell version of the hospital. With immense dread, the girls slowly descended down the stairs.

The darkness of the basement gave a new fear. Without a light, it would be like shutting your eyes, except you wouldn't dare shut your eyes in this place. Rayne-Marie kept the light on the floor in front of her. Suddenly, a low moan came from somewhere near.

"Point the light up more," Heather directed.

Rayne didn't respond. Heather grabbed the flashlight and shined it across the room to where a hellish doctor stumbled about.

"I'll hold the light, you shoot it."

Rayne-Marie stared wide-eyed at Heather for a moment, then turned her eyes towards the enemy. It charged at them with a scalpel. Rayne squeezed the trigger multiple times sending bullets into the monster. The hellish doctor fell to the floor groaning and then was silent.

"Was that it? I thought there would be more enemies," Heather stated.

Rayne-Marie gazed over the area with the flashlight. "So, the basement is like the one we saw before, but it's just full of bloody and rusted walls and floors? So, the generator room is right…" She turned around, shining the light onto the door next to the stairs. "…There." Rayne opened the door where a dim flickering light streamed out of the huge generator. It was still on, which in retrospect, made sense, but at the same time it was weird because they were transported into another world. Or maybe they never left the hospital; it's just now full of blood, rust and mental undead hospital staff?

Heather came in the room behind Rayne-Marie. Her eyes shifted to the corner, where in the normal hospital, there was a handgun. Now, in the Hell hospital, there was something better leaning against the wall. A shotgun! Heather grabbed it with quick hands.

"This will work much better than that knife!"

"You know how to use that?"

Heather was already checking the chamber for bullets. There were six, fully loaded.

"My dad showed me."

Heather walked back out into the hallway with Rayne-Marie following behind her. Heather went to open the door across from the generator room, a sign above the door read Store Room. She jiggled the handle and came to the conclusion that it was locked. She proceeded to the end of the hallway to a set up doors and started to push them open.

"Hold on!" Rayne-Marie called out. "I think that's the morgue!" She shined the light above the door, but the letters were warned away. She ran through the doors to catch up with Heather. Just as the girls entered the room, they were meet by a trio of nurses, two in blue blouses one in a green blouse. Heather aimed the shotgun at one nurse coming at her in the blue blouse. The bullet hit her directly in the head. Heather was a little shocked by how accurately she hit the nurse. But a shot in the head wasn't enough to take it down. While Heather shot at the enemy in front of her, the other one wearing a blue shirt slithered its way towards her. Rayne aimed the pistol and shot multiple times. Heather only needed to hit her nurse three times before she fell convulsing. Rayne had to shoot her nurse five times before she fell. Now they looked at the nurse in the green blouse, which appeared to linger around the gurney in the far right corner of the room. The nurse held something in the air, but it wasn't a scalpel, it was a lead pipe. She came at the girls swinging, and they answered the wretched creature with rounds of ammunition. The nurse got in one swing, connected the pipe right into Heather's forehead. Heather, now stunned fell back into one of the gurneys and collapsed on the floor. The nurse proceeded to swing the pipe down to beat Heather.

"No! Get away from her you witch!" Rayne-Marie screamed as she shot at the nurse. But the gun just clicked. She was out of bullets. The lead pipe hit Heather in the side; her ribs cracked.

"Stop!" Rayne-Marie shouted as she raced towards the nurse. She hulled out and smacked the nurse continually with the barrel of the gun. Over and over again, screaming at it to die. The nurse fell and finally died. Rayne-Marie turned to Heather. Just looking at her horrified her. Was she dead? No! No, she had to be all right!

Rayne-Marie finally turned her attention to the gurney that nurse guarded. There were some interesting treasures there, a first aid kit, some kind of red liquid in a bottle, and a key with an attached tag that read, Store Room.

Rayne-Marie wrapped some bandages from the first aid kit around Heather's ribs and then sat her up and lifted her onto the gurney next to her. Heather was surprisingly light.

"I'm going to find something that will help you. I promise I won't leave you like this."

Rayne-Marie returned to the hallway, heading straight across to the storeroom. After using the key, she hurried inside. Thankfully, she didn't see any enemies, just shelves of hospital supplies. There were lots of gauze and bandages put in boxes, but she already wrapped up Heather's wounds. In the back of the room was a tall cabinet taking almost the entire back wall. Something about it seemed off, like it didn't belong in this room. She investigated further to see skid marks on the floor. She went to the other side and tried pushing the cabinet. It moved a few inches so she could see part of a door.

"The cabinet was hiding something," she spoke out loud. She continued pushing with all her strength until the entire door was uncovered. Rayne opened the door to see a room with the floor a big grate and under the grate looked like a black bottomless pit. The grate shook as she stepped onto it. She prayed the grate would hold her and she wouldn't fall through. There was a wheel chair in the far right corner, but her attention stayed on a book lying on the grate next to it. The book was opened to a specific page.

"The Monster Lurks"

Ch. 3 Manifestation of Delusions

"Negative emotions like fear, worry or stress manifest into external energy with physical effects. Nightmares have, in some cases, been shown to trigger them. However, such phenomena do not appear to happen to just anyone. Although it is not clear why, adolescence, especially girls, are prone to such occurrences."

Rayne-Marie suddenly thought about the nightmares Heather has frequently. As far as negative emotions, Heather did show herself as moody from time to time. She wasn't sure how stressed Heather was, but what high school student isn't stressed? Rayne-Marie's eyes bounced around until she saw a piece of ripped paper in the crevice of the book.

Rayne-Marie Cramer: In critical condition. After auto accident, she was rushed to the hospital along with her father. There is severe nerve damage and cerebral damage. We will give an update soon.

Michael A. Cramer: Condition has improved. He is able to leave the hospital.

Past History of Illness: Michael Cramer has a history of Depression and suicidal thoughts. Concerns: He has been referred to see a psychiatrist. After the accident, he feels that his daughter's condition is his fault. We will keep in touch with him and his wife (the mother).

"What's this?" Rayne-Marie cried out. At that moment, a vision burst through her mind. She appeared in a classroom as her younger self in fifth grade. Rayne-Marie sat in a desk in a quad facing her friend Eileen. Sherrie, a younger plump version, nervously walks past her desk while holding a piece of paper in front of her face so no one will see her. Rayne-Marie spins around.

"Hey, look whose waddling her fat ass by us, Eileen. God Sherrie, your body mass takes up the entire aisle!" Sherrie hid her face and walked quickly to her seat. Rayne-Marie turned to meet Eileen's eyes before both girls giggled.

Another vision came. Mrs. Kane, Rayne's fifth grade teacher stood in front of the class, a stack of papers in her hands.

"Okay everyone, I have graded your history tests. And as always, I am proud to give the top three scores. We have Darren at third place with a 93%. The class applauds as a small, cute boy with brown hair takes his test with a gold star. Sherrie at second place with a 98%. Sherrie slowly walks while keeping her eyes on the floor the whole time as she takes her test. And our first place goes to …Rayne-Marie with 100% percent! A perfect score!" The whole class erupts in applause as Rayne-Marie smiles and dances up to the teacher to take her test.

The dark room returned and Rayne-Marie, now nowhere the person she was back in her childhood, stands alone with the piece of paper in her hands. A sudden loud thump exploded from down below. Rayne jumped to her feet and ran for the door. She made it back into the storage room. Her eye caught a skinny brown bottle of liquid. She shot out her hand and grabbed it.

Rayne-Marie returned to Heather with her supplies. She peered down at Heather's body. She didn't stir at all.

"Heather?" Rayne shook her. No response. Rayne began trembling. "No… No! Heather!" Heather's mouth hung slightly open. Rayne-Marie poured the liquid from the bottle. She waited a moment. Heather choked, then gasped for air. Her eyes opened and she turned her head towards Rayne-Marie.

"Rayne…" she coughed and sat up. Swinging her legs over the gurney, she pushed herself onto the floor. Suddenly, her arms flung around Rayne's shoulders. Rayne stiffened her body until Heather let go.

"See, you can be in control. I owe you one." Rayne narrowed her eyes. Heather checked for her gun.

"It's right here." Rayne found the shotgun under the gurney and handed the firearm over. Heather took it.

The girls made it back to the hallway. "I found a strange door behind the shelf. It's in the storeroom," she pointed across the hall.

"Well, there's nowhere else to go," Heather concluded.

Through the storeroom and back into the room of grates, the room appeared different. The book Rayne- Marie found was gone. She gazed over the tiny room, but there was nothing. Instead, there was another grate on the floor that appeared to be movable. Heather didn't waste time opening it. She shined the flashlight down a flight of stairs. Rayne-Marie stared wide-eyed at the stairs. "There's another floor under this one?"

"It appears that way," Heather responded. Heather kept her eyes on Rayne-Marie for a moment, almost like she expected her to say something else. But nothing was said. Heather turned back to the stairs as she descended. Rayne-Marie breathed shallow, as she took step by step downward. Down a dark hallway, it was completely silent. Everywhere the flashlight shinned gave more shadows. The red walls were the most disturbing. It was like the walls bled; streams of blood dripped from the ceiling to the floor. Heather jiggled the handle of the first door.

"It won't open." She tried the next, the same outcome. The next and the next, all doors were locked. Finally, she tried the last door. It opened. At first sight, Heather stopped dead in her tracks. Rayne peered over her shoulder.

"Are you okay?" Heather walked in further with no answer. Her eyes wildly scanned the room. Blood boiled on the walls, a hospital bed with stained sheets, and a dresser next to it. Her eyes locked on the picture on the dresser. The picture of a child dressed in an old fashion dress and a frightened eyes and the mouth stayed in a straight line. Rayne-Marie kept her eyes on Heather as she stood over the edge of the bed looking down at a diary. Heather sped read the entry.


I keep begging the doctor not to be put in charge of that patient. But he just says the same thing over and over again. You need another dose, you'll feel better. But I don't! I don't feel better! I feel like I have to throw up. It doesn't matter how often I change the bandages. All that blood and puss keeps flowing out. As a nurse, I don't want her to die. But as a caring human being with compassion, I wish for her suffering just to end.

Please…someone help me!

I'm so sorry…

I can't do anything to save you.

Heather's eyes jumped back to the picture where there was a name sighed at the bottom of the frame. Alessa. She turned towards Rayne.

"What does it say in that notebook?" Rayne looked down at the book, but the page was blank.

"Never mind. It's not important." Heather started for the door, but stopped when she saw fear in Rayne-Marie's eyes. Heather spun around to see a young girl lying on the bed. Her black hair mated in blood, bandages around oozing wounds. As she tried to breathe, the air squeezed out of her lungs. Heather screamed as she took in the morbid view of her.

Rayne-Marie moved towards the bed; seeing the girl, she cried out, aiming the handgun at her. Before she could do anything else, Heather grabbed the barrel of the gun and twisted it back.

"Ow! What are you doing?" Heather loosened her grip as if she wasn't sure. She turned back towards the bed. A man stood by the bed along with a woman with a headscarf, her face full of wrinkles.

"Make sure no one knows she's here," the woman said.

"But, I need the nurse here to tend to her while I deal with my business."

The woman took out a vial with white liquid. "Give her this. She'll hallucinate to the point where she won't know what is real anymore."

"This better work!" The man growled. "I don't need anymore problems in this hospital!"

"Just do as I ask and you will be paid a great amount," the woman replied.

The two disappeared. Rayne-Marie looked at Heather, her mouth turned down, gritting her teeth, horrified. "What was that?" Heather shook her head and backed away.

"You think I know? I don't know anything!"

Sirens blared, the sound deafening. Both girls covered their ears.

No! No more of this! Was I really a bad person back then? Rayne-Marie's thoughts rambled on. Sherrie…I understand…why you hate me.