"I got lost on the road of—" Kakashi's excuse was cut off when someone tackled him from the side. The genin all tensed, confused that someone could have gotten the drop on their sensei.

"What the—" Naruto spluttered and his mouth dropped open in surprise when he realized that it was some lady in a trench coat that had gotten the drop on him. However, she wasn't carrying any weapons—that the genins could see—and proceeded to wrap her arms around Kakashi-sensei's neck. He managed to catch his bearings, and then she was kissing him.

Needless to say that all the genins were frozen in surprise.

"Hey, stud," the woman said as she pulled away from his face. Sakura distantly wondered how she could kiss him with his mask on, but was too shocked to voice her question.

"Anko—I think you broke my minions," Kakashi said with an amused voice, wrapping his hands around her waist under the coat.

"You passed a team?" Anko asked, surprised.

"I know," Kakashi answered simply. Before Anko could comment, a bird circled over head.

"Oops," Anko murmured sheepishly. She grinned before giving him a quick kiss, leaping out of his arms, and disappearing.

"Hm. Anyway... where was I?" Kakashi stared at their bewildered expressions before remembering. "Right, right—I was lost on the road of life."

"Who the hell was that!" Naruto finally yelled. Both Sasuke and Sakura nodded their heads.

"My crazy girlfriend," Kakashi answered simply.

"You have a girlfriend?" Naruto questioned, eying him distrustfully. Kakashi shrugged.

"Weird," Sasuke muttered, looking away. He wasn't sure why it mattered, but Sasuke found the image of Kakashi kissing someone odd. At least he didn't let his embarrassment show.

"Wow, sensei—she was pretty," Sakura said with a grin. The idea of Kakashi having a girlfriend somehow made him less intimidating.

You say that now, Kakashi thought with a smirk. They didn't know how crazy Anko was.

Then again, they didn't know how crazy he was either.

The thought made his smirk turn into a full blown grin.

"Back business. Today we'll be doing D-ranks..."

This has been in my computer for like, ever. I don't see why I can't post it. This may or not be continued- I haven't decided.