[1] This is my first try on a Vandread fan fiction so pardon any mistakes especially on the spelling of the names.  I have to rely on the subtitles of the anime and I noticed that some of the spellings of the names written in the subtitles are different from the names in the other existing fan fictions out there.

[2] Most of the fics out there are Hibiki + Dita centric so I wanted to be different.  Besides, I like Duero and Parfet better than the main protagonists.  They look so cool together, especially in episode 3 (or was that 4?).

[3] This story has nothing to do with Jodi Foster's "Panic Room".  In fact I haven't seen the movie yet.  All I know is that the movie is a suspense thriller.  This story however is a romantic comedy.  I just borrowed the title because it sounded so apt to my plot.

[4] This was supposed to be a one-shot fic but I got lazy.  I hope you will enjoy this chapter even if it is short and hanging.  Please tell me what you think by sending in reviews.  Arigatou, minna-san, in advance.

DISCLAIMER:  I do not own Vandread or any of its characters.  This plot is a product of my imagination.  Any similarities to other fan fictions are unintentional.


By bishounen lovah

Chapter 1: Setting the Trap

"Tell me exactly what happened," Parfet asked as she followed Barnette to the bottom level of Nirvana.  She thought it quite odd that she would miss a system malfunction somewhere in the spaceship even if it was in an unimportant area like the lower deck.

"Anou…I'm not really sure.  I was just passing by, you see, and then I saw the wirings spark behind a loose wall."  Barnette's face lost color from nervousness.  She sneaked a peak at the other woman and thought she saw the wheels in her head turning as she thought for a logical explanation.

"Hmmm…what were you doing down here anyway?"

"Anou…" The Dread pilot's face then turned red.  She searched her brain for the excuse that she'd been practicing for the last hour but none came.  Damn it, Jura!  Why do you always drag me into your nonsensical whims?!

"It's really lucky you saw it or else it would go unnoticed," Parfet continued.  It may affect the Paeksis.  I wonder what happened."

Barnette sighed a bubble (anime style) from relief.  The main engineer of Nirvana did not notice anything amiss from her companion's explanation (or lack thereof).  They went on walking in silence except for several mutterings coming from Parfet.  A couple of minutes later they reached the room where the 'malfunction' happened.

"I didn't know there was such a room in the Nirvana," Parfet exclaimed in wonder as she laid her toolbox on the floor beside the loose board.  The room was semi-dark and quite small…much smaller than the men's bedroom.  There were boxes stacked together on one side, which looked like contained old electronic equipments.

Her glasses gleamed in curiosity and excitement.  This place is like a treasure cove to her and can barely wait to explore the contents of the boxes.  But first thing's first.  She has to find that faulty wiring.

"Help me get this thing away."

She and Barnette pried the loose metal board off, exposing the space between the walls.  With that out of the way, Parfet lay on her back and slid towards the gap.  All that was visible was her lower body.

"Could you hand me a light?  It's in my toolbox."

Barnette opened the box and handed Parfet a short tube.  The engineer snapped it in the middle and soon the tube emitted a soft white glow.

"Are you sure this is where you saw that spark, Barnette?  I can't see anything wrong in here.  As a matter of fact, I can't smell anything.  There should be a burnt smell."

"I'm sure this is the place.  Maybe the smell has gone away.  It did take me quite a while to find you."  Barnette nervously played with her fingers, hoping the other woman wouldn't ask too many questions.

"I really don't…hold on.  I just might have something here," Parfet reached up and tried to reach for something.  As soon as she touched it, the 'thing' got loose from its position and fell directly on her forehead.  "Itai!"

~Scene Change~

"Tell me exactly what happened," Duero asked as he followed Jura to the bottom level of Nirvana.  The blond woman came to him in panic telling him that Parfet was sick.  He found it very suspicious because Jura never panicked about anything or anyone other than herself.  But still he is a doctor and could not take any chance to ignore a patient, especially if that patient is Parfet.

He had to admit that among all the women in Nirvana, Parfet was the closest he can call a friend.  She had never stereotyped him into a 'man' like the others nor did she discriminate him.  Instead she had welcomed him as a colleague ever since he had helped save Pyoro.  He had found her interesting at the time and he still does.

"I'm not really sure," Jura replied.  "Barnette and I were just goofing around and then we saw her just lying on the floor.  Barnette's with her now."

His eyes narrowed in suspicion again.  Jura never 'goofed around' in dark, musty places like this.  She always spent her free time in the ship's spa where she attended to her ever-growing vanity.  He knew that she was up to something but didn't know what it was.

His line of thought was broken when he heard Parfet's shout.


Duero quickly rushed to the room where the voice came from.  He was shocked to see that Jura was right.  Lying on the floor was the groaning engineer.  At least from what he heard it was Parfet for he couldn't see her upper body to be sure if it was really she.

He quickly bent over to pull her out from the hole so he could examine her thoroughly.  He was too intent on the task that he did not notice Barnette and Jura grabbing Parfet's toolbox and tiptoeing outside the room.  Did not notice the door sliding shut behind them.

"Aaaahh!"  Parfet yelled in surprise as she felt her body being dragged across the floor.


"Doctor," she adjusted her glasses that lay crooked on her nose because of all the commotion.  "What are you doing here?"

"I heard you were hurt so I came here to help you."

"Huh?"  She muttered in confusion as she looked up at the man who was now kneeling beside her.  "That was fast.  What did you do?  Teleport yourself?"

"What are you talking about?  Jura fetched me and told me you were ill."

"Jura?  I haven't seen her since breakfast and I sure wasn't feeling ill back then."

At that moment, both of them looked around to demand an explanation from the Dread pilots but realized that they were alone in the small room.

"Oi, oi!  What's going on here?"  Parfet asked, getting more confused by the second.  She slowly sat up, wincing at the pain she felt on her head.

"The door won't open."  Usually the doors in Nirvana would slide open automatically as soon as it detected movements nearby but this particular door would not.  Duero pressed the red button on the wall beside the door to manually open it but it still would not respond.  "I think were locked in."


To be continued…?