Chapter 1 Beginning of the Nightmare.

Zim woke up to see a cold dirty steel wall with mold from his itme on foodcourtia. He got up and put on his old irken civilain shirt, and black pants.
He looked in the primative mirror to see the usual face of a fallen solider, very cocky, but with great power. Zim was an ex-invader for a terrible attempt where his act before thinking got the best of him. He accidentally cost the lives of 234 irken soliders, also injuring far beyond healing, he was sent to foodcourtia for four years. He sighed as he rembered what happened, the Irkens vs the Meekrob, it was the greatest battle in history but because of zim it is now titled "THE DAY THE IRKENS ALMOST BEAT THE MEEKROB." he even killed a Tallest. His leaders the Tallest were leaders because they were literally the Tallest. Tallest Purple decided to send Zim to foodcourtia as exile. Zim sighed until he heard a knock on his door. "Sisslor. I'll be down at your restuarnt in a little." Zim called out before opening the door. When he opened the door he saw two irken elite guards and a irken Doctor he knew as Krystal. "Hello zim," she said before injecting Zim with a sedative. Zim fell to the ground and looked up "The Tallest want you." was the last thing he heard before he blacked out.

Dib was walking on the way to his collage first period early. Dib was thinking over and over inside his head "Please no. Please no. Please no." Than a hand slamed down hard on his shoulder and it made him scream. Dib turned around to see Dark smacky, one of the schools highest bully. "Hello Dib membrane,
you are up really early. Were you trying to avoid me?" he asked with smypathic pupprys and quivering lip. "Umm g-g-gosh no w-way Dark s-s-smacky." Dib responded sheepishly. "Well Dib I want you to know something." "What's that?" dib said. Dark Smacky smiled evily "You were alaways my favorite victim space boy." Dib gulped as he made a running dash inside ths school building. He saw an area with a wet floor sign, he picked up the flung it out of sight. Then Dark came running on to the wet floor and sliped. Dib then took shelter in the libaray. Dib watched the window cauiously and then realized there was more than one way into the libaray. "Hello dib." Dib turned around to see someone creepier than Dark. It was Gaz, Dib didn't know any rule she didn't break, and he didn't know any rule she didn't break that anyone told her she could not do. Gaz alaways played a game like Dead space, or call of duty online, but her favorite hand held game was vampire piggy slayer on the game slave. "So hiding from Dark again I see." Dib looked around and said "Yes. I hate him. I just want to get to class." then the school bell rang and Gaz said "
Well good luck."


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