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Chapter 4 – Trials of the Pack

Shandra approached the pond and gazed upon it and looked back at the young werewolf. The training he was going to endure might end up breaking him, but Remus had to learn to control his power or all would be lost. The dark ones were gathering once again and would bring about the enslavement of all magical creatures should they succeed in their quest.

"Front and center pup." Shandra barked at Remus and he instantly responded to her orders "He knows when it's time to get things done. That's good, it will make things a lot easier." She thought to herself.

"What are we going to do ma'am." Remus questioned.

Shandra gave him a thoughtful stare "First things first pup, how much do you know about wolves or more specifically their pack structure?" she asked.

Remus furled his eyebrows "What has that got to do with anything? I thought I was here to learn how to transform into a werewolf at will." He responded in a confused tone.

Shandra scowled and got in his face "That's a stupid question pup, a very stupid question. Pack structure has everything to do with what I'm going g teach you. We aren't just people that transform into wolf like creatures boy. The wolf lives inside of us. It's part of us. Our societies or at least the communities like this one function like a wolf pack. There are the alpha pair and the beta pair. There is the tracker and the warriors, there is the healer and the enforcer, and the list goes on straight down to the omega pair that helps regulate the emotional stability of the pack. Do you understand?" She barked.

Remus shook his head "I'm sorry but I don't understand. I've always hated what I was. To me this is no blessing it's a curse that I've had to endure my entire life. Werewolves in Britain don't associate with each other we keep to ourselves and try to go unnoticed. Besides there are laws against large groups of werewolves settling in a single place. If one does end up forming and the Ministry finds out about it, they send in special Aurors that have orders to kill everyone in the settlement even children and pregnant mothers. So no I don't understand and I don't really want to either." He finished as he gave her a hard unflinching glare.

Shandra took a moment to let Remus's explanation sink in and then she sighed, "I was not aware of such laws child." She said calmly.

Remus narrowed his eyes "The Ministry doesn't like the populace knowing about it. The other European countries allow werewolves to gather in small packs as long as it's out of the way of the magical community and the muggle settlements. Even the general population of British wizards believes that there are werewolf packs scattered throughout Britain. If the Ministry made such a law, public knowledge there would be an outcry in the Wizarding world. Most wizards hate werewolves and see them as dark creatures but they still tolerate them to an extent as long as they don't cause trouble and to learn that the British Ministry kills any and all werewolves for merely doing what comes naturally to us would be horrified and disgusted with such actions. So they keep the law a secret and carry out extermination missions covertly." Remus finished in a cold tone.

"I apologize for my outburst then, but you must understand we live with a pack mentality, every wolf is either submissive or dominant, and among dominants there are different levels of dominance. Those levels of dominance determine positions within the pack. If a wolf becomes as dominant as the Alpha then problems start to occur because there is a split in power within the pack. Packs are very tightly knit, but we shall put that issue aside for now. Over the next several weeks I will be you're sole instructor because there is much for you to learn starting with how to communicate and make peace with your wolf." She finished explaining.

"Now has anything started to happen to you in the past few weeks?" Chandra asked as she sat down on a log.

Remus thought for a moment "Dreams." He breathed out "I dream about a beautiful woman she calls to me but every time I get close to her she's attacked by something dark." He said in a worried tone.

Chandra nodded "There is more to those dreams than you know, but that is for later tell me about this attacker." She said.

Remus hesitated "I don't really want to. You'll think it's stupid." He said hesitantly.

Shndra narrowed her eyes, the pup was stupid to believe such a thing. "I will be the judge of that, but first I will teach you the rule that is ingrained into every wolf that is part of a pack now come and sit." She said as she motioned for him to sit next to her on the log.

Remus sat down next to her and Chandra put an arm around him and pulled him close "The rule child is that' Pack is family, Pack is one.'"

"I don't understand" Remus said in a low voice.

Chandra pulled him into a hug and whispered into his ear "It means pup that the pack is your family and will support you when times are tough. We will help you when you are in pain. We will share your sorrows and help you through them. It also means we will share your happiness and joy and celebrate alongside you. We are family and in a pack no one is alone because we won't allow it." She finished

"Now tell me of this dark creature." Chandra said in a soft and soothing tone. "I will listen and I will help you for you are pack now and pack is family."

Remus felt a sense of peace come over him, something like he had never felt before. It was as if a piece of his soul had fallen into place and repaired a hole he had never known was there to begin with. "Wow" he breathed "Is this what it feels like all the time?" he asked.

Shandra smiled "Yes child it's a wonderful feeling isn't it. The feeling that you've finally come home and are among your own people. I revel in it every day for there is no other feeling like it save for the mating bond, but that is something you must find on your own. Now I repeat tell me of this darkness in you." She gently commanded.

Remus nodded "It looks like a dark version of me. His eyes glow dangerously and all he wants to do is kill me. He says he waits for the day I lose my mind so that it can take control and kill everything. It attacks the woman and hurts her every time and I barely beat him when he appears. He gets stronger every time I fight him and it gets harder and harder to beat him. He also goes on about how I'm nothing more than a mutt. I don't know what he means by this though. I don't even know who he is. I'm afraid that soon I won't be powerful enough to overcome him." Remus finished as his entire body shook.

Shandra mentally cursed "The agony and misery over the deaths of his parents must have awoken the beast within him." She thought to herself. Shandra knew of the situation and the reason for the deaths of the pup's parents. She also knew he blamed himself for their deaths.

"Be calm pup that is your inner wolf that you fight. It is a part of you and has always been." She said in a soft voice as she pulled him in to another hug.

Remus pulled out of her grip and she saw the horrified confusion in his eyes "That thing can't be part of me. It mocks me and wants to kill me. Why would it behave like that?" he asked.

"The pain of losing your parents awoke the beast within you. When it awoke, it became part of your very soul. It saw all your memories and thoughts; it felt all of your emotions. Remus." She explained.

"You told me you hated what you are and that you want nothing to do with wolves, and that you saw Lycanthropy as a curse instead of a blessing. Your wolf is very powerful Remus, and very dominant. Dominant wolves have a massive amount of pride. Your wolf saw that you hated what you were and that you wanted nothing to do with your heritage. It took extreme offense to that and saw that you blamed yourself for your parent's deaths. You hate it and in turn hate yourself. It sees you as unworthy of its power and respect and thus you need to be removed. That is why it hates you so. It will not stop until you learn to accept what you are and embrace it. Only then can you live in harmony with your wolf." She explained.

"I don't think that's possible at this point Shandra, I have to deal with this problem on my own otherwise people might get hurt." Remus said in a defeated tone.

Shandra stood up and raised her hand into the air and brought it down, the loud smacking sound echoed throughout the glen. Remus looked up at her as he put his hand to where she had smacked him. His confusion quickly turned to anger as his eyes turned a light amber color "Bloody Hell, what was that for?" he shouted at her.

Shandra's face contorted into rage as her eyes changed as well "That was for being stupid. If you continue to think as you do, now then you will lose to the beast inside of you. If you do this alone you will end up hurting people. You're wolf is powerful and can access the ancestral magic of the wolf. If it takes control it would tear the world asunder and very little could stop it. You would doom everyone around you!" She shouted at him.

"Then what do I do almighty warrior?" he screamed back.

Suddenly without warning Shandra shoved Remus off of her and stood up. Remus watched as she stood very still and then he heard a cracking sound and realized it was coming from the female in front of him. He watched in horror as Shandra shifted right before his eyes.

Shandra felt the wolf merge with her mind as the change began she felt the bones pop and relocate themselves and her muscles rearrange themselves. There was no pain, there wasn't supposed to be any. Those who were slave to the full moon felt pain because they couldn't control the shift. She felt her senses increase. Her vision became sharper and the world around her burst into smells and sounds that she was previously blind to. She reveled in the power of the wolf.

Remus watched as her bones and muscles rearranged themselves. She grew at least 2 feet in height as her feet and hands elongated and grew sharp claws. Then black fur started to cover her body until there wasn't a single piece of skin visible on her body. She had torn out of her clothes and watched him. The change finished with her head as her ears elongated until they extended from the sides of her head and stretched up and over the top of her head. Her black-grey hair shortened into a short style that defied gravity. Fur sprouted along the sides of her neck and then the change was over. She stared at him with eyes of blazing amber.

Remus stared at her; she looked nothing like any of the female werewolf forms he had seen in books. She looked almost human and the strange thing was that he found her to be very attractive despite the fact that she looked like something out of a nightmare. He couldn't take his eyes off her.

She stood there looking at him for several minutes before opening her mouth "You re foolish young pup, you are a werewolf and now a part of this pack yet you still try to walk the path alone. You deny the most basic tenant of our culture 'Pack is family, Pack is one' you don't have to overcome this trial alone. I could have helped you through it pup the easy way but it seems I'll have to do it the hard way." She growled in a voice that filled Remus with terror.

"What do you mean by that?" Remus trembled as he backed up slowly and reached for his wand.

"It means pup I'm going to force the first transformation out of you. It's simple really you transform or I kill you." She finished before she lunged at him with claws drawn.


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